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  1. Just dipping in for an update. Matt42 - have you broken Glastonbury again?
  2. I have Health and Safety palpitations every time i see them up that scaffolding putting the Pymild together.
  3. Woffy

    2022 Headliners

    The best i've got is my profile photo here. One of me back at work on the Tuesday would be more entertaining. In fact i'd like to see it as i have absolutely no recollection of it.
  4. A guy at work did the 100 miler and came like 15th or something. Absolute beast. I've only just got talking to him. He said it was pretty sketchy in parts: he passed some huge drops in clear daylight, but said he'd've been pretty terrified to have traversed those parts a little later in the pack when the mist set in. F*** THAT! At least the 50k sounds a little more...manageable!
  5. Woffy

    2022 Headliners

    I'm always worrying about Coldplay.
  6. Nice one, dude! Well done and congrats! Amazing placing! (I'm a back of back-er: Goal A: Finish. Goal B: Don't come last!) Ultra Snowdonia 50k is..............brutal, isn't it???????
  7. How did you get on with this @lessthanwill1? Let us know.
  8. Woffy

    Pitchfork Top 200

    No Trials of Van Occupanther or Sophtware Slump. Hmmph.
  9. Adele? No. A’ St Mary’s.
  10. New La Luz album out this month. Would love to see them at the farm. Tour in 2022 and in the uk in April, so might be a long shot, but here's hoping.
  11. Adele to perform at the joint Glastonbury Festival / Qatar World Cup opening ceremony, subbing the burning of a giant wicker itinerant slave labourer.
  12. I don't want my Thursday ruined by stages being open ffs.
  13. Is she subbing the football?
  14. "You're gonna need a bigger thread"
  15. Try findarace.com dude. It's a pretty good resource. My favourites, all local(ish) to me of course, are pretty much the ones i've done / am doing this year: Beachy Head Marathon - brilliant event and course. one of the most popular trail marathons in the country Andover / Salisbury Trail Marathons Winchester Big Way Round 50k - 2021 was it's inaugural year I've also done Lulworth Cove 50k (my first ever race of any kind) which was BRUTAL! 🙂
  16. Barely halfway through October and we've jumped the shark already.
  17. (whispers) trail marathons are the way forward
  18. 3:10!!!! That’s incredible! Well done!
  19. I strapped in and delved into the YouTube comments. Apparently he’s been lip-syncing to the same recording since 2013. The consensus between his Italian American fans seems to be that they know this but really DGAF.
  20. Mwah! All good buddy! Literally just found out I can drink alcohol while taking the antibiotics I’ve been prescribed. Result. Wow. Impressive. You REALLY know how to comedy.
  21. JFC. Why did it take almost, what, double the time it should take? Well, for those efforts I’m glad you had a cracking gig!
  22. Alright Mardy. How you doing? Long time no speak. Had to delete the Twitter for my sanity. Anyway: Genuine question: What makes a decent / great comedy venue (as opposed to a music venue with great sound / acoustics / viewing visibility, etc)?
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