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  1. Disturbed being slight more subtle in titling their anti-woke nonsense 'Hey You' Looks like the era of inclusive metal bands might be coming to an end and I need to start flogging some band t-shirts. Looking forward to the 2020s version of One in A Million in a few weeks from one of these crackpot bands.
  2. I'm going go out on a real limb here and go with Metallica not playing and opting for their own Knebworth show.
  3. Widely been suggested they do Thursday / Saturday at Download hasn't it?
  4. More likely for Download no?
  5. Really early announcement. Good thing or bad thing?
  6. Yes because if punters are literally unable to get into see a band that was one of the deciding factors for them buying a ticket there going to be less inclined to turn up in future years when they realise they're playing the tent again. As mentioned Shikari were doing a tour of smaller venues than they'd normally play - hence the avalanche tent. If they come back high up on 2nd stage has to be where they go at least - they were playing against Slayer and Tool for a part of their set and the tent was still overcrowded with people packing in the grass down the side of it to try and watch. They might not have cared too much about tent overcrowding in 2019 but given a few high profile events in recent years they may well now. Yup, would be insanity to but them on 3rd.
  7. Which they chose to do despite being offered higher slots, it was dangerously overcrowded in that tent. I don't think they'd ever be allowed lower than second stage again unless they realise an album on Neil Diamond covers and play it live or something stupid.
  8. Enter Shikari could comfortably sub
  9. Assuming the security guards works 60 hours at £10.50 (a shite rate for the job, but mentioned by others on here the offered rate for SIA work) they'll take home £660. A fireworks display cost up to a £1000 a minute - I'd imagine at a site like Glasto your looking at a longish one? Maybe Glasto should reassess where they're spending ticket payers money so they don't get bent guards letting people in as rumoured and people so checked out of their jobs they can't keep people safe / a shortage of skilled staff?
  10. Selling out MK is still reasonably good going.
  11. Honestly if Parkway Drive's album ends up being anywhere near as good as the first two signals on the whole and better than Reverence - let them headline.
  12. But I mean, Die Antwoord went down like a bloody led balloon.
  13. What do people think the overall system of Die Antwoord actually was. I heard a lot of people who went say how fun it was but I was too busy hanging it out with the people who thought it was sacrilege at the other stages/in the toilet queue to find out.
  14. Might help people to read the context of posts. I was referring specifically to suggestions of Nothing But Thieves or Chvrches.
  15. I need the camp chair for that - to sleep in....
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