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  1. You would like to think so, bit I am not so sure. The audience, really??
  2. BBC News website picked up on it too..
  3. and could not resist posting this one. Some years (like 2017) they get lucky with the weather, other years it's not so good.
  4. I had them as possible Avalon headliners
  5. Nothing really stands out for me, though in a way this is good, as I won't be too tied down and free to roam the vast weird and wonderful spectacle around the rest of the site. There are hundreds of different act performing (big and small) and this is what makes it different from any other festival, so if the main stages are not for you, then there is more than enough to keep you entertained way beyond musical stages. From the look of the poster, I don't think I will be near the pyramid this year, other than passing by, or maybe for a few things lower down the bill. A few interesting things lower down the list. Low are always great, and even though I've seen then quite a few times they will be one I will try to get along to. Kamasi Washington will be worth seeing and I assume on West Holts, though I am never sure of the sound quality from that stage. Just looking at Sone of Kement, and that will be something new, bit looks interesting. Fat White family will be entertaining, as Lias Saoudi provided a show on the Park last time. Will be interested to see the Comet is Coming, as their recorded stuff sounds like it would translate to a stage well. Idles were good at End of the Road last year, and they will draw a huge crowd, would be best in the John Peel, as the enclosed space will heighten the atmosphere. Cat Power was also very good at EOTR a few years ago and will be one to see. Looking forward to the smaller stage posters if they go down the same route as previous years.
  6. Is it ..Or isn't it
  7. one from yesterday - my defender 110 and for today
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