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  1. Still can't believe they booked her in the tent when it was clear she was gonna be huge. They'll no doubt be taking a punt on some acts and a lot of them won't be destined to rise to the top. Possibly a bit controversial but in a few years the 2021 lineup could age well
  2. In some cases it will be because they can get away with it, Billie Eilish for example. At the other end of the spectrum it'll be hard for acts to make a living as you say, but I'm sure Billie wouldn't fall on hard times if she dropped her prices by £20. Next year Slam Dunk will cost the average punter at least £150 for the day which I haven't been able to justify in 2019, 21 and now 22. Yeah we're definitely straying into his territory here!
  3. Couldn't hear much of it over the 14 year olds screaming mind you but the bits I did hear were brilliant 😂
  4. A vicious cycle isn't it. Until the punters stop paying, the artists/festivals will keep upping their prices. You can't blame them at all for increasing their prices if they know they'll sell tickets regardless, Billie could have charged what she wanted in the arenas considering she should be playing stadiums by now. Slam Dunk is the one that really gets me. Y Not, Tramlines and other smaller four day festivals aren't much over £100, so for SD to charge £95 for the day without a big name headliner when most of the top acts clash anyway is laughable. About five years ago it was only £50
  5. Some gigs are simply outrageous. I've never paid more than the £82.50 you pay for most stadium bands. Also didn't realise that Slam Dunk will be £95 full price in 2022 for a one day event, Plus £40 for You Me At Six assuming most people will see them the day before. Insanity
  6. £90 standing in London (£78 Manchester), £113 top price seat in London (£101 Manc). This is why I'm so grateful to have seen her at R&L and Big Weekend, especially when Big Weekend cost me £20 FV for the day!!
  7. Absolutely, it'd put to bed any concerns about R&L struggling to pull big name acts. Fully expecting Kings of Leon, Post Malone and Daphne and Celeste now!
  8. Been thinking about this. With costs going way up and ticket prices staying virtually the same for a fair few years now pulling power will inevitably go down a bit. But if they're getting in early and pulling acts like Billie Eilish and Post Malone into 5th place Main Stage spots a year or two before they headline then it's brilliant. Obviously more acts will flop than headline but by this time next year Billie will have played about 15 UK gigs ever so if we've caught one of them at R&L before she exploded then it's an 'i was there' moment, especially when she charges about £90 bar a ticket at her headline gigs
  9. Don't say stuff like this for the love of god. Can you imagine if Melvin bags AM and RATM in the same year
  10. Yeah it can’t be the return, with R&L being the literal end of the festival season they’d barely get going before they stopped again. It’d either have to be a full EU festival season or a tour straight after. If I remember correctly R&L 2014 were their last gigs of the AM tour.
  11. Steel city revival headed by AM, BMTH and WSS hahaha
  12. Not wanting to rub it in but EODM were genuinely my highlight of that weekend having only listened to a couple of songs previously. I went down the front as they came on to wait for Courteeners not expecting much from them but they properly blew me away by opening with the heavier live version of I Only Want You. Glad they're finally back over here in December
  13. Oh yeah don't get me wrong, Tranquility Base was shit, never mind that being the follow up to AM after a five year wait. Musically speaking it's a good album but I don't know what they were thinking with it or that they thought it'd appeal to their core audience. The lulls when they played anything off it at Sheffield Arena on the 2018 tour were mad, completely lost the room at times
  14. 2021 looked like a decent idea on paper with more bigger name acts but at Leeds if me and my mates didn't like one main stage act it was too much hassle getting to the other stages so we just put up with it. I'd rather they just did LG/Biffy, Stormzy/Catfish and Post/Disclosure as co-headliners on one main stage with the usual 10 act set up and shoved the excess in the R1 stage. Imagine what it would have been like with two main stages if it had rained
  15. Yeah 2013 would have been my first one had the lineup appealed at the time, now though it's pretty much spot on for me. Looking at 2004, can you imagine if Morrissey played now hahaha. Very strange poll, the style of lineups are so different in those years. 2017 was a complete mish mash of genres all weekend, 2018 took a step towards themed days, 2019 was very themed and 2021 was a mix again. I can only see them using it to decide that really
  16. Found the poll interesting re: best year. As of a minute ago the totals from 4,700 votes were: 2021: 19% 2019: 29% 2018: 20% 2017: 32%
  17. Yeah they'll get a shitload of money for not much work if they do a UK festival or two. Not done Glasto since 2013, R&L since 2014 they're overdue, even for them. TRNSMT and anyone who went got incredibly lucky in 2018
  18. A proper day that was, scratch beyond the surface on that year's lineup and it's a weird one looking back. Doesn't look like it was really one for the school leavers
  19. I always forget how good the Chilis day was in 2016. RHCP < Imagine Dragons (the exception) < Courteeners < EODM < Slaves < Parkway Drive (pulled out) < Skindred
  20. If this new album does come out in the next year or two then you'd have to say either Glasto/BST would be in their sights in 2022/23 and maybe R&L/TRNSMT/Sheffield/stadium tour in 2023/24. Still can't believe they only did arenas last time they were in the UK
  21. Razorlight were dogshit but they somehow headlined sometime in the 2000’s. Courteeners should have done it by now and I’m convinced they will in 2022 in their year off from doing a big outdoor gig. Catfish get the R1 radio plays but I’m not sure the others are as relevant there these days
  22. You’d argue BMTH are the single most important rock band in the UK right now so if they’re not booked at a major UK festival in 2022 or 2023 it’ll be a travesty. Does DL do lineup surveys like R&L does? Someone somewhere must be putting Kiss/Iron Maiden year in, year out.
  23. Architects have just announced a US tour starting 6th Sept 2022, not sure if this makes them more or less likely
  24. There’s definitely a different, probably better, feel about seeing a band rise up through the ranks and headline for the first time. I got that vibe in 2019 when The 1975 did R&L. When That’s The Spirit and again when Amo came out I was thinking it was now or never for BMTH mainly due to the changing scene of R&L but I think they’ve made up a bit of ground with Survival Horror. Not quite in the festival’s remit but closer than it was previously I’d argue. Definitely right for Download though, they’ve stepped it up a gear
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