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  1. Out of our group of 7: 5 bought, 2 back in the pot. Mrs Woffy decided against it as she'll be heavily pregnant by the time the festival rolls around. One friend announced this morning he didn't pay his balance due to a new job and new mortgage...or something blah blah.
  2. Woffy

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Someone at work today pointed something out to me from The S*n last Wednesday. Amongst the usual rhetoric and awfulness there was a small piece tucked away in a bottom corner about how the Brexit nutters had fitted devices to railway lines to disrupt rail traffic - apparently it would show that a train was on the line when it wasn't. But this was thwarted by...safeguards introduced to comply with EU Regulations.
  3. Woffy

    Tent Etiquette

    That would just about see me through the Tuesday overnight queue.
  4. I’d fucking totally wear that. If my 3 year old daughter is dressing up as either Iron Man or a fairy I want a fluffy coat thing.
  5. Cheers dude. The most sensible decision though we think.
  6. Mixed feelings, but my balance is paid. After much deliberation and soul searching Mrs Woffy has put her ticket back in the pot. Being pregnant and due 1 month after the festival is just too risky, for all the obvious reasons. We only live just over an hour away, so mini-Woffy will be joining me at some point and Mummy will drop her off for the day(s). Feel a bit sad, but the correct decision we feel. Can’t wait to see little Lissie enjoy the Kidz Field, but sad her mum won’t get to see her enjoy it in person. Hope someone from eFestivals gets the Golden Ticket that’s gone back in the pot.
  7. Woffy

    Tent Etiquette

    I have a vague plan forming Sasp, whereby I have none on me but seek you out for a sip of yours. Fool(sThinkIts’only’35%)Proof. Deadly.
  8. Woffy

    Tent Etiquette

    I’m sticking to the odd beer here and there.
  9. Woffy

    *** Plays Or We Riot

    Not bagging Stereolab, Bikini Kill and Jason Lytle* when all three are back touring is a shame for me personally. *would Jason playing his own & Grandaddy tunes on only a grand piano qualify for the Acoustic Stage?
  10. Woffy

    Mark Hollis RIP

    Just seen this online. Shocked. Felt like - perhaps thanks to BBC 6 Music running a few shows about him recently - there was renewed interest in his work. Very sad indeed.
  11. Woffy

    Pink Floyd?

    So their latest offering will be their last apparently. Might the Eavii try to get them to headline? Would you be arsed if they did / didn't?
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