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  1. The gaps in the dates could be filled by other festivals in and around Europe. But come April I wouldn't be surprised if we here lines like 'we were asked last minute and thought why not!'
  2. cwaite123

    Fleetwood Mac 2015

    Wasn't there a lot of no/unavailable comments for The Rolling Stones in the lead up to 2013?
  3. Can it not be the case that foos can't commit to Glasto until a certain % (close to 100) of the Wembley shows sell out? Considering people on here think the shows will be announced around the time the album is released which gives a couple of months before glasto sign up their acts
  4. cwaite123

    T day

    This has probably been asked before, but I'm going to be living in New Zealand on ticket day and will be back before the festival so will use my normal UK registration details. My question is will I be classed as a uk or international purchaser?
  5. cwaite123

    Arcade Fire

    I should imagine they will announce a full UK/EU tour during that week as they will get the exposure from Glasto. (Arctic Monkeys did the same last year). Probably be around October/November time which will give them a month or so off after their US tour. They seem to be going very selective with their touring at the minute so reckon we will only get a handful of dates.
  6. cwaite123

    Kasabian 2014

    Radio 1's Big Weekend is all over the place, Kings of Leon are opening the main stage on the Sunday, Arctic Monkeys did the same a few years back If I remember correctly. I think acts just want to play it regardless due to the air play and promotion it will give them.
  7. Session times for Lauren are usually closer to 12
  8. Not necessarily at the festival itself. But people were getting worried from their US tour dates in mid June (last one on 18th). Now with the film releasing in the UK on 27th June, it wouldn't surprise me if they were over here for press and radio interviews/chat shows etc to help promote the release of the film in cinemas which is on the weekend of Glasto!
  9. They've just posted this on their facebook: Good news for those of you in the UK: Mistaken For Strangers will be released in cinemas and on digital platforms on June 27, 2014 in the UK. It will then be released on DVD on July 14th. Go see it! https://www.facebook.com/thenationalofficial/posts/10151934222106010?stream_ref=1 Would make sense for them to play now as they're surely going to be in the UK to help promote the release in cinemas!
  10. Yeah I don't see how that can make them less likely, seen as though it is only one US date and the next few gigs after that are in the UK. If they announce a US gig a couple of days before Glasto then its time to worry.
  11. Great news, was gutted they didn't play last year, 3rd on the pyramid would be my guess
  12. A revamp of the station would seem to make sense, with other announcements throughout the day about the revamp, how the schedule will look, plans for the year etc. Would then be able to include the Latitude announcement within that seen as though the station (I should imagine) is continuing their broadcasting rights to the fest.
  13. cwaite123

    Arcade Fire

    The Jo Whiley session was the same week they were in session for Zane Lowe, so they obviously wanted to tell people but couldn't.
  14. cwaite123

    Arcade Fire

    So happy with this, was a bit unexpected having the announcement today (even though we knew they were likely)
  15. cwaite123

    Arcade Fire

    It would be a dream come true if they do play so I'm not going believe they're playing until they're confirmed by Glasto or a tbc on here.
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