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  1. The EPs could take them to the next level - the more they do collaborations with relevant acts like Yungblud, the more bookable they'll become at R&L. Wouldn't be surprised if they did one with MGK on the next EP. Then if there was a rock day at R&L with these kind of acts, BMTH would be an obvious booking
  2. It was great to hear Oli say that he's been looking after himself re: being sober etc. You could tell this tour has meant a lot to him from his emotion on stage
  3. They were excellent. I’ve always viewed it like that too, previously when I’ve seen them it’s felt like they were only capable of playing to their existing dedicated fans but last night they gave so much more and looked like they could appeal to a main stage festival crowd. If they did that set at R&L or Download it’d go down very very well. Last night was a proper headline set.
  4. BMTH we’re unreal last night, great set, great production, great crowd. We knew it already but they’re well deserving of a headline slot at either R&L or Download now.
  5. So that’s Rage, Lewis Capaldi and All Time Low all likely to be carried over from the 2020 lineup. Getting carried away but can you imagine how good a day with RATM, BMTH and All Time Low would be
  6. Any of these predictions today would be class. Probably miles off but: RATM / BMTH (or Royal Blood) Dua Lipa / Dave Twenty One Pilots / Courteeners
  7. I actually would, it’s a tune but there’s songs I’d rather, something else off Sempiternal would do it personally. It’ll be a top night either way looking at the videos
  8. Yeah it definitely feels like they’ve binned off some crowd favourites like those plus Avalanche, Antivist, Diamonds Aren’t Forever in favour of nearly doing the new EP I’m full. Would be happy not to see Dear Diary and Kingslayer tbh. Teardrops is a belting start, I just hope the pit is on the ball from the get go since it’s my favourite at the minute
  9. Looking forward to seeing BMTH on Friday. From the looks of the videos they’ve got the stage production nailed. After two sold out arena tours and headlong APE I’m not sure where they go from here if it’s not headlining either R&L main stage or Download.
  10. I can definitely see there being way more female acts on the main stage lineup in 2022. The chart stuff went down incredibly well and the main stages were packed for a lot of the female acts this year, particularly the higher profile ones. We know Melvin had doubts about female acts from his TPD interview but any doubts should have been put to bed by the crowds this year, even though next year might not sell out. I'd expect to see some of Dua Lipa, Doja Cat, Anne-Marie, Olivia Rodrigo, Charli XCX
  11. You'd suspect it'd have to be a similar setlist again if he came back based on this year's demographic. I can't imagine too many of them being up for Northern Downpour, When The Day Met The Night, Let's Kill Tonight etc. Pretty Odd was a belting album but with the direction he's gone in it might as well not exist which is a shame.
  12. I'd back this if he played their early stuff. I didn't see his 2018 set but speaking as someone who got into them at Pretty Odd, the setlist looked dire. The literal definition of a sell out
  13. It's usually easily sorted with Seetickets/Gigs and Tours and even Ticketmaster believe it or not via Twitter, a quick message usually sorts it if they reply
  14. There'll be countless people who didn't see them before they split. They'd get a heroes welcome wherever they played but I think they'd get a more genuine crowd at DL for want of a better word, half the crowd at R&L this year were there to cause trouble. If MCR did Leeds though it'd be as convenient as it gets for me, I live two miles away so it took me 40 minutes door to tent this year 😂
  15. I’d say MCR would be a massice booking for either, I know what you mean about R&L but day tickets would sell out crazy fast for an MCR-headlined rock/pop punk day, even in the current climate, especially if there’s no Glasgow outdoor gig or arena tour between now and summer 2023. Very interested to know what MCR have planned after the MK gigs
  16. I guess my point comes down from me being a disillusioned R&L goer wanting something somewhere between what R&L is and what Download is. I guess what I'm after is 2000 Trees or even Slam Dunk but on a grander scale. It all boils down to Download needing to stop booking the same predictable headliners and start promoting new ones. It just seems hellbent on booking a safe, legacy-style headliner or two when in reality it'd do them a favour to take the risk and promote from within or tweak the style ever so slightly. I'm obviously not asking for indie rock or anything close but they're definitely missing a trick not booking certain acts.
  17. I'd love to see acts like these play, BMTH, Slaves, Yungblud, MGK, NBT and Royal Blood seem to be staples of R&L lineups but can't cross over into Download territory for whatever reason. Download needs to accept that it's going to have to take the leap of faith and start booking these new wave of acts that aren't their traditional idea of rock/metal or it'll die a death. They'll never please everybody but overall satisfaction with the current criteria for booking acts has to be declining, hence the thread.
  18. For me Catfish were just the right size for an MSW headline slot, sold out arena tours, headlined mid-sized festivals, TRNSMT and their own outdoor gigs so they were just right, despite a lot of people disliking them, but you get that with any act. The MSW is great in that it opens up the possibility of headlining to so many acts that wouldn’t accept a sub spot but aren’t big enough to headline (or co-headline) eg. Catfish, Disclosure, Courteeners, BMTH, Royal Blood, think someone mentions Chems, basically any act that’s been knocking on the door in the last few years. It’s a brilliant way to keep it fresh.
  19. They might not be as relevant to the yoof as they used to be but they’re still gigantic on a global scale. Consistently selling out stadiums here every other year in less than an hour, that 2019 day tailored around them was sensational and it shows a rock day can still be done. It’ll be interesting to see the size of the headline acts they can get next year when they won’t be held back by travel restrictions.
  20. Still hoping the Pit/FR mashup was due to Covid but I think I'm in denial there. If it wasn't bad enough losing a day of the Pit, losing two days of the FR was arguably worse overall. So many of the main stage bands this year like Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Wombats, Wolf Alice, Tom Grennan, Sports Team, Easy Life, Sea Girls, The Snuts to name a few have all come through the FR. The Pit might not be so relevant right now but the FR is essential. I kn0w Stormzy came through the 1xtra but the humble guitar is completely outnumbered now and it's sad to see
  21. Unlike Jake Bugg, Gerry has the dark fruits crowd on his side and, as we've seen with Courteeners, that will keep you going for years if you can tap into it
  22. I've gone off them massively since they played Leeds Academy when warming up for the last Heaton Park gig. Turned up 45 minutes late with no reason given, rattled through the set with no umph and left without saying a word. Having seen them at Heaton Park (2015), Old Trafford (2017) and twice on the Leeds main stage they'd probably do a decent headline set if they could be arsed. New stuff is dire though, literally just releasing albums so they can tour
  23. Melvin's right in that R&L has got to keep up with what's popular but institutions like R&L are responsible for dictating what's popular. Take rock music off the lineup and it has a direct impact, flood the lineup with chart music and you're fuelling the fire. The best we can hope for a is a rock day tailored to day ticket holders like the Foos day in 2019, what a day that was. In any interview you read Melvin continues to peddle the line that it's a festival for the kids and school leavers which, to be fair, have made up a large proportion of ticket holders for years. However, I don't believe for one minute that 2005-era school leavers were listening religiously to the likes of Pixies and Pearl Jam as two of the headliners.
  24. This is why I tend not to read gig reviews, completely subjective as experiences differ from person to person. If I could have got to the bar a bit more that day I’d have had a belting time watching them!
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