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  1. Sir David Attenborough on Pyramid at 245pm
  2. Foals were absolutely incredible. All is forgiven over their dumb tweet.
  3. Rubbish. What if the gig is actually terrible. Very lame to preschedule tweets like these.
  4. Ameeps

    Piano bar

    Anyone find it? Where’s it at?
  5. Bottom of the park. Got it. You know the name so I can locate it precisely?
  6. Hi all. I remember last Glasto I danced til closing one night at a bar that played classics/sing a longs. Think Champagne Supernova, Mr. Brightside, London Calling. At the end of the night they played Hey Jude, and everyone took their shoe off (just one) and shouted Hey Shoe each time instead of Hey Jude. Seemed like a long-standing tradition. Anyone know the name of this bar? Is it here this year, and if not, is there anything similar?
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