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  1. Imagine Dragons are still around, could be a suitable combination with Twenty One Pilots. For TW Classic my guess is Bruce Springsteen + The Killers, so they can perform "Dustland" together 😉
  2. Yeah, festivals in early June like Tempelhof Sounds and Best Kept Secret also need another headliner. My guess currently is Arcade Fire but there are indeed no signs of touring right now
  3. With Tame Impala playing Rock en Seine......are they more likely for the whole festival circuit in August? (with the exception of Primavera)
  4. True, but maybe they can do some promo shows at some festivals in June and do a proper tour later in 2022 when the album comes out. Can't think of another larger indie act that is not doing any of the two Primavera weekends next year... (mostly referring to Tempelhof/Best Kept Secret)
  5. Gorillaz, Imagine Dragons, The Strokes, Tame Impala are all around but we can't have all of them unfortunately I know thy are already ruled out, but it's quite unsual that both Foo Fighters and Muse don't have a Benelux date in 2022?
  6. The National are set to play Primavera, aren't they? I think they also have a date in Scandinaviaon the Berlin friday. Best Kept Secret Festival could also be waiting for the confirmation of a new headliner, because The Strokes can't play there anymore.
  7. Don't think this will sell very well because June 2022 is already stacked as hell, I hope this festival will stick around, though. I want to know so badly who the friday headliner is going to be. Gorillaz, Tame Impala, The National, Massive Attack and Beck are already ruled. Anyone is waiting to be announced? Arcade Fire touring in 2022?
  8. Are we talking about one and the same act? There should be a legacy act like Paul McCartney (or Bruce Springsteen) for Pinpop, TW Classic and Glastonbury Queens of the Stone Age were also mentioned for Glastonbury and could fit in the missing spots for Mad Cool and NOS Alive. In addition we need a new indie act on the map for Best Kept Secret and Tempelhof Sounds.......I think Arcade Fire wanted to tour before the pandemic? The Cure would fit for all those categories but that would be too soon for a return I guess...
  9. I read somewhere they are planning with 40.000 visitors for their first edition (just like Lollapalooza Berlin 2015 which was held on the very same festival ground) Since Muse and The Strokes should be relatively expensive, I would expect a rather small headliner for the Friday......Liam Gallagher or Kasabian came to my mind since they won't fit anywhere else in Germany even if they are too small here to headline a larger festival. Festivals in Spain like Primavera are more or less irrelevant in Germany. Tempelhof Sounds just takes place between the two largest twin festivals in the country........Rock am Ring/Rock im Park and Hurricane/Southside (the same organizer btw). This accumulation of festivals in only 3 weeks will have a much bigger impact than the pure existance of Primavera Sound.
  10. 01. Muse 02. Rage agains the Machine 03. Pearl Jam 04. Tool 05. The Strokes 06. Nine Inch Nails 07. Radiohead 08. The Cure 09. Deftones 10. Red Hot Chili Peppers Honorable mentions: Arctic Monkeys, Incubus, Queens of the Stone Age, The Smiths, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Faith No More, The 1975 and many more
  11. Another Glastonbury rumor were Queens of the Stone Age right? Could fill in the final spots at Mad Cool/NOS Alive I guess
  12. Two of my favourite bands as headliners and a new festival in my country? Guess I have to go!
  13. I can see Queens of the Stone Age and Imagine Dragons as a back-up plan if they can't rebook Red Hot Chili Peppers for that open sunday. Queens could also fill the gap on the NOS Alive friday and Mad Cool sunday I guess....
  14. So who could still play Bilbao, that hasn't already been added to the Primavera line up? Chemical Brothers still free? I doubt they will share more bigger names with Mad Cool.
  15. I thought Faith No More returned to Rock Werchter because they liked the huge crowd in 2015 that much? 😛 Before the announcement I assumed FNM could move to the friday to sub Metallica but I was wrong. I'm a bit surprised no other early July festival like Roskilde, Open'er or Lollapalooza Stockholm announced anything last weekend just like Rock Werchter. I mean other festivals like Rock am Ring or Mad Cool have 90% of their full line up already announced.... What we know so far until now: Roskilde: No Taylor, no Kendrick, The Strokes uncertain......only Faith No More seem to be around. Open'er: Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots, Chemical Brothers already confirmed, Taylor/Kendrick just like Roskilde, A$AP Rocky has no dates yet but The Killers are still available as well as Tyler the Creator. Lolla Stockholm: Only Pearl Jam confirmed, no dates for Kendrick/Post Malone yet, The Killers are around If they had Foo Fighters, Muse, Kings of Leon or Gorillaz shouldn't that be announced by now?
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