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  1. Troops, when does the alternative stage get announced so I can tell the missus what comedians she will miss out on as we watch Enter Shikari 🤣🤣🤣?
  2. I found it less stressful the way it is now. Logged on at 9, sat in a queue with 16k ahead of me and 50 mins later I went through and bought them. No stressing, no hitting refresh or multiple devices, just sat in a queue and bought them when it was my turn.
  3. Thought I had a cracker in The Cure but turns out they weren’t headliners in 1979. It was 33 until the next time they played the festival though returning to headline in 2012.
  4. I meant with their festival appearances, playing Knebworth is different.
  5. From what I've seen announced Kasabian are headlining everything they've been announced for next summer, I may be wrong, so I think they'd still be a headliner even if the festival went back to just the three headliners. These academy gigs seem to me to just be a test the water type run of shows and I think they'll be back to arenas when a new album comes along.
  6. Have they? Wow must have been ages ago as I don’t remember 😂. My other points still stand though.
  7. I think the Muse IOW appearance is more just down to something to tick off the list. Traditionally it was a hugely important festival and it's one of the few they haven't done so why not? Won't be a popular comment in this thread but at the time when they were announced to play Download there was talk they were on the way down in popularity due to the booking yet the year after they headlined Glastonbury again. They are still one of the biggest draws in the UK and worldwide, there is no festival they are not headlining if they want to headline it.
  8. Last time I was in the Download thread the talk was they were doing their own UK stadium show next year, not seen anything to support it but just relaying what was written.
  9. No Yorkshire date either which I found interesting, did he play this years fest?
  10. Never normally the one to say “no” but I’ve had a pint or two, Machine Gun Kelly would never be that low down. Pretty sure his last album was massive worldwide, not my thing but I’d imagine there may even be an argument to say he could headline in the 6 headliner setup.
  11. That is outrageous, for such a new artist as well. I thought she was pure pish when I saw her live as well but each their own.
  12. £90 for an arena gig?!?!?! You're kidding me on?
  13. They've announced a run of festival shows so far but it wouldn't be uncommon for them to announce their own shows as well in select countries that they aren't playing festivals in. As I said though, I've not seen anything to suggest they are doing Wembley but it's what's written in there and it's not out of the realms of possibility that that may be the case. Personally I think it could happen. I've not been on the Glasto thread for awhile but wouldn't surprise me to see them pop up there as a non main stage headliner/secret set due to the festivals celebration and Lar's love for it and then they do their own show around it.
  14. I thought Metallica were a shoe in but reading the Download boards yesterday a few people there have said there's heavy rumours they are doing their own Wembley show next year. I've not seen anything about that myself anywhere else but there though.
  15. Beat me to it lol. I'd guess we can rule out Foals or Wolf Alice making the jump to headliner.
  16. Gerry is too popular to go the way of Jake Bugg, the worst he will do is be a Courteeners type and have a huge following outside of London. He's sold out Hampden Park on his name alone next year and was previously selling out every tour he put on for the past 2/3 years and I would say that was before the mainstream really knew who he was, if the mainstream press even do now. 2 of those tours he sold out were arena's mainly.
  17. Yes, he’s had two number one albums and features on multiple other well known single releases. You should prepare yourself to be underwhelmed as he’s going to be headlining MSE and the crowd and press will lap it up and it will be touted as a defining moment.
  18. So, if as you say, he’d get a massive crowd then why don’t you think he could headline? I’m the same as you and not the target audience but you’ve just said he would get a huge crowd so why don’t you agree he could headline?
  19. I disagree. I’m an oldie fogie in my thirties and he doesn’t excite me but objectively he’s the “in” thing and he could easily headline and the crowd at the festival would eat up a headline set by him, even as a Sunday night close the entire festival vibe he would smash it.
  20. Is he doing an arena tour now? I’d agree he should be nailed if so.
  21. What are you talking about? Dua Lipa, Halsey, Doja Cat, Billie Eilish, Paramore, Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Dave have all been mentioned heavily as headliners in here. Don’t come on here making sweeping statements that are wholly false acting like a white knight.
  22. I don’t see why you would give it a few years before re-booking QOTSA or RATM, even fewer people will give a f**k about them at that point.
  23. I think Trent isn’t a fan of the festival after his last experience playing so we might not be seeing NIN back sadly.
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