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  1. Same for me, think it may have been the heat and lack of sleep Ginger beer and Imodium now making me feel slightly more human
  2. Waiting at Paddington in other news, there are far better days to get the shits
  3. It's uphill from the park stage.
  4. Last post on the 2017 thread, off in the morning. Tonight's Met Office forecast has 20% chance of rain early hours of Saturday morning, all other times it's 10 or <5, highs of low 20s lows of low teens.
  5. Is it Thursday yet?
  6. So today not been too bad ( didn't manage to get much work done ) but this evening is dragging. on an 11:30 train from Paddington tomorrow so as soon as daughter is safely accompanied to school I can begin the journey. Hoping to try and find a tiny space for a 2 man tent around park home sort of area as I'm solo this year, but that might be a bit optimistic.
  7. Can you save me a spot, I'll be arriving tomorrow
  8. Yes and yes It's a really good idea to put cash in lockups as tent thefts happen every year. They'll supply you with an envelope to put the cash in.
  9. Met office have issued a weather warning for thunderstorms, currently the southern extent of the warning area is just north of Gloucester.
  10. I'm not sure, never had a wallet searched at Glastonbury but it depends if security want to try and find drugs or not but I would assume many of them are more used to working clubs and i almost always have my wallet checked going into clubs in London these days.
  11. if your stash is in your wallet when you go though security you deserve to get it found
  12. The post is publicly viewable an Facebook so its either bollocks or the trumpet isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.
  13. 2017 has really not been a good year for bands with names beginning with 'tribe called'
  14. Is 17 degrees considered hot in scotchland When I got off the train home from work today in south London the platform was literally melting.
  15. Event at 48 hours out (when the UKMO models are very good a predicting rain) that level of geography isn't really going to make much of a difference. You only need to be that precise when dealing with radar forecasts focusing on the next hour or so. The important thing to look for on met office forecasts is not just thier rain symbols but also the %age risk of rain.