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  1. Yeah that retweet of the R&L lineup didn't exactly put the rumours to bed. Very clear that something is going on, very much getting the impression that there'll be a statement in the coming weeks/months confirming the new a lot of us are fearing. Just poor that nothing has been said yet and that the R&L gigs were complete and utter letdowns, the NME review hits the nail on the head: https://www.nme.com/reviews/live/catfish-the-bottlemen-reading-festival-2021-3031483
  2. I’ve just put something similar on the 2022 page from Kelly Jones’ interview with the NME about the gig. Reading that, and the NME’s Reading set review, you’d have to say it’s not looking good for the rumours
  3. Not related to 2022 but with Catfish supporting Stereophonics in Cardiff in December Kelly Jones has said this to the NME…
  4. Bang on, it’s absolutely felt like the Pit/Lock Up was an after thought this year. It’s obvious rock/pop punk is on its way out at R&L but to cast it aside like that this year is poor considering the festival’s heritage
  5. Yeah TDCC probably have the greater appeal as they hardly tour these days so them playing was bit of a rarity. It’ll probably be two or three years before The Wombats are back at R&L now, we might be able to retire the joke for a bit!
  6. Exactly my take on it. YMAS must have said no to taking both of Fever 333’s two spots, they would’ve been a great Sunday closer in the Pit, crowd would have been a decent size. You’d like to think there were enough bands ready to play if called upon, Melvin said himself he had managers saying their acts had rehearsed for that possibility
  7. It was that half hour after Dan Wilcox broke the news that it'd be LG, Post, Stormzy, Catfish, Disclosure and QOTSA, never seen a meltdown like it. He does tend to pre-warn people by saying "prepare to be disappointed" but no one heeds the warning. Speaking of affordability, I didn't realise Dua Lipa was charging £70 a go for her upcoming arena tour
  8. He might well be the biggest artist in the country right now, but as I said, personally I don't know anything about him or his songs and I won't be the only one which is ultimately making me ask the question. Yeah we'll be the minority but there'll still be people that, like me, will feel underwhelmed if MSE is headlined by someone you can't name one song by. If he's relevant enough to appeal to the audience that turned up this year then happy days, they'll have a belting time. I'll go back to my original question since it's been avoided so far - does he have 21 moderately well known song to keep people entertained for the duration because I genuinely don't know. I'm not having a dig at his headline credentials there, I'm just interested to know. As for Foos/Muse/Rage - obviously not, they won't headline together now will they. LG has been there and done it (Old Trafford, Finsbury Park), Stormzy (headlined Glasto) etc. As relevant as Dave may be, this arena tour is the highest he's gone after only playing academies as recently as 2019 - arenas obviously won't be his ceiling though. If Melvin can book him as an MSW headliner the lineup looks so much stronger, even to those who like Dave, there's no two ways about it. It's massively different and will never been the same again. Even as recently as 2017 it had Kasabian, Muse and Eminem so no different from an early 10s set of headliners. It'll never be like 2005 again, there's no festival in the UK, not even Download, that appeals that crowd these days. One thing that hasn't changed so far is they're still booking internationally renowned acts to headline which is what I'm sure we all want to see
  9. BMTH would surely have to headline MSW under RATM on MSE purely to get the day ticket holders in or it’ll be half empty. Starting to feel like now or never for them sadly and I fear it could be the latter. MSE: RATM / Olivia Rodrigo / Aitch / Don Broco / Denzel Curry / Girl In Red / Lauran Hibberd MSW: BMTH / Machine Gun Kelly / Anne-Marie / Måneskin / PinkPantheress / Creeper / The Mysterines
  10. I can definitely see him as an MSW headliner but after this year I’m of the mindset that MSE headliners should be the massive, stadium-playing names. I won’t be the only one to whom Dave isn’t the big internationally renowned name they hope to see headline R&L. Acts this year like Aitch, Kid Laroi, AJ Tracey got massive crowds but they won’t headline. Obviously other factors like relevance and affordability come into it and to a lot of people he’ll tick all the right boxes but if he (or even most arena acts tbh) headlined R&L outright I’d be a bit underwhelmed in all honesty, whether I liked the act or not.
  11. I’d have to agree with this. I’m the bang opposite of Dave’s core audience but, unlike Post Malone, Stormzy etc, I couldn’t name you one Dave song. He’d get a massive crowd though based on this year. Genuine question because I’ve honestly no idea but does he have the kinda well known back catalogue there to fill a 21 song headline set?
  12. This is the most likely so far I’d say. If Rage and Capaldi have been rolled over from 2020 and 2021 respectively that’s two of the three booked headliners. Something for everyone here
  13. They did to be fair, they’re guaranteed to put on a decent indie gig with plenty of crowd pleasers. They’ve built up enough material now for a strong 15 song set easily. Think someone mentioned it in the 2021 post mortem but they should have swapped places with TDCC this year
  14. It's not worth it mate, no matter who gets booked people will kick off. The main stage is as diverse as it's ever been. On the Stormzy day MSE had a run of Stormzy>AJ Tracey>Mabel. Also it might only the FR but before the cancellations etc that had an all-female lineup for the first time. R&L is by no means as diverse as it could be but it's the biggest step in this direction it's has ever had. If people won't recognise the steps it's taking they'd might as well take none at all
  15. Who knows, by 2023 The Wombats might've broken free from the shackles of third down to reach the dizzying heights of a sub spot
  16. Courteeners are surely the only dark fruits band they could get. Arctic Monkeys - no chance Stone Roses - no chance The Killers - over in May/June Kings of Leon - over in June The Strokes - possibility
  17. Lineup page has been hidden from the website menu bar already, incoming?
  18. I think this confirms that I saw him at Dinosaur Pile-Up on Saturday night then, sent about half the set wondering if it was him or not and not actually watching the band 😂
  19. Yeah they've definitely got some ground to make up now. I'd probably place them third down or sub at the highest. You'd imagine FR would send someone along to one of the academy gigs to see if they work without Tom before booking them
  20. I don’t doubt that a lot more goes into it than meets the eye, it just didn’t have that ‘live music’ headliner feel to it for me. I was very much in the minority though, the crowd was bouncing
  21. I wish this was real, Måneskin is missing the å and KSI and The Amazon’s are in a different font but it’s a belting prediction
  22. He’s fine thank you, the hospital have doped him up! Quite a few people ended up in first aid by the sounds of it. Hope your sting is okay, I got one too on my knuckle while asleep in my sleeping bag in the middle of the night, it’s still tingling now!
  23. Leeds Highlights: Bad Boy Chiller Crew: Saw their Dance Stage set and their BBC Introducing secret set and both were electric. Crowds were well up for both, rammed and full of energy, a proper party and set the tone for what was one of my all time favourite days at any Leeds Festival. Blossoms: After their flat 2019 set I wasn't expecting much but my lower expectations might have helped them. Again, the crowd seemed up for it. Just a proper dark fruits party helped out by the fact I'd managed to get to the bar an awful lot by the time they came on. Things then got a bit hazy before LG came on, no recollection of Gerry Cinnamon but our videos suggest I enjoyed it. Liam Gallagher: I've seen very mixed reviews but he was set of the weekend for me. His opening five songs were perfect, did all the Oasis songs I hoped for including a surprise Rock n Roll Star and even though I can't stand Wonderwall it had me singing. A very good set from start to finish. Boston Manor: Only caught the last 20 mins after Catfish but I should've gone for the whole thing. Full of energy, decent sound had a fair sized crowd. Well up for their 2022 tour now. The Wombats: An average set but that's all The Wombats need to be, you know what you're getting with them. Played all the hits and had the crowd going. Waterparks: First time seeing them and they sounded much better live than on the record. No autotune, big crowd which was bouncing and was the perfect way to end my festival. Lowlights: Catfish and the Bottlemen: They looked like they didn't want to be there at all. Crowd loved it but they completely lacked energy on stage, rattled through their set and fucked off without giving any indication that they weren't splitting up. They looked like they had better things to do than headline Reading and Leeds. Yungblud: This one is largely on me - went down the front hoping to see Obey like a lot of other people seemed to do. Setlist wasn't great and he just comes across as a bellend begging for attention. Dinosaur Pile-Up: Was really looking forward to them but they were 15 minutes late, had terrible production and it just sounded like a wall of noise in the end. Aitch: Unbelievably busy, dangerous atmosphere considering we had a nine-year-old with us and full of nobheads. Disclosure: Only saw them in passing, saw them pretending to press a couple of buttons on their mixer during White Noise and I'd seen enough. They could have been playing their songs on Spotify for all I knew.
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