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  1. I have a feeling that many acts are still not certain for their specific day ........with Roskilde, Open'er and Lollapalooza Stockholm on the same weekend where everybody needs new headliners to replace someone else, I can imagine it is really tough to arrange multiple shows. (e.g. The Killers should be a valid option for every festival mentioned above)
  2. Kinda curious who's gonna be closing the Saturday if Post Malone and Guns N' Roses both pulled out..... Let's see who will play those Werchter day festivals
  3. Is Puscifer Graspop Material or in the cards for Rock Werchter?
  4. Has anyone heard if Post Malone will reschedule his dates or even extend the tour in 2021? Since we are missing big mainstream acts he could easily fill in Mad Cool/NOS Alive?
  5. So Incubus won't return in 2021? Nice to see Puscifer around in june, too. But they are way to high on the billing.
  6. @Ken19 let's assume Metallica would play TW Classic or Werchter Boutique in 2021.........could Live Nation move some acts from the Rock Werchter main festival to one of these day festivals? (Volbeat or Sum 41 came to my mind first). I don't know if this works out contractwise. Is it just "we want to play Werchter festival park in general" or "we only want to play RW 2021 under these specific circumstances"?
  7. Could this actually pushed back a couple of days or single week to grab The Strokes again? They are playing some US shows in early August and probably won't return to those scandinavian festivals, but I guess this has already been mentioned before....
  8. This sounds all pretty amazing, but I wonder if this ain't too unrealistic.... I mean, let's put everything together that seems to return in 2021, is available during RW period and was mentioned on the last couple pages with some guesswork by myself: Wed: Metallica - Volbeat - Sum 41 // no clue for barn line up yet Thur: Pearl Jam - Royal Blood - Pixies - Lumineers // Disclosure - Beck - Wilco Fri: The Strokes - The Killers - Liam Gallagher - Lewis Capaldi // Alt-J - Archive - Cigarettes after Sex Sat: Gorillaz - Twenty One Pilots - Faith No More - tba // Jamie xx - The Streets - Jorja Smith Sun: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Tame Impala - Placebo - Yungblud // Thom Yorke - tba - Michael Kiwanuka I know, some bands will fall through until next year and not everything will come together in the end but how in the f***ing world could a festival actually afford such a line up?
  9. Maybe they are doing two european legs? Not that typical for GnR, though....
  10. For 2022 I expected something similar like: Thur: Radiohead - The XX Fri: Kings of Leon - Billie Eilish Sat: Kendrick Lamar - Imagine Dragons - Oscar & the Wolf Sun: Rage against the Machine - System of A Down - Run the Jewels But as we mentioned above RATM/SOAD on one day is too optimistic
  11. I guess both bands would demand to close a festival day, so yeah.....both playing on the same day should'nt gonna happen. But on the other hand, if your festival is not Lollapalooza Berlin, you have to build two festival days for a heavier rock band. RW usually only had one heavier day per year....
  12. If a fifth day is really going to happen, I could see Volbeat subbing a specific band with an "M" who could sell out a single day festival on their own? System of A Down returning in 2022 could mean a second festival run end June/early July? Imagine a day with Rage against the Machine AND System of a Down playing back to back 🤑
  13. Any chance The Strokes will do a show in Germany during next summer? Are they just going to do festivals during this period? Seems odd they'd leave out such a financial strong country
  14. There is some broadcasting going on over the weekend, yesterday was quite impressive!
  15. What gives RW actually that amount of power? Are they paying so much more than other festivals?
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