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  1. I think it's a bit extreme to blame a specific generation/genre for being untrustworthy. Brakrock had like 4-5 acts cancel in the weeks leading up to the festival, Bad Religion cancelled their Lokerse Feesten show 5 days in advance. Heck, Turnstile cancelled half of their June dates on short notice with some vague explanation and no indication to why certain dates were kept/dropped. 2022 is an odd year. We all expected festivals/concerts to go ahead as planned since the number of covid cases has strongly decreased. Instead we're seeing cancels all around due to transport and personnel shortages, rising fuel prices, airport strikes, Brexit/visa issues, ... I've read that some acts were even attempting to re-negotiate their contract with festival bookers. Most of these tours have been planned and budgeted during the course of 2021. However, due to inflation some of these once profitable tours are suddenly looking at a loss, as the agreed booking fees are staying fixed. So it's either bumping up the fees or having to cancel tours. I assume that smaller and younger acts are the first to be turned down then.
  2. Pukkelpop is halfway through setting up their stages, I think they'd know by now if there are any productional issues. And there is no imminent risk of precautionary health measures. Plenty of politicians have acknowledged the rise in positive cases, but none of them are even considering restricting our freedom during the Summer months. I live in Brussels and I must say there is almost no buzz for this Atom Festival. Heck, I only learned about its existence about a week ago, as Flemish media barely report on it. Wouldn't be shocked if they're just using these excuses to mask ticket sales.
  3. Where's that 9th stage coming from? The stagebuilder in the TVL video is talking about 8 stages.
  4. I would actually consider London Grammar basically ruled out. Based on the info on Festileaks, they were to sub F+TM, but pulled out at the same time as cancelling their Tempelhof show. The search for a replacement is probably why it took so long to announce the event. Unrelated info: Studio Brussel is saying that more names will follow next week. Must be in the first half of the week then, given the ticket sale starting on Thursday.
  5. Based on all the hints dropped here and on Festileaks: a one day festival on 26th of June, a bit shorter than a regular RW day (starting around 3-4pm?) and offering several stages.
  6. When that extra event was announced last Saturday, Chokri did say that we'd learn everything about it "over the next 2 weeks". So either way we should be getting names for it next week. Mostly curious how many of the expected Pukkelpop names will end up there. Liam G and Foals seem like a shoe-in.
  7. According to trustworthy sources on Festileaks, Encore will take place on 26 June and there will be no replacement event for 18 June. So we can drop those hopes of having another classic headliner.
  8. The 18th is currently that stand-up comedy event. So either they're throwing the concept around because of an unexpected availability (Springsteen is rumoured to consider touring again), or the ticket sales must be so disastrous that they're already axing it after barely 2 weeks.
  9. Or they're waiting until CORE sells a few more tickets.
  10. I think it'll rather be bands that still have to sell out their standalone show. There are quite a few "near-certainties" who have a Belgian club show this Spring which isn't sold out yet: Beach House, Parquet Courts, Strand of Oaks, Low, ...
  11. Ken pretty much confirmed Editors as the headliner for that separate event. Also having my doubts about Idles. They've rescheduled their Brussels show to the Wednesday before Pukkelpop. Are they going to play Belgium 3x in one Summer?
  12. I can only assume O&TW are sort of coheads/dance closers after a bigger headliner like Dua Lipa. If not, they must really be confident about people's urge to be a part of it again after 2 cancelled festival Summers...
  13. Arctic Monkey/Tame Impala/Oscar & The Wolf/Editors
  14. Stormzy was supposed to be announced for CORE Festival in Brussels, but he supposedly pulled out last minute. They forgot to take him out of one of the promotional posters though. I cannot really imagine him headlining a 20K festival in May and then closing Pukkelpop a few months later. Maybe he pulled out because Pkp offered him a better stage. But I don't think he was booked for Pkp as a first choice.
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