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  1. That's why I didn't get tickets for LG at Knebworth, no trains and no hotels. The only positive for me is that I live two minutes from the M1 so it's an easy drive down to MK. Yeah same, we were alright getting to the tube back from Foos at the London Stadium but we left literally as they finished, any later and it would've been chaos I imagine. Much better than LG at Finsbury Park, shambles of a day that was!
  2. Speaking of Parklife, Heaton Park has to be one of the worst venues to get home from*. It's been a shambles whenever I've been. Looking forward to finding our way back the two miles to the hotels for MCR in Milton Keynes and Warrington... *besides Leeds fest for the day - £60 taxi to go the five miles between Bramham Park and Wetherby, never again
  3. I agree completely, if we thought R&L has changed over the last 5-10 years we haven't seen anything yet. Personally I don't like that we're seeing more and more tik tok artists but that's where the school leavers are getting their music and it's opening the festival up to more popular/female/mainstream acts which from an unselfish standpoint is a good thing. Hate to say it but when Download eventually moves with the times and books fresh headliners I'll probably sack R&L off
  4. That would be excellent, Architects have been thrown about on here a lot. Can't see it happening but the return of Slaves would be unreal
  5. Anyone else got relatively high hopes for the BMTH day? At the moment them and Shikari stick out like sore thumbs that day so they must have more bands like that lined up. I say that like that day isn't already top drawer.
  6. Buzzing for Yard Act, best band out of Leeds in ages. Massive booking for them out of nowhere.
  7. I fucked it too, casually rolled out of bed and logged on at 08:59 on my phone thinking I'd be alright. I wasn't.
  8. Think it was mentioned that they're a Northern England exclusive at Lytham whatever it's called festival which is a shame if true. Agree that they'd be great at R&L, can't argue that the crowd wouldn't be up for it.
  9. Smashing, I definitely told people at R&L like I was in the know 😂
  10. We're they meant to be a secret set at R&L this year or have I made that up? I was assuming that with them cancelling their tour with Spiritbox they we're both going to make an appearance
  11. They’d go down well I think. No Thug Workout or anything from Priorities on last nights set list though 👀 I now see it says Thug Workout mashup but still.
  12. You’re tempting fate for 2022 here my friend.
  13. Yeah it was a way bigger crowd this year than I expected but it was all about the first album as you say. I wasn’t too interested when walking over from The Wombats via the bar but once they started playing the older stuff everything picked up. They were very good back in 2016 in the R1 too.
  14. Completely forgot about Wolf Alice if I'm honest but yeah I agree. I didn't see them this year but it almost feels like the day/festival would need to suit their style. From what people have said on here they sounded right at home at Latitude.
  15. YMAS had a pitiful crowd headlining the R1 against Kasabian as well, thought they were good this year and supporting BMTH though. Definitely agree about TDCC and The Kooks, we talk about the guitar band pool thinning but the pool of bands that could command a sub spot is in an even worse state. Shame Circa Waves peaked at their first album, Blossoms are probably a safe bet to take on the mantle. These days I'd be much more interested in ADTR, Architects, Idles, Yungblud getting the nod not that the first three are likely with the demographic.
  16. YMAS could easily stray into this territory if they haven't already, Not quite the same appeal but they've had decent slots for a few years running now. Wonder if FR HQ have the same running Wombats joke as this forum. Think I was at all of the above's main stage sets in recent years and am/have been a big fan of them all at some point too. I'm never inspired by any of them when they get announced as a third down/sub but when they actually play it it's been decent. TDCC was a prime example this year for me. At least The Kooks' front man had a dig at Melvin on stage last time at the lack of guitar bands on the bill
  17. Does anyone listen to Bastille anymore? Like, by choice? Living off Pompeii which annoyingly probably qualifies them for a high slot.
  18. The things I'd do for a proper dark fruits run, I won't even try to hide my shame. But I agree with Dukey re: who they'd be paired with. Hypothetically though (very rushed): MSE: AM / MGK / Aitch / Bad Boy Chiller Crew /The Lathums / Vistas / Lauran Hibberd MSW: Kasabian / The Vaccines / Headie One / DMA's / Girl in Red / The Mysterines / Zuzu
  19. I'm in the same boat, I don't think his music's anything special but he's a very likeable character. If he doesn't do it in 2022 then surely 2023, his rise on the indie scene in the last or two year has been mad and he's only going to go one way from here.
  20. They'd be a fantastic booking, don't think anyone can argue they've been the most requested act of the last decade at R&L. I'm choosing to believe that there's no smoke without fire but this is setting us up nicely for three/six uninspiring headline bookings.
  21. Much appreciated, thanks mate. I did some Googling and was shocked to remember that they didn’t announce Tranquility Base until a week before it was released. Think they were revealed for TRNSMT that year in January so the lack of album news shouldn’t have any bearing on if they play or not.
  22. Have you got a link to the forum at all mate?
  23. This festival would be dead in the water if that ever happened. Can you imagine the meltdown on here
  24. My thoughts exactly, Serge has pretty much been the de facto front man anyway and if he’s written all the songs it makes no difference
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