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  1. Since Matthew has mentioned RATM, I read this this morning and it’s quite...something:
  2. Well, thanks to all: glorious stuff.
  3. Woffy

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    FTR I thought she was great at GF2014. There was a lot of sniping about whether she could sing live when that first album or two came out, and there was a slight atmosphere of ‘well, prove yourself, let’s see what the fuss is about’. I thought she smashed it, quite effortlessly.
  4. Woffy

    Weatherall RIP

    Jesus. What an utter shame. Used to go see him DJ alllll night in London way back in my student days. Ambient to trance upping the BPMs through different genres all night and finishing with banging techno. Then those Primal Scream, One Dove and SoP records... What a sad, sad loss.
  5. Many thanks for Bonny Light Horseman, dude. Me and the missus are hooked on 'em.
  6. Woffy

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    Read a review of LDR the other day after she was confirmed. Went along the lines of "She's a one trick pony...but what a fucking trick!" Bet he can't grow a beard like you though, Swedgey.
  7. Woffy

    Ian Brown

    Anyone remember John Squire - during the Seahorses days - wearing Levi’s still with the massive brown cardboard thing on they used to have on the back pocket when still hanging up in the shop?
  8. A little bit like the JP Stage on the Friday last year? (What a cracking day that was, btw)
  9. Hiya Joey. So, I've got quite a bit of experience of this and have dipped in and out of the festival a few times due to childcare commitments. What with having loads of kids and all that. Living just outside Andover (NW Hampshire for those who don't know) and being about an hour door-to-car park field away obviously helps. Bearing in mind I'm a Tuesday night queuer, in recent years I've: 1. Gone down Tuesday evening. In and set up by 8am to 9am-ish on Wednesday. Spent all Wednesday day at the festival and gone home on Wednesday night. Actually went back to work on Thursday (utterly bizarre) and then me and Mrs Woffy went back down on Thursday evening when we had child care. Left late on Sunday, quite a bit after the headliners. Meant me not drinking on Sunday (which wasn't the worst considering my consumption over the previous days). 2. Same as above but picked Mrs Woffy up early on the Friday morning. 3. Both arrived Thursday during the day. Mates set our tent up for us after queuing on Tuesday night. Swerved the horrific weather getting in that year: 2016? 4. Last year Mrs Woffy was 7.5 months pregnant and put her ticket back in the pot. But she and my mother in law dropped off mini-Woffy on Sunday morning. I'd packed my stuff up shitting early on Sunday, wheeled it to the bus / Gate A on the pushchair. Met them at B&W Showground. Dropped stuff off, brought mini-Woffy and pushchair (+day rucksack with stuff for a 3 year old) back to site and had a brilliant Sunday, although 6 hours in the Kidz Field. Again, didn't drink on the Sunday but didn't mind. If you can do any variation on these and need more details, let me know. If you drive home / away from site and then drive back you often feel like you're gonna be parked miles away. But with minimal - if any stuff - to bring back in again it's a doddle: walking an extra field of car park is nothing compared to lugging a tonne of stuff for 5 days. Plus you can bring booze in with you piecemeal rather than all in one go. Thursday evening (in time for a decent night of fun) until Sunday post headliners (3 nights) is pretty decent if you can manage it. Good luck.
  10. I dunno if it was intentional UEF, but - as someone who has numerous kids - this made me genuinely LOL!: The biggest thing that seems to kill attendance in the group is people having kids...they often don't bounce back from such a setback.
  11. Woffy

    Billie Eilish

    Thing that always baffles me slightly about the “Oh, *name of band / artist* can’t play two years running” is that it isn’t exactly the same crowd that’ll be watching. If she’s available and willing to play GFL should definitely book her.
  12. Fuck. I forgot @Hugh Jass Eek. Soz dude. ?
  13. I mean, if nothing else you were a shoe-in for tweet of the year, what with the animatronic fucking whatever thingies prediction for Glastonbury On Sea. Prescient and hilarious AF! Glad yer back dude ?
  14. Album(s): Cate Le Bon - Fallen FKA Twigs - MAGDALENE Ibibio Sound Machine - Doko Mien Song: Fontaines DC - Boys in the Better Land Glastonbury Set: Friday’s John Peel Stage run of: Pip Blom > Mahalia > Goat Girl > Fontaines DC > Pond > Rosalía > Aurora. Wow. Non-Glastonbury Gig: Gig? Ummm. Not quite, but I LOVED this: Rebecca Rideal, Winchester Heritage Open Day, ‘To Kill A King: The Regicide of Charles I' Film: Captain Marvel (watched it at Glastonbury on the Thursday). Slight cheat, in that it came out in the last 12 months but not quite in 2019: Operator, starring (the bloody incredible) Kate Dickie. TV Show: Fleabag / Killing Eve (Starting Chernobyl this week now I’ve finished work for Xmas) Book: Hardest one. Fiction: The Last - Hanna Nina Jameson Non-Fiction: Frank McDonough - The Hitler Years (Triumph 1933-1939) eFester of the Year 2019: Too many to pick one, so: @GETOFFAMYLAWN @SwedgeAntilles @Gnomicide @Phoenix Girl @Mardy @Wooderson @CaledonianGonzo @HMV @yeti @MetaKate @Brave Sir Robin Apologies if I’ve inevitably forgotten someone. But ultimately it’s gotta be Neil / @eFestivals
  15. Woffy

    Robbie Williams

    That fucking Christmas album cover. What a Christmas c**t he is. He must be running out of things to ruin soon, surely.
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