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  1. I'd have liked Prophets, shame. Hoping for Parquet Courts and Perry Farrell from the Mad Cool announcements.
  2. Please no. I prefer my festivals bellend free.
  3. It would make sense if they were holding back the announcement for a band of that size/prestige. Although they don't really fit in with the line up this year, so it seems unlikely.
  4. No real surprise when they haven't announced the entire line up. I guess they thought they would sell loads purely on reputation alone.
  5. I meant in the sense that it just seems to exist so the Kardashians can pose and take selfies for Instagram. Everything about it seems so vacuous.
  6. Yeah Mad Cool is good for big 'alternative' names, but it doesn't have the undercard of a Primavera or the more underground/cult names. That's what I like about Primavera, but the last few years the undercard has either been very repetitive or not that exciting.
  7. I guess I wouldn't have a problem if there was another type of festival like Primavera, but there isn't. Mad Cool/NOS Alive are decent atm, but how long until they change as well? I just see Primavera getting even more mainstream in the next few years.
  8. Crap as in small, not the liveliest of the festival. I've seen it all before at other festivals where they start to get more mainstream at the top of the bill and then the crowd changes and then undercard starts to suffer too because of it. The whole point of Primavera was that it appealed to the alternative crowd to see acts you couldn't elsewhere and to escape the top 40. Now Miley Cyrus is welcome with open arms. The festival will continue down this route now.
  9. Yeah but those acts will get crap crowds as they don't fit in with the big name acts and audience. It won't be long until the undercard drastically changes too.
  10. Hopefully this Mad Cool announcement on Thursday gives us something decent. Bored of waiting now.
  11. In their desperation to become like an awful festival like Coachella, they've really sold their audience down the drain. I remember thinking Arctic Monkeys and Blur were too mainstream to be at PS, now it's just another pop festival. Why is it always the alternative crowd who lose out? Can't we just have one festival?
  12. William's Green. Just prefer smaller stages and I'd fill it with rocking acts.
  13. Was just basing it on them being another American band from 10+ years ago to go with Vampire Weekend and Gossip. But other than that, there's no logic to my thoughts apart from that I want them to play.
  14. Who sits down at gigs lol?
  15. Three - Private Idaho. Four if you count the Flintstones movie theme song too.
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