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  1. Spindles

    Going Solo in 2019

    As someone who has camped with one of these groups, if you are thinking of going to Glastonbury and you are going solo, I would wholeheartedly recommend visiting the link Neil has put up at the top of the forum and getting involved. It is an excellent way to camp, get to know new folks and find people with similar interests to spend some time with at the festival, even if that is just sat around the tents at the end of the day comparing notes.
  2. Spindles

    Glastonbury Mental Health

    @Livvy13 I've only been once when I've really been having problems with depression and the anxiety has become too much of a thing for me, most times I go it is a holiday from my usual cares and somehow that just works to keep me bobbing on above the waves of everything going shit. I use the 50p tea tent in undleground as a quiet stopping off point that I can visit 24 hours a day no matter what and just have a quiet corner where the people are friendly and you can be as alone as you want to be. They serve fruit juice and such as well or you can just sit on the bench, take the weight off your feet and watch the world go by in a calmer manner. It is nice to be reminded that it is always there and even at the most crowded, most anxiety inducing points, only ever a few hundred meters away so that the worst I ever have to consider is a walk through crowds to get there. If a situation becomes too much, that is exactly what I do. Take myself out of it, calm myself down, have a cuppa, a sit, a spliff and a bit of reflection and then get back on with enjoying the best week of my year. At the start of the festival, before all the music kicks off and things feel less crowded, explore the site, if you find somewhere that feels calm for you, safe, remember it, make that your place to know you can go and chill if need be. With regards to the Samaritans you will be able to find their location on the map ahead of the festival, a detailed map is usually available a few weeks before the festival, but you can find an equally caring and compassionate bunch of people at the welfare points around the site and if you are in crisis they will happily get you a seat on a nice sofa, out of the crowds where you can be alone or with support, if your need is greater than they can provide they will ensure you get to the right people. Going solo is a challenge on it's own, for sure, but my own experience of camping with strangers I met through this site has been overwhelmingly positive. Your neighbours are always a lottery at a festival but the beautiful secret of Glastonbury is that everyone is a nicer, happier, friendlier person in those fields. Sorry for the long reply.
  3. Spindles

    top 5 on your wishlist

    Prophets of rage Jamie T Chance RTJ Tame Impala
  4. Spindles

    The most smashed you’ve ever been?😳 (At the festival.)

    Still one of the all time classic nights at Glastonbury that night. Started with a storm, every mother fucker in the place shuffled down to the SE corner without any of the safety measures in place and it was just a great mood among the crowd. Couple of nights later I've got about 6 lost hours from a blackout that ended up with me stood outside my tent with no idea how I'd got there, soaked to the skin with no idea why. I'd drunk a bottle of rum and washed down some delicacies from the herbal high stalls that were absolutely everywhere that year. I was at Kasabian when I necked the rum and sheep dip pills, it has remained a blank ever since, apart from 3 tiny slivers of memory that are like a second long from what I assume was the first couple of hours. What I learned from this is that you shouldn't take sheep pills with neat rum, probably best to employ a mixer.
  5. Spindles

    Lawks! It's only the 2019 Next Announcement Thread!

    Reckon you want to start tempering your expectations mate.
  6. Spindles

    The "I'm Going to Glastonbury 2019" thread

    I think people should understand that it is a matter of the extreme demand. If they had capacity enough to not have the overloaded queuing system then people would complain that it sold out in 3 minutes. Whatever solution they try to selling tickets won't change the fact that there are many more people trying to get them than are available, the same number of people will walk away disappointed regardless.
  7. Spindles


    I buggered up my back earlier in the week (spasms leaving me screaming with pain, never known the likes of it) and had to miss out on my Midnight showing tickets for Star wars, just got back from finally seeing it having hidden from the internet all week. Really surprised to read here that some hated it, I was grinning from ear to ear throughout. I'd just mention that I also loved TFA and still do. They've made the new trilogy into Ron and Hermione in space and I couldn't give 2 fucks, loving every minute. Obviously I can understand that not everyone is going to share my taste but it's like they are making these sequels for me personally because all the things that everyone complain about are things that frankly don't concern me at all. All the things that were suggested for how the plot was going to which could have been terrible ideas have thankfully not turned out to be even close and what we got looks fantastic for the finale (in my opinion, obviously). Going to watch the Kermode vid above now, see what he made of it, I almost always agree with his take on films, be interesting to hear if he hated it
  8. Spindles

    Things that ur happy about

    Was a really good colour here in the midlands, deep red sun and orangey pink clouds with a sort of surreal, unearthly feel about the lighting it cast.
  9. Spindles

    Things that ur happy about

    The eerie pink glow of a martian morning out there today makes me happy. I got up late to facebook posts of red suns and the view out front does not disappoint. It's my day off and I'd had a wake and bake breakfast of coffee and a reefer before opening the curtains to the view, lovely stuff.
  10. Certainly vies for the best thing I've seen on the farm. An absolutely magical performance I felt privileged to see. I regularly play the iplayer footage still. That top 50 list posted earlier in the thread has some corkers in there, Red Snapper are a band well worth checking out.
  11. Spindles

    Things that annoy you ?

    I'm good, was just a bad day where I regretted posting something so personal
  12. Spindles

    Things that annoy you ?

    @Yoghurt on a Stick, you did the right thing mate. Cling to what you have and relish every moment. @MrZigster Shame to not catch up with you, but I didn't make it to the meet either, we got on site too late, were too sweaty and you know how it goes once you get through the gates with plans. Hope to catch up in a couple of years
  13. Spindles

    Your top Glastonbury sets ever

    1. Portishead 13. 2. REM 99. 3. Coldplay 16. 4. Rolling Stones 13. 5. Radiohead 17. 6. Coldplay 11. 7. Gomez 99. 8. Fun Lovin' Criminals 99. 9. Of Monsters and Men 13. 10. Jamie T 15.
  14. Spindles


    I just watched it on an Imax screen and thought it was great. Understated performances, minimal dialogue and fantastic soundtrack, I thought it was all perfectly judged.