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  1. Sigh another festival selling out to try and be like Coachella ?
  2. I probably won't go next year, as I want to go to Porto for Pavement, but I'll try and save some money to go if the line up is great.
  3. I don't disagree that there is an audience for an alternative/atp type of festival over here, but I suspect any London Primavera would be heavy on the Hip Hop, R'n'B and Pop spectrum they are currently focusing on. So it would just be another Lovebox/Wireless to an already overcrowded London festival scene really. Plus they won't recreate the atmosphere and weather and it won't stop Brits from travelling over, so it just seems pointless.
  4. You often hear the argument that they are just booking what is popular etc, but pop and rap have always been popular, without being all over festival line ups. I don't mind a few acts long as they fit the vibe, De La Soul, Jurassic 5 etc, but I don't want another festival catering to rap and pop fans and losing what made it great. There's so few festivals left now still catering to rock fans and NOS Alive is a bit of a Godsend in that regard.
  5. Do we really need another festival in London? Especially as they would be competing with APE and Field Day anyway.
  6. Got back to London about an hour ago. Feels like only 5 minutes ago we were going in to watch Weezer and now I'm sat on my sofa at home. The time sure went by fast. Hope everyone had a great time! Smashing Pumpkins were the best act for me, my mate said Thom Yorke was, obviously I didn't see him though.
  7. Yeah I get you, I just wish they could save a few festivals for the rock fans rather than having them all taken over by Hip Hop and R'n'B.
  8. I really need to see Pavement as I missed the reunion ten years ago, so I'm hoping Mazzy Star and The Feelies are there too. Probably unlikely to happen though.
  9. I think The Raconteurs will be here next year. Maybe an oldie too Neil Young or Fleetwood Mac?
  10. Sigh...tired of Hip Hop and R&B taking over every festival now.
  11. Well the Smashing Pumpkins well and truly smashed it! Best act of the weekend! I was right on the barrier too, great to see them up close and a great crowd too. I left Chemical Brothers early, just found it boring and they didn't play any songs I knew. I saw a bit of Bon Iver, some was alright, but it was mostly quite dull.
  12. No idea who Da Weasal are. I'm guessing they're Portuguese?
  13. Has there been any rumours in the Portuguese media?
  14. We're having a rest day today just to recover a bit and catch on some sleep, as not really bothered until the Pumpkins come on at half 11. I will have to stand through Boring Iver unfortunately, but worth it for SP. Unfortunately will miss RCBF, but not worth going all the way there early for one band. So far seen Weezer, Mogwai, The Cure, Perry Farrell, Primal Scream, Johnny Marr, Great Van Fleet and Vampire Weekend. Primal Scream so far for me were the best. Johnny Marr was packed, so couldn't get in, he easily had a bigger crowd than PS did, but the atmosphere was electric and looked like it would have been great to be in the crowd. GVF actually not too bad, the guitars were made to be heard in an open field. Perry Farrell's solo stuff wasn't that great, but I only really went to hear Jane's Addiction stuff.
  15. Exciting that it's all kicking off tomorrow. I'll be leaving at silly o'clock in the morning. See you all down the front!
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