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  1. I left site at 3 this morning and was home at 5. I was going to stay later, but decided to make the most of the fact I was quite awake and alert to get away, though it was a wrench to leave. Totally crashed and just got up again, though now there is a buzzing in my head. It's weird sitting on a sofa again though.
  2. The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican played a tribute at their late show last night and asked the audience to take a moment to remember Keith. Was well received with a nice round of applause.
  3. The dosa place in Williams green was really nice last night and filled me up nicely even without the optional extant onion bhaji. May hunt for the pizza recommendation today
  4. Coach from Bristol for me tomorrow morning, but enjoying seeing the excitment build in thequeue threads and waiting for some action on the webcam.
  5. Lovely messages on this thread and though I have never met anyone from here - I always miss the meet for one reason or another- I have enjoyed the banter and stories from everyone. To all those going this week, have the time of your lives, and to those who were not so lucky, I do really feel for you and hope you are successful later in the year.
  6. Trying to pack now, but can't concentrate fully, so just resorted to laying out still on the living room floor and will mark off checklist first thing on the morning. Not leaving until mid morning to meet up with my mate, and not on coach until Thursday morning so no real pressure yet. Looking forward to watching the webcam before I leave to watch everyone stream into the site. Made some progress tonight as I got my festival mohican done, and just need to decide on colour now.
  7. Enjoy the Festival everyone. It's been a pleasure taking part on this thread over the last months. I'd love to say hello at the meet tomorrow, but I am on the coach first thing on Thursday, so miss out yet again.
  8. Can somone update here if they find any alternative (good) pizza places.
  9. I was not sure they would be there this year, as there has been no update on their facebook/twitter page. If they are not in their usual spot my fears may be true (as they are my favourite as well). They are also missing at End of the Road this year, which announced their food vendors the other day. May have to find alternative Pizza....
  10. buddiepaul

    Steel cups

    Previously, the sheepskin covers (in a range of colours) and lanyards were being sold at the information point at Williams Green. They were very nice.
  11. I don't suppose many people have a pair of shoes like these
  12. Just ordered a cooling towel from Amazon (looks useful to cool down quickly in the heat we will get) and spotted this rum. Had to order it as well, as sounded good.
  13. Make sure you sample some of the other entertaimnent on site such as the Circus or Cabaret tents to get a break from the sun, whilst having a cool drink. You will also see some amazing acts!
  14. a number 2 truck
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