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  1. 8 in our group ( and a few others helping) and no-one got near a booking page. I had 5 devices on the go as well.
  2. buddiepaul

    Volunteering 2020

    I've always wanted to see the other side of the festival and heard good tales of volunteering, so I think I'm going all in to volunteer next year
  3. buddiepaul

    Sold out

    Nowhere near. 8 of us trying and total silence from everyone. No joy at all.
  4. Not a sniff from our group of 4.
  5. Last minute loo stop and getting nervous
  6. all ready to rock. Good luck everyone..
  7. I am sort of in the same boat in terms of school time. Been for the last 8 year or so with the family and the extra fees made me think twice earlier and the early birds sold out. May have a look at other options now - as a change may be good - even though I am not sure it can match the whole vibe and lovely location of EOTR.
  8. Early bird tickets went on sale, though I note there is now a 3.9% booking fee. They always said the booking fees were bollocks, but now seem to have slipped this in. It has not stopped people though as they have sold out now in record time.
  9. It's one of our traditions too, and as this a family festival for me, I think I have to be there.
  10. A slight change to the timing if anyone is interested in a game of music bingo. If you have not experienced Ringo Music Bingo before, it is a good laugh.
  11. Sitting in the sun now listening to Kathryn Joseph. Stunning!!. Roll on next week.
  12. I left site at 3 this morning and was home at 5. I was going to stay later, but decided to make the most of the fact I was quite awake and alert to get away, though it was a wrench to leave. Totally crashed and just got up again, though now there is a buzzing in my head. It's weird sitting on a sofa again though.
  13. The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican played a tribute at their late show last night and asked the audience to take a moment to remember Keith. Was well received with a nice round of applause.
  14. The dosa place in Williams green was really nice last night and filled me up nicely even without the optional extant onion bhaji. May hunt for the pizza recommendation today
  15. Coach from Bristol for me tomorrow morning, but enjoying seeing the excitment build in thequeue threads and waiting for some action on the webcam.
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