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  1. slash's hat

    Miley Cyrus

    Admittedly at home watching I player but thought great set with plenty of welly. And daddy Cyrus...love it.
  2. Hi, know things are getting closer and for myself things have seen some big changes. I have completed disability pack and tried to plan as much as possible, but still things plague me ?. Firstly there are 3 of us (me and 2 daughters) and have agreement through glastopack we can all use shortcuts etc as necessary. I have hired a proper scooter through events mobility but am now slightly worried about returning each night (staying off site) and the state it'll be in ...what has it like in 2016 for that? I do have individual scooter so may be best to bling that up a bit and damage etc not so important. 3rdly and unlikely to be lastly, problem, but oxygen being discussed. Haven't looked around website yet for this yet but was wondering if anyone experience of this. Most people outside of festival seem to prefer me not doing it at all which is a shame for me.
  3. I e-mailed disability access group earlier this year beacause even age 14 I don't want them taking different routes, and make sure can get on same shuttles. They were fine with this, just print e-mails to take as confirmation.
  4. Exactly this. My dad's been in hospital after a fall since March. But now getting rid of a chest infection is the main priority, not rehabilitation. And trying to get help in place for them when he comes out is proving somewhat lengthy. I wish I was fit enough to do more myself. Trouble is on my many stays I've seen people who've come and been confused, they're given meds to calm them down, then they don't want to do anything or eat, and it spirals downwards. Nhs is fantastic but completely on its knees.
  5. Just catching up with these threads, I hope you have got Mrs yog sorted now. Simple things such as a urine infection can send people loopy (sorry for using that term but can't think of another). There's a couple of very confused people on my ward currently.
  6. The human body! Came into hospital on a day basis to have blood transfusion. It was very late being sent up so ended up staying the night. Then blood test to check hemoglobin come up has also shown a severe infection. I've now been in a week and every time it looks good to go, I get a temperature or sats bomb. Ward is driving me mad. Side rooms for all! Unless your good at talking to people randomly (I am not).
  7. Taxiing and visiting is my life at the moment, along with own family and health stuff, as said above make sure you take care of you as well, it does get to you after a while.
  8. 18/5 afternoon tea 26/5 friends birthday 1/6 friends birthday 5/6 muse 7/6 Olly murs Then a quiet couple weeks till Glastonbury. Those are the nice things, the other is getting all sorts in place so can get dad out of hospital where he's already been for 2 months ☹️
  9. Ha, sober one for me. Pimping up my mobility scooter is as hard core as it'll get this year!
  10. Sorry for your loss Homer. As someone with major health problems myself at 44, I also concur. Was wondering about managing Glasto this year, but my 14 year old, wise head on her, said mum...go out with a bang! Oh and Come Together gets my vote
  11. Been with mine aged 10 and 12. Have spent a lot of time in the circus tent as appeals to all ages, plus things like low wires for them to try out. Kidz field some crafty bits going on, and you can find some free/voluntary payment things in main craft fields. Kidz field has plenty of space to stretch out whilst they explore field on their own at that age. I did leave mine for a while last time while they saw dynamo and I went off to busted, depends how sensible they are about not leaving the field. Took them round naughty corner when they were 12, just during the day to see the artistic side. Also the cinema tends to have one latest release or even before general release for the kids. Last time was cars 3, which even at 12 mine were over the moon with. 14 this year and hoping for Toy Story!! There will be the usual gripes as they get tired so just make sure of something to sit down on and dont expect them to love every minute. Even the adults have the odd "I've had enough" moments at a place so big.
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