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  1. Are there any concrete hints, that Muse could play any summer festivals in 2020?
  2. Yeah, I've heard about this, too. But they would fit Lollapalooza Paris waaaaaay better than Hellfest, so FF seems like an odd choice to me
  3. First (real) announcement is coming very soon (maybe tomorrow?)
  4. @Kusy: What's up with this Foo Fighters rumour? A fourth year in a row? Have you heard about Prophets of Rage dates in Germany?
  5. Not yet, but they will probably build a full day on the second stage around german rap artists as a contrast to e.g. System of A Down. In fact, they already decreased the amount of rap artists in 2019 compared to the last years.
  6. Could Tool be a possible contender for 2020? I thought they would return to europe in march or april but since more and more bands are already announcing their shows for june, I think it's already too late for a spring tour, so another run in the summer seems more likely to me. Or maybe they will follow The Black Keys and just stay in the US.... 💔
  7. They only played a single show in Milan I think..... I was wondering about this, too. Maybe they skipped an album cycle tor return as a full headliner next time? Since I've seen them three times and always had a good time, I would be cool with that
  8. Coldplay would be another banger for me. But can NOS Alive actually afford Taylor Swift AND Coldplay? Or could both of these acts play for a lower price than usual?
  9. Where does this Coldplay hate everywhere actually come from? I mean, sure their output in the last ten years wasn't that great but they're still very good live and they haven't played here for a very long time. But as you already said it's hard to believe that they are going to play festivals in europe next summer because this rumour comes up basically every year but never seems to become true in the end....
  10. After playing Graspop this year, are Kiss a possible contender with a rockier undercard?
  11. Since Rock am Ring / Rock im Park already have their own thread, we should have another one for the second largest double-festival in Germany Apparently "SEEED" (are they actually a thing outside german speaking countries?) were already announced as the first headliner in june. Any ideas what could be around in mid june 2020? If Muse are going to play festivals next year, they should probably be nailed for this.
  12. Rock im Park pretty much every year around april or may, Rock am Ring didn't used to have day tickets, but since they didn't sell out in the recent years they are offering some limited day tickets too. @ParanoidTourist: as I metioned above both festivals weren't sold out in the last two or three years (the year with Foo Fighters, Muse, Gorillaz and Thirty Seconds to Mars was a desaster) , but tickets will get more and more expensive the longer you wait (not including the secondary market )
  13. If I remember correctly many people in here were complaining like "Where are the big headliners like Foo Fighters and Metallica????"
  14. I can understand that Taylor Swift might not be your cup of tea, but having her headlining your festival, while it is her very first festival tour at all is a very big deal to me. As of now my festival plans for 2020 are Hurricane and Rock Werchter, where Taylor is already ruled out and I would have loved to see her live next year, but it is what it is..... If NOS will end up like Taylor, Strokes, Tame Impala, Billie Eilish, Liam Gallagher, Foals etc ....that seems like a gut mixture to me
  15. Why saved? I would've LOVED to see Taylor at RW But I understand that Boutique suits way better....
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