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  1. Still no Line up Poster? Are they waiting for the last headliner before releasing it?
  2. That's what I meant, she wasn't even subbing... Sure, she has her qualities but in my opinion she is way too small to headline a festival of this size. Other acts are actually way to high on the billing, too.
  3. Miley was third down during that day, correct?
  4. Yeah, I'm totally crushed, I knew that we couldn't expect much Indie Rock music and thaht the line up would focus more on Pop and German Hiphop but I wasn't prepaired for this pile of shit. Nothing against Miley Cyrus in general, I heard she is great live, but imo she not huge enough to carry a day with 80.000 people on her own, even with the three German big players on that day, which you can see basically the whole year in every larger city. I'm not a big EDM fan but they had Swedish House Mafia, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Kygo, Hardwell etc in the last years and all they could get is DJ Snake? Maybe Die Antwoord will close the electronic Stage, too? @Ken19 since you are also well informed with Open'er and Mad Cool.....are in the know about this festival or if any major act pulled out? I find it quite strange that they struggled so hard to put the correct day splits on their website, which has never been the case before. It seems to me as if they missed for another big name for the Saturday and they moved like last minute every bigger german act (AnnenMayKantereit, Deichkind, Alligatoah) to the Saturday for whatever reason. Some people already think the Rage against the Machine day is selling so well, that they discontinued further negotiations and just cut the Sunday short and moved other popular acts to staurday instead. For me it is also very frustrating that such a big and rich country like Germany, which has sooooo many large festivals is not able to book The Strokes since ten years.......not to mention that they play like every other Lollapalooza festival in the world except this one 😕
  5. Would habe been a great Barn Head for the Thursday, but this slot has already been filled.... Since she was mentioned here and there.....was Lana del Rey originally planned to be second Friday headliner, but pulled out early? For my personal taste I'm quite sad, that Imagine Dragons are not around. They would have been a good fit for the mainstream festivals in July to fill their open headliner spots like Werchter, Roskilde, Mad Cool, Deichbrand etc
  6. Could be a good pick for the lead of the second wave around april oder may, because she is playing like five arena shows in Germany during that period. If she is still around a full month after Sziget this could mean a quick return to Lolla Berlin.
  7. https://clashfinder.com/s/rockwerchter2020speculation/?edit Clashfinder Update
  8. I don't know why Eminem did play THAT few shows in Germany over he last years, but there was a show planned in Cologne a couple years ago (I think 2013?), it didn't work out because the organisators gave the last available date a German pop singer instead.... Ticket prices for the show in 2018 were about 90 - 130 € but they have been sold for over 500 bucks on the secondary market and people indeed paid that amount quite alot.... So yeah, Eminem should be too big for this festival.
  9. Eminem doesn't make any sense here, he would sell out the whole location with 80.000 people for more than the festival ticket price itself just within minutes. If he plays Sziget, he wouldn't be around for a whole month. I really really hope they had to wait for The Strokes show in Berlin last friday and can announce tomorrow. The same goes for the new Superbloom Festival in Munich during the same weekend.....
  10. Already played two years ago and it was empty as fuck, I can't see him coming back that soon.... He isn't playing any other german festival at this point, though.
  11. There is no evidence that he might tour in europe this year, but I can see him being an european exclusive like they did it with The Weeknd or Macklemore in the past.
  12. What is actually the plan for Vampire Weekend? I know Jazebel ruled them out, but they only have announced this Benicassim show in europe for the summer and nothing else......why? The same goes for The Libertines......I think there is just Benicassim and Pohoda as their only european shows.
  13. I think this turned up pretty well if you keep in mind that there should've been so few headliners around in august
  14. I could elaborate on this if you want, but if you just wanna see Rage and have the option to do a solo show, you should do that instead. Berlin should be crowded as fuck....(watch the Radiohead Show from 2016, it was a different location but you get the idea)
  15. I attend Lolla Berlin every year since 2015......any questions?
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