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  1. Much like Glastonbury, once I've got a goal to aim for i'm pretty much obsessed, tbh, dude. And like you say, it does keep you honest. And prevents me thinking 'ahhh, fuck it, I'll go and get a kebab' and the like.
  2. Got back on the Monday after the festival and signed up for Beachy Head Trail marathon in October. Put on a bit of weight and lost a bit of fitness since Lulworth Cove 50K, but I'm not too worried. Started my 16 week training plan last night and I'm logging everything - exercise / food intake - on my Garmin and MyFitnessPal app.
  3. Woffy

    Overheards and funnies

    Here's one my mate did in 2017, about which, if he's taking the piss out of me for something I like to remind him. Foo Fighters are headlining. Taylor Hawkins comes to the front to sing Under Pressure (IIRC). Dave Grohl takes to the drum kit. After a minute or so... Mate: He's not only a good guitarist, he's pretty bloody good on the drums too. Me (casually, for emphasis): He was the drummer in Nirvana, dude. Mate: Arrrrrrgh FUCK!!!
  4. Hair braiding instead of Andy from Cbeebies. The queue was fucking massive by the time he'd finished. That said, he does know how to entertain a tent full of toddlers (and embarrass parents) by rapping about prehistory. Some great call and response stuff: Him: "Australopithecus! Us: "HALF HUMAN!" Other than that, not a single clash-related regret all week. Loved it. Absolutely loved it.
  5. Woffy

    Emotional moments

    I feel your pain, gp. I think I was lucky in being pretty much on my own most of the week (but meeting up with friends during a day and at camp if needed) in that if I needed to move for any reason I could. I moved gradually back during Jon Hopkins and Foals partly cos it got a bit hot / claustrophobic, partly as friends were nearby, and also during Pip Blom due to chatterers. Lucky in that I didn’t have to get others to move with me or split off from a group.
  6. Woffy

    Emotional moments

    Oh no, what a total shame, gp. I was probably not far behind you; dead level with the centre of the stage, mid-way between stage and sound desk. And it was just sublime. I loved the people around me during that set. Loved them. It was just...looks...knowing looks. That ‘whoa / phewf / I-get-it face / nod thing / shared moment’ moment. Also, imagine being the actual intended muse / recipient / subject of Firesmoke! Also, massive props to Hinako Omori. She worked wonders and her timing - esp. during a spoken word gig - was immaculate. And she looked incredible too. I loved it when her and Kate embraced at the end.
  7. Woffy

    Overheards and funnies

    Whilst lugging* all my stuff to PGA early on Sunday morning to go and meet the Mrs and pick up mini-Woffy I slowly overtook two coppers walking along the back of the Pyramid Field: ”Which one is Liam Gallagher? Is he the one I’d probably arrest or is that the other one?” *I actually put all my stuff on my daughter’s pushchair and wheeled it along breezily feeling quite smug.
  8. Woffy

    Legend Slot 2020

    Excellent. Good man. Yeah, I had blast. One of my faves, for sure. Saturday was certainly a battle of attrition at times. On topic: Gotta be DRoss for the Legend slot and ftw.
  9. Woffy

    Legend Slot 2020

    Yay! You survived Fuzzy! I did think of you as I melted at the Park on Saturday, on the verge of a wobbly as I searched for shade (none).
  10. Woffy

    Emotional moments

    All of Kate Tempest. Mrs Woffy texted me straight after: ”Kate Tempest. Wow” All I could reply was: ”Yes. Kate Tempest. Wow” Just. Fucking. Wow.
  11. Woffy

    worth it with kids?

    As Wooderson rightly says, it’s not easy or straightforward by any means; I was on my own with mini-Woffy on Sunday, but we - especially she - had an absolute blast! She / we didn’t quite make it to Janelle Monae, but I can live with that, tbh. She was soooooooo done / tired I thought I’d cut my losses and leave before Janelle. I preferred to leave with us both on a massive high rather than a three year old have a meltdown and it tarnish the whole day. Totally the right decision. Sunday was always not about me anyway. But 6, 7 hours in the Kidz Field. She fuckin loved it. As did I. To answer your question, the pick up (and drop my shit off) plan went perfectly. Vintage, vintage Glastonbury. Fair play to those who do Glastonbury with kids for the whole week - massive respect!
  12. Excellent for groin coolage or sore bottoms. Either should provide a decent test case.
  13. Careful. I read a product recall story about these last week. Apparently some sort of product labelling error confusion with Deep Heat spray.
  14. I’ll be got a wrap I wear when running. Can be used as a sweatband, for the wrist or head (looks a bit 80s, mind) or round the neck to protect from the sun or the cold. @CaledonianGonzotime to gates opening (and me getting in the Tuesday night queue) draws ever nearer. If I don’t get to interact with you again on here before I leave: have a cracking festival dude. Hope you have a blast.
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