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  1. For a few years now, the tradition has been weekly packages of 7-10 names each Friday at 4pm between mid-January and mid-March. So yes, you can expect that same thing every week now, with possibly still another standalone announcement for the Friday co-headliner.
  2. Looks like they've changed their plans to standalone/BST type of headlining shows.
  3. Studio Brussel didn't play a MCR song in years. Not even a word about their reunion in any mainstream Belgian music media. Let's be honest: there is no big hype in the Benelux around MCR returning. Only the fan community getting each other worked up and convincing each other that this is the biggest musical event of the decade. Meanwhile Studio Brussel is treating the Belgian return of The Strokes as a huge milestone, yet everyone agrees they need a second headliner to sell out that day. Perhaps they are more popular now in Belgium than they were a decade ago. But if you're a late afternoon act with poor attendance during your peak (talking 2007 here), don't expect to get a coheadlining slot upon your return. I actually hope RW announces MCR as fast as possible, along with a first lineup poster. It's been months that fans and non-fans are debating over their spot on the lineup.
  4. I don't even see RW pursuing MCR as a plan Z. Bringing back Editors or Kings of Leon for the 100th time would still shift more tickets.
  5. As if RW are not aware how interesting it would've been to book Stormzy? The guy sold out 2 AB shows in just a few minutes. Dour managed to snatch him by offering a closing slot on their main stage. A similar thing is probably true for Tyler, whose 3 current dates in the RW weekend are all headlining slots, whereas RW could give him a high tent slot at best.
  6. It's just way too early to draw these kind of conclusions, both in regards to the balance new/old as concerning the number of female acts.
  7. On Festileaks Gwen Stefani is often mentioned as a Barn headliner, similar to Kylie Minogue last year.
  8. Pretty obvious it's a clock pointing at 6pm, same hour as the Best Kept Secret and NOS Alive announcements. Posted at 12:51. We're getting The Strokes tonight. And I'm getting my tickets this week.
  9. Someone on Festileaks says their attendance in 2015 was so low that RW is no longer willing to give in to their financial/poster demands. Given the good relationship between RW and CB, that must really mean something.
  10. I figure that leaked draft could've been a part of it. I've heard stories of MC almost losing out on Arctic Monkeys after explicitely hinting towards them despite an ongoing embargo. It would explain why they only announced AM a few days after the full tour poster dropped.
  11. Jazebel explicitely said that a lot would be happening for RW after this week. I'm just expecting bigger Friday batches than usual and/or a long string of announcements starting mid next week.
  12. In 2014, Pixies wouldn't take anything less than headlining a stage. Timetables took extremely long to be released (somewhere in May, while full line up and stage splits had been known since March), presumably because RW tried to change their minds.
  13. Dour is saying it's a Belgian festival exclusive. Odd. Considered him a certainty as tent headliner after selling out AB twice in no time...
  14. I could see Volbeat subbing PJ as well. I would label them as either a strong sub or small coheadliner.
  15. My bets are on names who still have to come forward with European festival dates, i.e. The Strokes, Tame Impala or The Weeknd. Possibly holding back on RHCP or KOL as an backup if other things don't work out. If they were plan A, they would've been announced by now. Curious as to why we didn't get Volbeat yet. They seemed like a certainty for months, especially after all Graspop headline slots have been filled in.
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