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  1. Kasabian currently doesn't have a frontman and their last two albums didn't exactly do well in Belgium. I doubt any Belgian major still has interest in booking them unless they agree to occupy those lower slots again.
  2. Rock Werchter posted something on social media to celebrate the closure of Werchter Parklife. In it they state that more news on RW will only follow after Summer...
  3. Flemish national TV is airing a "Werchter Parklife" special this Sunday, to coincide with the closing evening for the series of events. So if we're getting names before September, it'll be this Sunday (last year they also released new names during the Parklife TV special).
  4. A Belgian concert booker launched an open letter this afternoon, slamming Pukkelpop for its hybris. Notable info in this letter: Pukkelpop stopped responding to questions of the booked Belgian artists and their management weeks ago, giving the impression something was going wrong internally, long before the governmental communication that supposedly rendered the festival impossible to organize. He thus openly raises the question whether Pukkelpop is using the government as an easy scapegoat for their own failure.
  5. No "could have". The press release for the Nick Cave TW Classic already confirmed that we're getting 2 TW Classic editions next Summer, one with a more classic headliner. Although there are also rumors floating around regarding Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen, so it'll be one of those 3.
  6. Let's see what a Pukkelpop edition looks like in 2022. Despite the government support, they're still bound to take a financial hit, and it's not like their situation was even looking bright pre-covid. And Live Nation's supposedly very pissed off, so PKP might just receive a little less goodwill from LN side if an interesting act is also available for Werchter/Dour/...
  7. Yep, they should've gone for either something toned down or nothing at all. But they really wanted to cling on to that 65k promise made back in May... Belgian health minister added this morning that "Pukkelpop should just cancel if they cannot guarantee the required logistics". No idea what that would mean financially though, as Pukkelpop can simply not comply due to overplaying their hand on the capacity.
  8. So the reason for Pukkelpop's full stop yesterday was a supposed change in rules for big events, making it impossible for them to go on with this capacity. However, the Belgian government quickly shut them down, saying that nothing changed for PKP, and that they're making a big media fuss about something that could've been cleared up internally in just a few minutes. Rumour now has it that PKP is looking for a reason to cancel the festival without losing the government bailout and without looking like the bad guys.
  9. DTRH and LL have indeed just issued a press release implying that a cancellation is their only option. More news to follow soon...
  10. And My Bloody Valentine personally convincing the Flemish government to install volume limits at music events. That whole day was indeed brilliant. The whole edition actually.
  11. Sunday, but that was during a live tv special which isn't happening this year. Stubru is hosting a RW themed day tomorrow, but I doubt they'd drop names on the same day as Pukkelpop.
  12. It's a mock up someone on Festileaks created out of impatience.
  13. Someone on Festileaks also just said that several UK acts are suddenly looking unsure due to issues obtaining the post-Brexit touring visa for artists...
  14. Last year it was tied to a special event though, which was even shown on tv.
  15. I'd say right before, next Monday or so. Giving the local sales one last push before opening up the remaining tickets to the rest of Europe.
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