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  1. buddiepaul

    2017 - How was it for you?

    Agree with the comments so far. Whilst there were a few idiots, they were definitely in the minority. Chatters annoyed me more in general. Will post an update of my likes and gripes later. Got in there with my early bird tickets too. Thought it would last a few hours, but decided not to wait, which was lucky!
  2. buddiepaul


    As long as the grass stays green (and mainly dry enough to site down on) then we are on to a winner.
  3. buddiepaul

    Bands for 2017

    Totally agree regarding the chatting. If you want to chat there are plenty of lovely spots around the site to have a stroll and a chat. Last year I came across more than before, usually right down the front of the Garden as well.
  4. buddiepaul


    Thanks for the update. Any dry weather is acceptable at this time of year. Enjoy the festival everyone!!
  5. buddiepaul

    Bands for 2017

    Yep same dilemma for me. I saw bo ningen at glastonbury so will go for slowdive next week. Not seen them since the 90s so looking forward to it. There is also a clash earlier between moonlandingz and the surfing magazines. Still not fully decided on that one yet
  6. buddiepaul

    1st EOTR

    I got there last year at 2pm with my caravan and then setup and went in around 5 I think and there was pretty much no queue.
  7. buddiepaul

    New Site Map

    The wonderlands lawn is where the circus tent is, and where the kids/craft/activities take place. I assume this will take the same format as previous years. As you said, the ferris wheel looks new and I am sure my kids will like that. The tipi tent is quite large as it also includes the bar section at the back, so the diagram may reflect this. It is interesting that the cinema has moved though, may not have been allowed to use the pavilion this year. Excitement levels are rising now as we are there once the bank holiday is out of the way. I will be passing by the site this weekend and it will be great to see the tents up ready for next week.
  8. buddiepaul


    I'm really glad I went down to the farm at the weekend now, as it looks like it was the final chance for a while to see the pyramid dressed up!
  9. buddiepaul

    Are cameras allowed?

    The location is very photogenic and there are many opportunities to take pictures. I took my SLR last year, and may again this year. I would definitely recommend taking a one, though not sure if there is any lockup facilities to leave it somewhere. I bet you don't leave without a few pictures that include the peacocks
  10. buddiepaul

    One month on...

    I went down to the site today for a walk around. It was wonderful and brought back some lovely memories of what seems like an age ago. The site looked great today in the sunshine, came in via muddy lane to Williams Green, went along the railway track, then wandered up to the stone circle for lunch and and then went into the pyramid. Interesting to see the view from another perspective. There were a few groups wandering around today with cameras re-living the dream. Would definitely recommend it to anyone Took a few snaps...
  11. buddiepaul

    One month on...

    This year was special. and went by too quickly. I have been looking at my old Glastonbury photos from the '90s this week. I may scan a few and put them up here to share the memories. I will be at a loose end this weekend and was considering a walk across the site, if they are now finished clearing up. I will check to see if this is possible.
  12. buddiepaul

    Bands for 2017

    Moonlangingz and Slowdive - looking like a really good Thursday night. Wonder if I can also catch Bo Ningen as well, if the Tipi is running later?
  13. buddiepaul


    Another one here that was there for the Muppets (to get out of the rain). There was a good atmosphere as the tent was rammed and everyone was happy to get out of the rain. Over the years, I think we have seen a couple of kids films in the morning, but there are always other things on to distract you from going back to watch a film later in the day.
  14. buddiepaul

    Big Issue

    Never seen it before and only saw a vendor once this year. Walked passed initially but went back and got one as soon as I realised.
  15. buddiepaul

    Scouting for Girls

    I went as it is one of my daughters favourite bands (one of the first CDs she ever had). I FaceTime 'ed her for one of the opening songs to give her the experience and she was really chuffed. They were good and really up for it, as the lead singer explained he has history with the festival as a kid and also 10 years ago playing. I got the feeling that they were genuinely touched by the crowd they got and seemed to be quite emotional at the end. My mates also met me there and enjoyed it, though would not have been an obvious first choice for many (including them).