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  1. Dee, if I win the lottery and I don’t get first dibs if you sell your house then you need to adopt me. And my wife. And the kids. Or let us live in a camper van on your drive, like some sort of Alan Bennet / Miss Shepherd type situation.
  2. Zone Blanche (Black Spot is the English language title) is a decent French mix of cop procedural with a hint of the supernatural. Not finished it yet, but thoroughly enjoying it. Bloodline (not new) - a moody family saga based in the Florida Keys - (Sam Shepard, Sissy Spacek, Linda Cardellini, Kyle Chandler and a terrific Ben Mendelsohn) is well worth a watch. Last season (3) let it down a bit - the writers failed the actors a bit, but the acting is great nonetheless.
  3. Woffy

    2020 New Music

    This sounds v.promising BSR. Nice one.
  4. Woffy

    Taylor Swift

    Stick the non-album contenders / the tracks that don’t fit the vibe of the album on an EP or a b-side, said the old man at the back...
  5. Articulated far better than my mindfart of a post, jparx.
  6. Cultural reasons: Is this due to the (welcome? Discuss) death of tribalism in music? Ok. I know I’m getting old an’ all, but music - esp. for those critics that ‘report’ on it - seems to be incrementally more difficult to pigeonhole...into a ‘movement’ or ‘label’ or under a ‘banner’; it seems less linked to fashion too, more disparate. If that is the case, I’m all for it, personally. I was a teenager / early 20s during the 90s and Lad Culture could do one as far as I’m concerned. There’s nothing wrong at all with finding your niche, your ‘thing’ or kindred spirits,
  7. This needs the thinnest of thin analogies. Please. Dental. Stoppit. I need a decent nights sleep and this is very much not helping.
  8. I’ll never forget that eFests Brits night. Cynics did their cynicism. Then The Mix did their thing. Universal awe. Best live posting I’ve seen - on here - second only to Ariana Grande’s Manchester gig.
  9. Agree. Both would be ace. Not ‘pitting’ one against the other, more intrigued as to how eFests would go. Think it’d be pretty much 50/50. Let’s have both.
  10. We’ve probably been down this road before - and this may need a poll - but who’s everyone’s preference if there was a possibility of Swiz or Gaga? Genuinely not sure which way eFests would swing.
  11. Often we find ourselves lapsing into our POV being clouded by our love for Glastonbury and how important it is (to us) and why X Artist *must* be cognisant of the importance of the festival and therefore will have made it a priority to play, despite other commitments. And often on here, among the multitude of varying opinions, that blind love, loyalty if you will, is tempered by the check and balance of actual reality. That said, fuck reality. I’m nailing my colours to the mast of blind faith in the utter importance of Glastonbury over all other festivals and gigs. Therefore Sw
  12. Woffy

    2020 New Music

    Do you like horses, GP? Do you have ride-through beer hatch and paddock at your local. Until then, until you do, you can never be @Quark
  13. That was terrible, but cheers & likewise! (Just been horrendously busy, but always lurking, esp. New Music thread. Absolute goldmine that)
  14. Who, Jeremy at number 10?
  15. Woffy

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    According to wiki. Didn’t check the citation, so... Whitman is a surprise given some of his well documented views.
  16. Woffy

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    Just seen the charity thing. I’m def in then. Also a big Whitman/Ginsberg fan too apparently.
  17. Woffy

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    No book plus audio bundle that I can find. £16.99 for the book plus £22+delivery for the PD is a bit steep. But if I’m diving in I want both. My book spending farrrr outweighs my music spending atm.
  18. Woffy

    2020 New Music

    AOTW with 3/5 (???) stars in the Grauniad. Mixed bag of reaction on the few tweets I saw earlier.
  19. See how entitled he looks.
  20. Who knew outer-Brighton is like North Dakota in the 1870s?
  21. Woffy

    2020 New Music

    Him again. Waxy looking c**t.
  22. Can’t believe Quark’s effed off without clarifying details about his local equine drive-through boozer. Can you get done for drink riding? Edit. You can. It is illegal to ride a horse or cattle drunk or to allow your pet to mate with an animal belonging going to the Royal family.
  23. Meh. I mean, I don’t hate animals or anything, I just prefer them when they’re on telly where they can’t go near me. Preferably with David Attenborough telling me about them. That Dr Who chap was on tv trying to tell me about animals once and it just didn’t feel right.
  24. Sounds like hell to me. I don’t get why they’re allowed to roam around all cocky when every other animal that big that we don’t eat is in a zoo. No wonder they look so smug!
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