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  1. IMO I can't see this happening, they like to have a bit of space between announcements and perhaps they have pushed back from 24th. I'd guess block 9 will announce and West Holts said they will, so first half of next week for those, and then 27th or maybe 30th for full line up. I do think they'll want to avoid the whole Jubilee stuff that will kick off at the start of June and announce prior to it otherwise it'll be like 6/7th June!
  2. cwaite123

    Silver Hayes

    Surprised at no Kelly Lee Owens as she's in Bristol over the weekend! Suppose she could take a daytime set on John Peel or Park or a later set at the Glade? But thought she'd be a good fit as a live set on the sonic at Silver Hayes
  3. Into April now, reckon Silver Hayes first area to announce just before Easter bank holidays, Wednesday 13th maybe. Wouldn't be surprised if Team Love have made some changes to the area to announce too!
  4. The fact they still have tickets to UK arena gigs on sale for April is a reason for them to be held back! It won't be the first time acts being held back to help sell other gigs/festivals. It is still a risk though
  5. Might explain why no UK festival dates, still possible for a secret set on the farm though
  6. Throwing a curve ball name into the missing sub debate. The War on Drugs? Got UK dates in April, including the O2 London, so that is a reason for keeping them back? Free the entire weekend and subbing main stage at Rock Wertcher the week after Glastonbury too Personally I think they're probably other sub/ 3rd down Pyramid at best but so are a lot of artists on the line up e.g. Wolf Alice!
  7. Phoebe's tour dates don't make sense for her to play one gig in the UK on 26 June, to then do a load of EU dates starting 30 June to then go back to the UK for Latitude and a couple of shows. Pretty poor planning, she's in the UK for some reason - either going to Glastonbury as a punter or playing. It won't be the first time a UK festival exclusive hasn't applied to a Glastonbury slot.
  8. But the official social media accounts haven't posted anything about the ticket info/resales that is now on the website, so maybe there could be something else imminent? (Potentially pushed Macca forward due to the reporting in the media)
  9. It's going to be names, Janelle Monae was a radio show announcement from 2019 on 6 music. Wouldn't be at all surprised if it's a few 2020 names back so your Haims, Sam Fenders etc. With an update on when more news will be coming
  10. Billie Eilish // Dave // Haim // Jack White Qotsa // Sam Fender Paul McCartney // Noel Gallagher // Aerosmith // Olivia Rodrigo Dua Lipa // AJ Tracey Florence and the Machine // Royal Blood // Lorde // Diana Ross Pet Shop Boys // Robyn Florence makes sense, she was always very likely to headline on her fifth album around 21/22 after replacing Foos last minute and not headlining outright. The pandemic just hasn't altered that rough plan.
  11. Arguably festival dates are part of tours. But it's probably just a way to market the event and potentially doesn't change anything
  12. "The Final Tour will make stops in Europe in major cities such as Milan and Paris before shows in Norwich, Liverpool, Sunderland and Swansea next June as well as a night at Ashton Gate Stadium, on Wednesday, 22 June. The Ashton Gate show will be the last time Elton ever performs in the South West of England on tour." From an Ashton Gate Events email...
  13. cwaite123


    If Arcade Fire can headline off a few critically acclaimed albums so can Lorde. Sub Pyramid now then back in an album or two to headline, providing they're just as good as her records thus far. If they're not as good then she may just become an act that subs and never quite makes it. She also doesn't tour and release albums relentlessly so there's likely to always be a buzz when she releases stuff. To dismiss her completely now doesn't make much sense.
  14. "Legislation published ahead of Wednesday's debate stated that the tiering system of restrictions will now expire on March 31, instead of February 2." Quoted from the article, I take that as not the full nationwide lockdown until 31 March but the tier systems we have. So it's feasible regions will be put in tiers again come February after the nationwide lockdown.
  15. Macca said on Radio 4 (start of the Today programme at 6am) it's been cancelled, then backtracked after reporter said nothing has been made official but its not looking likely!
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