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  1. Can anyone confirm if you can get from the coach drop off to Gate D? I get the car park queues are longer but still sounds like there's issues with the coach queue, and our camp spot is closer to D anyway.
  2. Bloody hell, sounds like it's bad if that's from the coach drop off. Is it possible to get from there to D? Seem to remember basically just getting put straight into a queue from off the coach.
  3. The Pistonhead 6 packs have been added to the 4 for £9 deal recently as well. Not the most amazing beers in the offer but they're usually £8 each, so a great saving.
  4. Crossfit Jesus

    TBAs 2019

    This is a really bizarre take. What metrics are you going off of to create this weird scenario where Wolf Alice are still touring to big crowds in ten years and 1975 are DJ'ing? I like Wolf Alice but to try and make out that their music is "worth more" than The 1975 and that it will stand the test of time is mental. It's highly unlikely that any current bands music will still be spoken about in decades to come like The Beatles, Stones, Floyd, Radiohead, and even more recently bands like Arctic Monkeys are. We consume music in an entirely different way now and the invention of streaming means m
  5. Crossfit Jesus

    TBAs 2019

    I can't believe this whole thing of "The 1975 are the worst band that's ever existed" is still going on, it's really tedious at this point. As someone else said, they're one of, if not the biggest band that has emerged in the last 10 or so years and look the most likely to hit that "mega-star" status that people kept thinking bands like Foals, Alt-J, Wolf Alice, The XX etc would reach and haven't. Because of streaming and the way people consume music now it's unlikely we'll ever have bands at the level the Stones, Led Zep, Beatles reached ever again, but in my opinion they're the most likely o
  6. But at least he had three albums and the fact he was the biggest artist in the world going for him. Think it's going to be a tough sell for Mike if it's just him up there alone with a two year old album that many have already seen.
  7. Just seen this from back at the end of April where he claims the album was complete and ready to go back then. I know artists always seem to say albums are ready when in reality they aren't, but surely if it was ready a month ago it's only a matter of time before he releases it? Can't see him having it ready to go in April and waiting until after he headlines to put it out.
  8. Crossfit Jesus


    Yeah that's what I was saying is that I'm most likely going to go headliner-less and go in early. Only person I was considering seeing is Stormzy, but the lack of new stuff is pretty uninspiring. Not overly fussed about Gojira though so just trying to get a gauge of what time to head over. Will probably head into Shangri-La whenever and just check out other areas, then move over to Truth at some point near the end of Gojira.
  9. Crossfit Jesus


    So what's the latest people are thinking of leaving it for getting a decent spot at their Truth set? The fact that Stormzy hasn't got anything new out and it's currently looking like it'll be a repeat of '17, plus being able to see Aurora who clashes with them on the Park is leaning me towards this, but not sure how early to head in.
  10. So are we all of the mindset at this point that he's not going to have anything new except one single? Seems mental to me that he's going to headline off of the exact same album he came with in 2017. Was planning to see him but at this rate I'm more inclined to head to SEC early and get a spot for the late Idles set, don't see the need to see the exact same set just in headline form.
  11. Always enjoyed this topic in past years and haven't seen it yet (Went back 10+ pages and couldn't find one so my bad if it's already been done). Mine this year would be: 1. Blinded By Your Grace (Pt 2) - Stormzy 2. Turn The Page - The Streets 3. The Climb - Miley Cyrus 4. Churchyard - Aurora 5. Two Steps, Twice - Foals (Think we'll all be amazed if they aren't there at this point)
  12. Yeah no I know that, I meant whenever I do that and then refresh it just seems to have all the stages still there. Managed to sort it eventually though.
  13. Had a scan for a relevant thread and can't seem to see one, but people have mentioned clashfinder a few times here so figure it's the best place for it. Is anyone able to remove/add stages on their clashfinder? Every time I select the ones I want it just says "showing all days and stages".
  14. Crossfit Jesus

    TBAs 2019

    Seen a few people say about Idles being one of the Thursday William's Green sets, is there any substance to that or just a guess? Would help me out massively with the clash between them and Aurora on Friday.
  15. Mavis, Kylie, Miley and VW all on Pyramid is less than ideal. The idea of spending basically all day there doesn't fill me with joy.
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