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  1. Chinaski_

    Green Man Festival 2018

    The Feelies! Although that would never happen
  2. Chinaski_

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    It was far too ambitious and too many venues, you keep it small and simple at the start, make it enticing to go. They'll probably end up doing the O2 over here Hopefully they'll do a Euro festival instead.
  3. Chinaski_

    2018 New Music

    I've seen them about 7 times and they've had a completely different line up every time and Patrick's now the only remaining member. The new stuff just sounds like a solo record to me, but I think when Ian (bassist) left after The Monitor they lost their punk sound they had on the first two albums.
  4. Chinaski_

    Lineup 2018

    Yet he's probably screaming for those well known underground bands Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys.
  5. Chinaski_

    2018 New Music

    No I like all four, although TMLT had too much filler. Not really liking the NY Dolls direction they've gone in since Local Business, also they change line ups way too much it's frustrating.
  6. Chinaski_

    Lineup 2018

    By good bands I mean your "wow they're playing" bookings. I'm not sure The Courteeners and The Vaccines fit that criteria. These people have stopped attending because they've stopped booking these bands.
  7. Chinaski_

    Lineup 2018

    I remember when they used to sell out as soon as the line up was released.
  8. Chinaski_

    2018 New Music

    Chinaski does too. But check out their first two albums.
  9. Chinaski_

    Lineup 2018

    Because ticket sales are going so well this year.
  10. Chinaski_

    2018 New Music

    Hopefully it's good like their other stuff.
  11. Chinaski_

    Lineup 2018

    They got a tiny crowd at Glastonbury too, didn't stop them being booked though.
  12. Chinaski_

    Crap bands and their crap songs

    That set list would be piss poor bar Mayonaise, Rhinoceros and Drown. I've heard all the hits already. Where's Snail and Here's to the Atom Bomb? Also not a fan of covers when they're leaving songs out.
  13. Chinaski_

    Lineup 2018

    But no one fantasises over them, we do over the good bands. Imo, Jack White, The National and Tame Impala are all touring this year and would be fresh bookings compared to the same boring repeats.
  14. Chinaski_

    Lineup 2018

    How do you make it 50/50 exactly? If you booked someone like Wolf Alice, that is still 75% male, not 50/50. Are there enough female solo acts who fit the music style of the festival?
  15. Chinaski_

    Lineup 2018

    Yep. I wouldn't mind older bands if they were the types who rarely play and are exciting bookings, but how many times do The Courteeners, Vaccines, KOL, Fall Out Boy, Wombats etc need to be booked?

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