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  1. Yeah haha i have, just need to get onto some of my mates about it
  2. yeah hopefully we have an advantage with knowing what to expect, good luck!
  3. If (when) you get through, what info do you need to give?? First time trying so wondering what’s needed in a spreadsheet etc. Nervous even for first time.
  4. Hi, been reading these forums for a while but never posted. Hopefully gonna try and get tickets for a first glastonbury. Good luck to everyone in the sale!
  5. Hey guys, been around these forums a while now but just never posted. Been at leeds for the third time this year and while kendrick was my highlight, was great to have a better undercard than last time. For 2019: 1975 / TOP / AM would sell well imo and would leave room for another solid undercard hopefully. Is it possible for another wildcard like KoL, Eminem etc ??
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