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  1. MTS tickets at Brixton on the Wednesday before R&L haven’t exactly flown out, still available at £54. Not sure what that says about her headlining.
  2. This is a good read on the downfall of T in the Park, forgot it if so many problems towards the end: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-62062682.amp Didn’t realise but in searching for this I noticed Limp Bizkit have cancelled their upcoming tour dates
  3. No you’re right. It’s bad enough they’ve knocked pit acts down to two days, but to pepper those days with the likes of Phem as well is ridiculous. So much for the “return to rock” Oli Sykes mentioned.
  4. Oh I’d take that, have they announced some UK dates or just the US ones?
  5. Oh absolutely, whoever’s booked Maneskin see them as a midway point between people watching chart acts and RATM fans when I’m reality they’re heavily skewed towards the chart/tik tok crowd. Maneskin are just a very safe bet to pull a crowd and tick the box of having a guitar. Whether or not it’s plugged in is a different matter.
  6. Forgot about the 2020 backlash, can’t believe they buckled to virgins with footballers for profile pics 😂😭 That original lineup was far better for me: RATM, Courteeners, Idles, RTJ, Waterparks, The Subways, Fever 333, Creeper, H09909 - a solid day.
  7. Exactly, two or three of those bands you mentioned would’ve made the day look a whole lot better to your average Rage fan. Idles and Turnstile (if they weren’t int the US over the bank hol) would’ve been spot on. Funny thing about last year was there were loads of middle aged blokes camping near us who were clearly only there for LG, £250 was a big outlay to say there wasn’t much dark fruits music last year. This year though a RATM fan would do well to have 10 acts across the whole weekend they’d want to see never mind on one day. I guess FR are banking on RATM’s core audience being desperate enough to see them after their hiatus that the supporting lineup won’t matter.
  8. FR have been caught up booking a massive legacy headliner and still appealing to the young chart crowd they want through the gates. Can see what they’re getting at booking Maneskin on that day but RATM fans won’t be impressed by them supporting. Rage just stand out like a sore thumb and even though the day is largely mainstream stuff a lot of people will go back to the campsites pre-Rage. Not complaining if it means the crowd isn’t full of kids talking over them.
  9. Even if they’d put Pit bands on the FR that day, would’ve given people something to do while fucking Bastille are on
  10. Some have been mentioned but DMAs, Pale Waves, The K’s, Stone and The Blinders are all decent. Not anything like RATM though! Beabadoobee is worth a watch if she doesn’t clash with Rage
  11. Similar story - we were in Paris on holiday in 2018 and saw on Insta that Liam Cromby was randomly busking literally round the corner from us but we just missed it. One of my other half’s favourite bands ever.
  12. Not convinced the appetite would be there from a crowd vs AM or for a secret set, probably adding 2+2 and getting five
  13. We Are The Ocean teasing a comeback on Friday. Candidate for the TBA Pit headliner or a secret set?
  14. Has it been changed to a better headliner?
  15. Normally I’d say Architects are too big for a Pit secret set, but with Pit crowds being dead last year and a new album on the way I’ll live in hope. Broco are an arena band and they did it last year.
  16. It’s shite, don’t get why they split it into left and right. Complete gamble sometimes which section will have the best atmosphere
  17. Does anyone know when headliners are booked for the following year? Always wondered how far ahead of the curve they can be for some acts, like Billie and Post Malone when they played mid afternoon
  18. I think Courteeners could headline MSW max and they probably won’t accept anything less these days. Totally get they play arenas up north and academies down south most but they’re one of those bands who people will turn up to see at festivals. Proved a few times now they can play to a headline size crowd, whether it be Heaton Park/Old Trafford or Truck, Y Not, Tramlines etc
  19. Awful, first half sounds like they’ve covered Viva La Vida and somehow made it even worse
  20. The music will speak for itself but excited for the whole show, staging was spot on last year. At this point it’s hard to see which songs they could take out of their set list. It’ll be chaos down the front, gonna be hard work packing the tent up on Monday morning!
  21. So pleased for Broco’s rise in recent years, one of the most fun live bands you’ll see. Looking forward to Leeds Arena after years of watching them in club/academy sized venues, especially with Papa Roach.
  22. Broco headlined Ally Pally in 2017, not a massive secret set by any stretch of the imagination last year but to be fair there’s been a UK arena tour booked either side of it.
  23. We’ve fallen a long way from the heady heights of Green Day, QOTSA and BMTH. Most of the ones last years weren’t much to get excited about.
  24. FR have gotten into a habit of doing Reading exclusive secret sets last couple of years with BFMV and FCATR. I know there were others across both sites but it’s a shame.
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