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  1. Arguably festival dates are part of tours. But it's probably just a way to market the event and potentially doesn't change anything
  2. "The Final Tour will make stops in Europe in major cities such as Milan and Paris before shows in Norwich, Liverpool, Sunderland and Swansea next June as well as a night at Ashton Gate Stadium, on Wednesday, 22 June. The Ashton Gate show will be the last time Elton ever performs in the South West of England on tour." From an Ashton Gate Events email...
  3. cwaite123


    If Arcade Fire can headline off a few critically acclaimed albums so can Lorde. Sub Pyramid now then back in an album or two to headline, providing they're just as good as her records thus far. If they're not as good then she may just become an act that subs and never quite makes it. She also doesn't tour and release albums relentlessly so there's likely to always be a buzz when she releases stuff. To dismiss her completely now doesn't make much sense.
  4. "Legislation published ahead of Wednesday's debate stated that the tiering system of restrictions will now expire on March 31, instead of February 2." Quoted from the article, I take that as not the full nationwide lockdown until 31 March but the tier systems we have. So it's feasible regions will be put in tiers again come February after the nationwide lockdown.
  5. Macca said on Radio 4 (start of the Today programme at 6am) it's been cancelled, then backtracked after reporter said nothing has been made official but its not looking likely!
  6. Not sure if this has ben posted elsewhere, Bristol Sounds in June 2020 rescheduled to summer next year but no Noel so maybe he won't be back for Galstonbury too?
  7. What about Mark Ronson for the Sunday Pyramid sub? He subbed the Other in 2015 and only played a DJ set/guest slots (Miley and King Princess) last year. This year he's playing Sziget in a high slot and doesn't have many other dates announced so could easily appear at Glastonbury. Could bring out some special guests too e.g. Lykkie Li, Lilly Allen, Boy George, Alicia Keys etc.
  8. cwaite123


    Sunday is a nightmare! The Loyle Carner & Billie Ellish v Miley & Vampire Weekend is a horror show. Then Janelle v CATQ v The Streets v The Cure clash is unforgiving as a lot of the main stage Friday and Saturday headliners I'm not bothered about. But its Glastonbury so c'est la vie
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