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  1. My daughter's fella in 2013, hardly left the tent, couldn't hack all the walking for health reasons. Didn't help that we camped top of South Park. On the subject of Coldplay in 16, I went despite being depressed and fought through the mud, that one amazing gig made it all worthwhile. Thanks for that Chris and the boys, one of the best nights of my life.
  2. R. E. M 99, Portishead 13, rtj 15, cure 19 are my stand out gigs
  3. Spindles

    Drop the deposit.

    Anything that puts financial barriers in the way is an issue really. £50 might be nothing to some people, but many don't get to the end of the month with a spare £50 so that'll be them going without just to pay the deposit. Few have a spare few hundred quid, so for almost everyone that would certainly mean going without if it were upfront payment. Really the only people such an idea would benefit would be exactly the kind of people whose income level means they wouldn't give a shit about losing some money on a cancellation fee and in fact reward those who book on spec.
  4. Spindles

    Good Luck ALL !

    I'm cacking it. Good luck all.
  5. Hoping to be successfully sorted and waiting outside Asda to open so I can get some cat food, baccie and biscuits.
  6. Spindles

    Pilton Party 2019

    There was a woman who was asleep with here head in a bin, rubbish precariously stacked above her, fair play. Talkers were an issue but I still enjoyed myself.
  7. 2013 was perfect, rain had the decency to only make an appearance on Thursday evening and cut out in time for the arcadia launch show. Never too hot, nor cold... The goldilocks zone of festival weather.
  8. My T-shirt arrived yesterday, got the 'give bees a chance' one and it's mint.
  9. I once stood at the back of a Levellers crowd and shouted "Hey, Julian!" and half the crowd turned round.
  10. Spindles

    Pilton Party 2019

    Woohoo! My son has bought us tickets, I've never been before and I'm proper excited to get back to the farm. Also I missed Wolf Alice last time they played as I was stuck in a longdrop for the best part of an hour due to...issues :p
  11. Spindles

    Kylie Crowd Size

    I had no interest in seeing Kylie and normally swerve the legends slot to enjoy the quiet time it gives elsewhere on site, but this year I'd caught a couple of gigs with my son and we'd grabbed some lunch after. He was going to Kylie to meet up with his mates for the evening so I did the walk with him and ate my lunch at the back for the first couple of songs before wandering off for aforementioned peace and quiet on a sunny Glastonbury Sunday. Nice day. I remember walking up towards Lionel and thinking fuck it, I'm not fighting through that. Kylie was manageable. Both times standing facing the sun in the mid afternoon was a factor in my decision making though, to be fair.
  12. Spindles

    The Cure

    Rewatching it again tonight for, I think, the 4th time. Fuck me were we lucky to be there. Cheeky little bob and the boys at the top of their game, one of my favourite Glastonbury memories. Sunday nights have often been a let down for me at festivals, with the end in sight, journey home on the mind and drink/drugs run out/lost their appeal, but they did a fine job of giving people something to end their year with most years in the 2010's. Rewatching the set, the setlist was perfectly weighted to give a good representation of what it's like to be at a regular cure gig and doing the festival thing, Bob at his chirpy best (I've got SUCH a mancrush!) and the iplayer audio almost conveys how great it sounded on the night. Gig of the year for me.
  13. Dude's a genius as far as I'm concerned, Straya's psychedelic Prince. I don't quite know what bedroom pop is, but KP has certainly been a massive influence on a number of current artists and wears his own influences very much on his sleeve. Currents was a bit of a departure being so poppy and the disco influences he seems to want to play with now are really interesting. I'd love another Lonerism from him though, that album is criminally unrecognised. I honestly wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if he dropped a reggae or jazz themed album somewhere along the way, his career is a journey. If you dig around on youtube there is a metric fuckton of music he's been involved with outside of his released works, lots of demos, odd sessions and other collaborations, you can literally spend a whole trip just going down the rabbit hole of what he's recorded or influenced.
  14. Tony's dream of retiring to the countrside with a binbag filled with free drugs is one I am sure we all share.
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