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  1. I’d be all over The Weeknd day, really want to see him when this is all over. When he stepped up to headline festivals on his last album run he slayed it. The man hasn’t had a weak album in some time now. Killing it.
  2. But the difference this time is that we have various vaccines that are being rolled out now. 25% of the top 4 vulnerable tiers have now been vaccinated and Boris has said the target is that will be complete by mid Feb and we can begin to start coming out of lockdown in March. I’d imagine that general public will start being vaccinated by May. Couple that with rapid testing onsite which Reading and Leeds can afford then I think they’ve got a good chance of going ahead. I don’t think I’ll go myself mind, not until I’m vaccinated and I don’t know if that will have happened by then but I’m sure you young team won’t care as much.
  3. I highly doubt that Glasto will happen but as others have said, with the time of year Reading and Leeds is I still think they may happen. The article also does state that it’s smaller scale festivals that will struggle. A big behemoth like the Reading and Leeds Festivals probably has the strongest chance of all the festivals to go ahead I would suspect.
  4. Vistas - Everything Changes In The End The Weeknd - After Hours Halsey - Manic Due Lipa - Future Nostalgic And I'll leave space in my top 5 for the new Pale Waves album out soon as if it's anything like the first that will make my list.
  5. I believe the term the kids use is "it slaps". Listened to it on repeat for 2 hours and it's great. Except, sorry @Dukey, the Amy Lee track which seems distinctly average to me. I have gone back to listen to Evanescence's debut album to get some more Amy Lee though, her voice is cracking.
  6. Resurrecting our talk earlier in the thread of albums of the year, ‘Manic’ by Halsey has shot right up for me this past week.
  7. Emily Eavis has come out and said they aren't considering moving Glasto. Whether that was definitive or just at the time she was interviewed I'm unsure but I think the feeling on the Glasto boards was it was a definitive "it's not moving."
  8. Oh really? I've not been but in my head I thought the Manchester Bowl would have been around 12-15,000. 8K I can see that for Millennium Square. Thanks for the info.
  9. Really? I imagined the Bowl would be bigger. I don't think Millennium Square holds more than 5000 or so, it's not a big area at all. I'd love to see them but I've stopped buying event tickets now with the way things are.
  10. I don't see why, bands that play Sound of the City generally still play festivals as well. I don't think the capacity is that big at Millennium Square anyways.
  11. I read about them about a month ago in NME, I actually really like the album. The whole album really reminds me of Roll Deep "Good Time".
  12. Oh hoooooooooo! Doja Cat and Sigrid same day as Postie! Made up with that. Possiblity I may go Liam day due to the missus but even if I have to succumb to that I’d be buzzing for Gerry and Charlie XCX so the splits are a win/win for me.
  13. I’d guess Friday seeing as it’s not happened yet. But like I say, that’s a guess.
  14. Yeah I’ve bought a couple of tickets for April next year but after today’s announcement I’m not going to buy anymore. Manchester marathon in April next year has been moved to October already so I’m now very hesitant on how things will progress and I have reservations on the whole idea that we will have some semblance of normal again by March/April next year. Of course Reading/Leeds is August so hopefully it might happen but I’m now having doubts on when this new normal will occur.
  15. Excited for the day splits, hoping for Charlie XCX, Doja Cat and Sigrid to be the same day as either Postie or Queens. That would do me.
  16. Oww I’ll have to give that a go at work next week then.
  17. Wasn't this the protocol we were told when we came out of lockdown? So we should be in lockdown again now.
  18. Do we think at the rate it's going a second full English lockdown is likely?
  19. I don't think I really see it anymore. But in the same sense if ever Melvin is struggling I think they could get the nod. I don't think the bookers see them as something they are desperate to arrange though.
  20. Pale Waves finishing up their second album, 4/5th mainstage?
  21. You'' still be able to go out but no freshers parties. A lot of the bars around here are set up very well for social distancing though so you'll still be able to go out in little groups and have fun though. Dinnae take my seat in the pub though 😜
  22. As one of the old boys on here, so it seems reading about you all off to Uni, BBK to support Postie would make me very happy. The missus would probs not go though, I might consider that a win though 🤣. But don't tell her I said that though, seriously 🤫
  23. Mr E-Fests has said in the Glasto thread he’s heard it’s AM, Muse and Florence and the Machine for Glasto next year so that’s where I’m basing my guess from.
  24. If Muse are doing Glasto next year then I'd guess they will be at Reading/Leeds the year after. MCR seems a safe bet and I'll say Billie Eilish/Dave co-headline.
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