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  1. slash's hat

    Jeremy Corbyn

    I agree people voted for something on a basis that with hindsight (A wonderful thing), can't and won't happen. There may be a lean towards remain now but still no huge swing even in light of what is known - which I find worrying. Result of holding 2nd vote is disillusioned voters again who won't bother turning out as government can't be trusted to respect their vote. Had I voted leave then I would be very unhappy with my local mp voting down Teresa's deal if they were supposed to be representing my whole constituency wish to leave. I understand the need to do so with backstop issue, and Theresa caught between rock and hard place on that one, but she has promised to get job done, one she promised in GE. What is Corbyn offering? What does he think he can get past EU that she can't? As representative of opposition surely he has a duty to turn up and put his case (If indeed he has one) across.
  2. slash's hat

    Jeremy Corbyn

    Not in favour of a peoples vote as democratically the decision was taken and should be upheld. Personal views have to be put aside. Should have had discussion with eu then put options available up for vote in an ideal world. Trouble with a 2nd referendum is also that there are those that voted leave based on one policy/issue. Immigration. There are still plenty who will ignore or don't understand the rest of the shit show going on and will still vote on that one issue. Those people are on my Facebook page (can't pick you're family unfortunately...Some serious tongue holding on my part going on). Corbyn will have to nail his colours to his mast at some point and come out publicly with what he wants and truly believes he can get...which I suspect are miles apart. He does look foolish and petty to not engage in talks, though neither side could be considered to be rolling in glory over any of this.
  3. slash's hat

    2019 Headliners

    https://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/225350-so-how-much-truth-is-there-in-this-madonna-rumour/?do=findComment&comment=5517326 So in summary back in June she was rumoured, Oct - Emily said "Not booked" doesn't mean weren't still trying? A mention of being Madge or macca - well now we know not Macca. Fee a possible stumbling block but they got round it for the stones.
  4. slash's hat

    2019 Headliners

    I'm sure the Madonna fee was mentioned in here as to what she would normally ask, not necessarily what she has/would ask of Glastonbury. Too far back to check that now. I'm clutching at this straw wholeheartedly. There is the possibility macca was never in the frame for this year, we've all just assumed he's being replaced.
  5. slash's hat

    2019 Headliners

    I was wondering where I'd heard it before. I thought a speeded up Peter Gunn by art of noise
  6. slash's hat

    2019 Headliners

    Haven't read last few pages, but understand Macca is out. Did Emily actually rule Madonna out or just say she would be amazing? Apparently she's up for doing a turn on eurovision this year, new album about to drop, I can see it happening. I know people have said about her fee, but just because that's her usual doesn't mean she's not flexible for right coverage..which she would get tv wise.
  7. slash's hat

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    They started the trend of bottle tops on shoes, fine times.
  8. slash's hat

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    Yeah, I watched Modestep, think I was just done with loud music at that point and needed to chill.
  9. slash's hat

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    Missed them when headlined jpt 2015 unfortunately so would be very happy with them on line-up.
  10. slash's hat

    Best Bogs

    I'm glad to hear from you, I was slightly worried you had gone on your trip covering Thailand when that storm was hitting.
  11. slash's hat

    Emily interview

    2016 had me broken. Great line-up but physically so demanding. I made it through to Nathaniel rateliff on Sun pm, was really looking forward to it but just couldnt lift myself. So packed up and left, via a tow from aa. Wasn't fussed about any of the headliners but did feel a bit of regret watching the Coldplay set on tv. Not because of Coldplay....Just admiration for those still bouncing around enjoying themselves.
  12. slash's hat

    2019 Headliners

    Dave Grohl wanted to play all f***ing night, at least phish take a break.
  13. slash's hat

    First to arrive.....

    I paid for a bin to be painted last year, it was fab, really lovely.
  14. slash's hat

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    Interesting debate about Grande headlining. I think pop should be represented more at glastonbury currently. Trends in music change, look at hair rock bands of the 80's to grunge to indie. But pop has sustained itself over all of that period, be it organic or manufactured. We have a hype around Kylie playing, and I'm sure not many would dismiss Madonna being a headliner. Kylie was manufactured but went on to find her own path...could say pretty much same for Gaga and the Beatles. So why not book a pop artist who is in the moment, they may surprise you and not have a career that stays on one trajectory. There are 3 nights to headline, giving one to pop every now and then will not kill the festival, but it will draw the attention for future attendees. By then the cycle of trend may have returned to guitars though...who knows?
  15. slash's hat

    Happy Xmas all

    Lol I started watching it...because it's tradition for those of a certain age right? Had parents and kids going what the hell is this? and what are they wearing? It all sounds the same. Gave up half way through when kids said can we turn this shit off!