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  1. Thanks man, fortunately the company we booked through have been really helpful so far and we should have alternative travel sorted by tomorrow!
  2. Woke up this morning to a message that BA have cancelled our flights out haha. As long as that’s sorted before Tuesday I promise I’ll never complain about a clash at a festival again!
  3. RHCP cancelled Glasgow tonight due to “illness”. Might be worth keeping an eye on, at least if they don’t turn up you have a definite headliner in The Killers on the same day at least
  4. They’ve just confirmed the Metallica show is happening on Insta
  5. That end bit is the key, if they had an extra hour to spread the bands across, would probably lend itself to being far less busy. Already feel like there’s going to be a lot of “let’s watch half an hour here and then run across to catch the last half hour of these” type scenarios
  6. My fiancé just made a good point that with a line up as stacked as this, there was always going to be the potential for a few clashes. But I feel like I find myself staring at this and there’s either 3/4 bands on at one time I want to see, or a gap where there’s absolutely nothing. Very annoying but I suppose that’s all relative to what you wanted to see
  7. If bands are still pulling out/rescheduling, it’s probably why they’re still dragging their heels with it. I think if this was any other year I’d be absolutely livid as I love to have things planned out in advance, and I always spend ages looking through the clash finder trying to work out who I’m going to see. I think because of Covid and the delay with us getting their I’m almost just grateful to be going. On a side note, I went to see Kings of Leon last night as a friend had a spare ticket. Their new album comes across quite good live but they didn’t really have a lot of interaction with the crowd, which I suppose is nothing new for them. Will definitely go check them out if they don’t clash with anyone
  8. For a festival that ran 5:00pm-5:00am last time I was there, surely there’s a possibility that these bands are on these times? Especially as the “main” headliners are usually on between 10-1 With that being said this is Mad Cool so I would definitely take all of these with a pinch of salt until they confirm them properly
  9. I’m sure Kendrick owes BBK a show after the pandemic in 2020. Be interesting to see if he gets rebooked at all of those events or if his stock has rose even more after last night (which it definitely should have)
  10. I know we haven’t even done this year’s festival yet, but I was talking to my friend the other day as we were trying to work out when Springsteen will be playing the UK. We have a working theory that next year Mad Cool and Nos might end up being 4 days next year again, with Springsteen doing Nos on the Wednesday, Mad Cool on the Friday and then Hyde Park on the Sunday. The gap between May and June looks too big for him not to be doing the UK dates then, and the fact there’s a week off where these festivals normally happen lends itself to the idea he’s got something planned. The Hyde Park idea just came from the fact he’s in Germany over Glasto weekend and I think he’s more likely to play his own show there than anywhere else. (This is all of course if Mad Cool is even on next year, but we’ll see)
  11. 49Lawson

    BBC Coverage 2022

    I’m a big Springsteen fan, but given the context of the song and the inexcusable lyrics it should be no where near any setlist he does (and thankfully isn’t, I’m sure he’s distanced himself from it in interviews)
  12. 49Lawson

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Just got back after a gig tonight and seen what happened. I’ve seen absolutely nothing to confirm if it was any good or not, but if I’d been in that field tonight when Macca brought Springsteen I’d have been an insufferable nightmare for weeks! I do not think I’d talk about anything else
  13. 49Lawson

    BBC Coverage 2022

    It hasn’t really been my cup of tea I’ll admit (but then it’s not meant to be, and power to her for looking like she’s having a great time) but that acoustic rendition of ‘Power’ after referencing the absolute disgusting actions of the Supreme Court today was moving
  14. 49Lawson

    BBC Coverage 2022

    I haven’t gone straight to Foals but I was wondering this. We were very hyped to see what she’d be like but we’re a bit underwhelmed so far
  15. If you have a clear path about 5 minutes, but similarly to last time I went (2018) it looks like there is a sort of bottle neck around Stage 6 and the food stalls so you can encounter either a lot of people going against you or a big crowd of people to combat at busier times
  16. Map is out. Timetable can’t be far behind…surely?
  17. Great to read you’re still getting there! Been a very good find this thread, thought I was kind of overreacting by being so mopey at not being there but reading that other people also struggle with missing out it kind of helps. My solution for not getting tickets is usually to just buy more tickets for other things but it isn’t always the same. The best festival I’ve found to replicate Glastonbury (and in some cases, do some things better) is Sziget. 7 days (now 6, but still long enough) on an island in the Danube in Budapest, with so many other things to do aside from the line up. It even has its own private beach where you can go and chill out when it’s all getting a bit exhausting, but there’s so much to do we never got to do it all. One thing I would say though is with it being in the middle of August and so long it can be expensive, but if you’re prepared to put your hand in your pocket I would argue it’s the closest you can get to Glastonbury without being there
  18. I would be absolutely stunned if they announced Placebo but that would probably swing it for me and my fiancé to attend. If they were getting anyone from RW my guess would have been Sam Fender or Inhaler who seem to be kicking around that time
  19. They’ve just posted on Instagram that they’re looking to alter the timetable to avoid LCD/Phoebe clash. First time I think I’ve ever seen this from a festival
  20. Pleased you got through, have a great time!
  21. Few more additions, very excited to see John Paul Jones name on there now
  22. Some good additions there for me in Barns Courtney, The Skinner Brothers, Stone and a handful more. But they’ve been added to the days I was already pretty worried about clashes anyways. There is almost absolutely nothing I want on that Saturday(at Leeds) which is annoying because had it been the Friday or the Sunday I could have just done the other days and saved my body the extra day haha. I know I’m definitely not the demographic for Leeds anymore but I can’t believe that day works for anyone really, a bit sad to see at a major festival in the UK Thursday night has got some good additions to. Ultimately I’ll go and I know I’ll have a great time but I’ll never fly in on a first announcement for a long while now
  23. Funnily enough my fiancé and I were looking at this last night as she wants to do a festival/see AM this summer. Thought for certain Sam Fender was nailed on to be added in the next batch of names, not completely sold on it yet but could still be tempted depending on the time table
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