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  1. Hello mate not sure about the see coaches, we’re doing national express from Gloucester green
  2. As with every year, we’re coming by coach from Oxford, should arrive weds mid afternoon. Breeze through gate A then take a right and a nice easy walk to Darble / Pylon.
  3. This kicks off the festival for me!!
  4. Hi all just wanna see if I have this right that you get directed to a car park, so if you have a preference, approach the site from different ways? Coming from the the north and ideally want west car parks, but can’t remember the routes to choose
  5. McCor

    RESALE CLUB 2022

    @crazyfool1 Is on the case I think?
  6. Thursday night, Baggy Mondays, Stonebridge Bar
  7. McCor

    RESALE CLUB 2022

    Evening gang! Not been on for a while and I’m sure this has been resurrected somewhere already! Finally took the final decision to go for resales with my girlfriend, so officially back in the Glastonbury vibe!! Hope everyone is ok! X
  8. Does anyone know roughly what time the ferry crossing is with the big green coach pick up from London? It’s a 9:30am pickup. Thanks x
  9. Standing by my bed already.
  10. Have to agree with this x
  11. These things are sent to try us..... including the resale 🥰
  12. I am again I’m afraid but that’s largely due to me being off radar as the last half of last year was a bit stressful with family stuff. Back in the game now and ready for F5 the shit out of it! Xx
  13. Not wanting to benefit from the current lockdown, but worth thinking about the weddings / holidays next year as well. And all the people who now have a ticket who can dedicate going online to help us out. I’m feeling very positive!!!
  14. So, October we get a chance and pay our deposit, and then April everyone pays their balance, leasing to a second resale?
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