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  1. Queues were bad at Leeds until peak time, don’t remember giving it a miss due to the size of the queue all weekend luckily. The seltzer wouldn’t be bad if it wasn’t £7 a can! Will keep an eye out for craft beer if it’s not badly priced
  2. It probably was me, if the queue wasn’t so big at peak time I’d go twice a day! Drinks were a shambles at Leeds last year, wine sold out on day one at most bars, red bull mixers sold out early. It was basically the standard carlsberg or Somersby warm piss left from Saturday afternoon. Forgive me if I’m wrong but is there no special bars at Leeds besides the guest area?
  3. Usually a couple of weeks before from memory. We always have the best intentions of paying a visit but it never pans out that way 🤣
  4. Fever 333 - 1 As It Is - 2 Cleopatrick - 2 Glaive - 5 (not a pit act in the slightest) Caspr - 5 (see above) Phem - 4 Tigercub - 1 Kid Kapichi - 1 Witch Fever - 1 The Scratch - 4 (are they a Mumford & Sons tribute band?) Beauty School Drop Out - 3 Ho99o9 -1 Carolesdaughter - 4 Sueco - 3 Casseyette - 4 Kid Brunswick - 2 Taipei Houston - 2 (anyone know if they’re on Spotify?) The Skinner Brothers - 3 Static Dress - 1 Thumper - 2
  5. They’ll push the button on headliners like Dua Lipa soon - with her, Mabel, Becky Hill etc all drawing decent crowds in recent years the demand is already there. The only people it would piss off are the ones that think the festival is already dead.
  6. Feels like a lot of us on here are clinging of for dear life to the rock bands they do still book. With the pit seemingly gone you can’t imagine they’ll book rock acts to headline for much longer unless it’s a Foos type band that have more universal appeal. Saw to my brother yesterday who goes to Leeds for your Post Malones, Dave’s etc and Can You Feel My Heart came on the car. He’s got zero interest in BMTH but knew of it (and liked it) from Radio 1 which I found mad. It truly is a zeitgeist festival now.
  7. Throw Idles, Fontaines DC, Murder Capital and an eventual Slaves comeback in there and that scene is alive and kicking
  8. With rock being on its way out of R&L acts like Maneskin, Yungblud are a happy medium in the current climate. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea though and it’s easy to see why. It comes back to this thing about the RATM day being weak on rock - add acts like Architects, Frank Carter, Don Broco, Limp Bizkit and no one would bat an eye at Maneskin playing that day, but with it being such a barren traditional rock day in reality they stand out like a sore thumb to us on here.
  9. Felt for them at Leeds, the crowd was tiny and the sound quality was poor unfortunately. Even with a half full tent it would’ve been excellent. There’ll plenty of people crying out for a festival like R&L was previously. That Foos 2019 day now seems like a distant memory but three days of that elsewhere would be unreal
  10. Upon reflection it might be a decent ish sized crowd. On paper you’d expect Fever 333 to do well against Dave but it didn’t pan out that way last year, albeit with Dinosair Pile Up stepping up to fill in. Waterparks had a fair crowd against Post Malone on the Sunday at Leeds so you never know
  11. I find it absolutely mental they couldn’t/didn’t book Architects on the Rage day, they’re built for it in the same was ADTR and Frank Carter supported Foos in 2019. There’s a definite gap in the market for DL/Trees to step up and build a lineup like yours above one day
  12. Maybe even rap or something completely leftfield. I don’t envy whichever act is against AM, they’d might as well close the stage early that night.
  13. That TBA FR headliner will surely have to be someone more indie or it’ll be dead against BMTH/AM. Everything fits for The Interrupters to be a secret set I’d say.
  14. Maneskin are a guilty pleasure I’m afraid! I probably will see RTJ, I’ll be loitering around the bar at the very least before watching Stone. Haven’t done a proper Spotify sweep of the lineup yet but there’ll no doubt be some gems in there. Seeing Phem support Waterparks tonight incidentally.
  15. Wasn’t expecting much from the announcement yesterday but it was pretty underwhelming even though we knew it’d larger be smaller acts. The Dave at Leeds is dead, Saturday always works out like that for me strangely.
  16. The Yorkshire pudding Sunday dinner van at Leeds is undefeated, even better than the Chinese that does 10 spring rolls for £5
  17. All Oli Sykes talks about in interviews is how BMTH never stand still, they might do a few oldies but it won’t be a strictly DL-tailored set. The 2018 tour was great when they did a medley of old stuff. Excited for this next EP, they were unbelievable on the last tour.
  18. You can’t badmouth Fender on here or the downvoters will be out in force 🤣 R&L is probably nearing end of its transition away from rock now - they could very easily take acts like RATM out and most punters away from this page would say it’s an improvement. Fender and Harry Styles would both shift masses of tickets next year to different people. Equally, both will be on R2 in a few years but it shows they have longevity.
  19. I could feel that reaction coming from at least one person 😂 big time, that first Pigeon Detectives album had wall-to-wall bangers and there was so much more to Costello Music than Chelsea Dagger. Maybe some Leeds and first gig bias about Pigeons tbf, both dropped off after their debuts
  20. The Cribs, Courteeners, The Wombats, Two Door we’re all good and still are, Pigeon Detectives, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, Fratellis all had good debuts but went downhill. Bombay Bicycle Club, Maccabees, Klaxons, We Are Scientists, Reverend and the Makers were the worse ones (that I can remember) personally. There’ll be a hell of a lot more dreadful ones that I can’t remember. Personal opinion obviously and I’ll get some more stick for the above, but three of the first four acts I mentioned were booked at R&L in 2020/21.
  21. ⬇️ Yeah this, what I mean is there’s so many acts like Holly Humberstone getting air time right now that all sound very similar but also have less about them than the countless average indie bands of the late noughties. Obviously very different genres but watching Rage will be an education for a lot of R&L attendees if they see them. And yeah, for the record, landfill indie was felt bit of an abyss at the time compared to the early to mid 2000s but looking back now, there were some cracking bands about.
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