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  1. Ex_ollie

    T. DAY

    Off topic, but can I just say one of my favourite things on this forum is when @glasto-worker gets involved with a thread and shares all the old pictures and knowledge. As I've been only going for 5 years I love the background and history you bring, so thank you. I read every one of your posts with glee.
  2. Ex_ollie

    Your Dream Ten Acts for 2019

    Fleetwood Mac Faithless Linken Park The XX Blink 182 Bonobo Nero on Arcadia (previous glasto highlight) Oasis Red Hot Chilli Peppers Stone Roses
  3. Ex_ollie

    Plastic Bottle Ban?

    I don't know about you but all this talk of drinking beers in fields has got me all excited. I wish the grass here wasn't still covered with over a 30cm's of snow so I could go sit on some and drink.
  4. Ex_ollie

    Plastic Bottle Ban?

    Yep, absolutely. But you can't deny there is a whole bunch more in the way of options compared to Reading and Leeds where your options are Tuborg or Carlsberg or Somersby
  5. Ex_ollie

    Plastic Bottle Ban?

    I disagree with that. I think they are acutely aware that the 'bring your own booze' is a major part of what makes Glasto special. They could have gone down the route of corporate sponsors years ago, but have long been against it to ensure the freedom of choice for the punters. While I don't disagree that saving the environment is a very different motivator, I'm sure they are at least aware of the need to look at alternatives.
  6. Ex_ollie

    2019 Headliners

    It's interesting to see the time to sell out rise so quickly. No wonder you old folk get so rattled by ticket day... a bit of (relatively) new phenomenon.
  7. Ex_ollie

    2019 Headliners

    Faithless to sub other? I watch the Faithless performance form a few years ago on Youtube at least once a month. This being a big anniversary could it become a bit of a 'best of' collection of artists?
  8. Ex_ollie


    The xx and Craig David where my highlights. There wasn't much in the way to interest me when i first saw the lineup so just followed my Girlfriend around and ended up having a great time. Wish I had made it into the field for The Killers though.... Tried sneaking through the hedgerow but was rumbled by security.
  9. Ex_ollie

    Distance walked

    96.3 miles for me. We did arrive at 2.30am Wednesday and probably clocked 4 miles just getting to the back of the line at gate A!
  10. Ex_ollie

    New security measures in place

    I think that pretty reasonable tbh...
  11. Ex_ollie

    Campsite Flags...watcha got this year folks?

    Keep it simple and representing my new home
  12. Ex_ollie

    Pre festival Nerves

    We leave tomorrow morning at 4am. On top of a 2.5 hour drive to the airport though the mountains, my muffler decided it was done last week and it's about to fall off. That's the extent of my current nerves. will of course get the butterflies as my pals pick us up from my parents to head down too!
  13. Ex_ollie

    Sound systems?

    don't listen to him. bring your speakers, play your music at a sociable level and just be aware when others are trying to sleep especially in historically quieter camping fields.
  14. Ex_ollie


    There are usually piles of pre cut, dry firewood dotted around on Wednesday. Also usually a stall selling it next to the other stage

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