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  1. And what about the other part of his comment? He said that if no confirmation has been given by 11 May (next council meeting), it would be impossible to properly organize the festival. Which was then repeated by Tomorrowland. Do we really have to worry about cancellations due to the government's inability to decide? And are the Belgian festivals prepared for a potential rule like in France? (Attendance 5000, only seated)
  2. Chokri implied last week that Pukkelpop was first waiting for official confirmation that these scale of events are allowed in August/September. I suppose it's the same for Werchter?
  3. The town of Werchter has put a limitation to the number of event days per year though. So adding a day, yes, but an extra festival won't happen. I wouldn't be surprised if some artists (originally booked for 2020) decide to just skip touring for now and return to Europe once they have a new album coming out. Best Kept Secret already implied that they're refunding all 20/21 ticket holders because the poster might look completely different.
  4. Bad news lineup wise? Or fishing in the same pond of visitors who won't pay for 2 major festivals in 2 weeks time?
  5. This is her concert of May 2020 that has been rescheduled several times. I don't see why Pukkelpop would be okay booking her 3 months after the original concert, but not 2 months before the replacement?
  6. Ken said that current holders of a weekend ticket would get an automatic (read: free) upgrade to a 5 day ticket, if the extension were to happen. So I think we should rather be looking at headliners who could also be a plausible booking in a regular year. Foo Fighters? Metallica? Arctic Monkeys?
  7. Not sure if Foals fits the "grew from a small band" description. They were already a household name by the first time they played RW (even had a 7pm main stage slot at Pukkelpop the year before). Tame Impala first played RW as an early afternoon tent act back in their early days, moving higher with every return.
  8. Is there any way that artists work out deals around these contracts between different venues? For example RW and GMM both being LN festivals, SOAD could be honoring their contract by playing GMM instead? Or even shifting to a Sportpaleis show?
  9. 1-4 July, new acts include Gorillaz, Royal Blood, Jamie XX and Alt-J.
  10. This actually makes me wonder if we'll an exact copy of this year's lineup, or if the returning artists will get their spots adapted to their new status. Jehnny Beth and Phoebe Bridges were announced long before releasing their critically acclaimed albums. Inhaler will finally have their debut out by next year's edition, and Fontaines DC are suddenly being played in high rotation on Stubru. And on the other side, the Tones & I hype will have long died out by the Summer of 2021.
  11. I guess that RW had let IDLES to that other festival (Dour? Leffingeleuren?), only to have them coming back to Werchter in '21 with a new album. Ah well, we win some, we lose some with these lineups being copied to next year (RATM being the prime example). And Ken is right. If they keep touring at the same rate they did with previous albums, IDLES will play Belgium 4-5 times with Ultra Mono.
  12. They should have seen 2 coming, as Boutique had been cancelled due to poor ticket sales.
  13. Generally it's the weekend including the first Sunday of July. So the week thereafter, unless they actively decide to move into the Glasto weekend again.
  14. I would love to hear who they had lined up. Bought a day ticket for The Strokes, but so far I was underwhelmed by the announced acts. Rock Werchter will be back without a doubt. Am even expecting a stronger than ever line up if they are able to combine some of the current big names with those rumored for next year's season (Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, RATM, NIN, RHCP, Metallica, The Weeknd, Tame Impala). Other festivals might suffer a worse fate though. We already have several smaller festivals who needed to reinvent their concept after a history of struggles (Ieperfest,
  15. Belgian interior minister said this morning that all festivals will be cancelled. It's just a matter of confirmation by the national security council, which will happen either this or next Friday.
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