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  1. Have you tried the samosas from the Sweet Mart. Yum yum.
  2. I'm guessing then that you don't like the Thali Cafe. I thought it was pretty good.
  3. I prefer walking boots but it's a bit late now to break them in. If you buy wellies buy them in the big side and wear thick socks. If you are wearing them with shorts wear long socks to avoid chafing. Anyway it's going to be sunny.
  4. I've had a very painful foot which the doc thinks might be gout so exercise has stopped completely. Having to sit on the sofa with foot raised. Could hardly walk. Was worried about getting to the festival at all at one stage. Now easing off a bit so will just be relieved to get there, rain or shine.
  5. Virtually no must sees for me but thanks to the folks on here I've got plenty of bands who look interesting. It also means that I can head up the naughty corner before it gets too rammed.
  6. 'Twenty minutes later, I hear a scream: “F***! I’VE DONE IT! I’M GOIIIIIING' and 'The Eavises have made a little kingdom of joy here, fuelled only by decades of exhilarating ideas made real, and there is nothing – nothing – else like it.' Made me cry. I love this festival.
  7. Hopefully me. Right foot is agony and just been told I've got gout. ☹
  8. Me too. Still woop woop its here.
  9. Ticket is at the local office and should be delivered today so I ain't going nowhere.
  10. Listened all day to BSR's play list then went out and drank too much and ate a Chinese meal.
  11. It would appear from looking at the ' live dispatch news ' that See have sent out 59% of the festival tickets but none of the car park, campervan or coach. That cant be right can it?
  12. Don't knock it mate. At least you know you can go and get it. I'd be well chuffed. Mine is still in the ' We will send it out when we can be arsed ' pile.
  13. Sounds a bit hypocritical to me. I shall be wearing my 97 Festival T shirt as usual.
  14. I think See are in Nottingham. (Sorry. Too slow )
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