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  1. The new walkway down the middle from the back does a lot of good here. If anything it could do with a connecting walkway running perpendicular to help the same issues from the sides and feed people towards the middle more. People respected it on the whole and it provides an excellent midpoint escape area for anyone who gets anxious or panicky in crowds. On the whole one of the best improvements of recent years for me.
  2. Spindles

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    Fantastic news to hear she's playing. She's been on heavy rotation at my yard recently and for reasons I don't recall I didn't catch her last time round (I think it's because I only really knew the first album and hadn't got into the newer material at the time). The Rockwell album is solid stuff, can hardly think of anything better to be slightly squiffy in a midsummer field to.
  3. Primal Scream headlined the Other stage in 11 and killed it, subbed the Pyramid in 13 and were atrocious.
  4. Count me in on the day ticket train. They play Leeds on my son's 28th birthday and I took him to see them for his first ever festival last time they played for his 16th. I'm not ruling out the chance of them headlining Other though, just like I'm not ruling out the chance of them having new material produced by El-P. A man can dream.
  5. Spindles


    I completely bollocksed up my night last time they played, I'd be all over it.
  6. Having 5 days in some fields with time to wander and contemplate is a nice refresher for me. I'll spent varying amounts of time between none and quite a bit at the leftfield tent in any given year, depending on my mood, the state of the nation, the weather, the lineup and whether it fills a nice half hour as I'm passing with no particular destination. I've seen some sights that would certainly turn non-lefties off there, a bit too much earnestness from some, over the top playing to the crowd from others and a few really good gigs besides. When an act you love plays there it can be quite special (Akala, Alison Moyet and Enter Shikari stand out for me in recent years).
  7. Spindles

    Sleeping At Glasto

    As long as the spout is wide enough to comfortably drop the old fella in and the container deep enough that you aren't going to be risking spillage in disembarking and putting the lid in, it seems like a fine solution to me. It never used to be an issue, but as middle age has given way to decrepitude I have to accept that the first thing I do when I get out of the tent in the morning is sprint to the loo. Ah, how I miss the bygone days of youth.
  8. Spindles

    Billie Eilish

    My thoughts exactly. I've seen BE get a lot of stick from people who seem to think she's shit, but I'm rather taken with the mixture of solid lyricism, interesting vocal production and frequently filthy synth laden backing. Honestly some of that stuff is up there with El-P's production for me.
  9. Spindles

    Production Pass

    Fantastic festival, 94 was a great year as well. I'm 15 miles up the road and basically all my mates went and it felt like half the town was there. Everywhere I went I bumped into people I knew, Carter, PWEI and Inspirals were the gigs of the weekend for me. It was also the starstruck moment in my life where John Peel rocked up, sat down next to me and started eating daintily cut cheese and cucumber sandwiches. I was too nervous to speak to him. I realise this is not a great anecdote.
  10. Spindles

    Macca vs. RATM

    Same for me. I missed their '94 set as my daughter had just been born and I have never got over the jealousy of all my mates seeing them that year. I saw them when they played Reading and I honestly never expected to have the chance to see them again. Rage's back catalogue (and a big chunk of Pearl Jam's) is basically the staple of every mp3 player's memory for me for the last 20 years, it never sounds tired. I keep hoping that they'll pull out some new material with El-P at the production helm.
  11. My daughter's fella in 2013, hardly left the tent, couldn't hack all the walking for health reasons. Didn't help that we camped top of South Park. On the subject of Coldplay in 16, I went despite being depressed and fought through the mud, that one amazing gig made it all worthwhile. Thanks for that Chris and the boys, one of the best nights of my life.
  12. R. E. M 99, Portishead 13, rtj 15, cure 19 are my stand out gigs
  13. Spindles

    Drop the deposit.

    Anything that puts financial barriers in the way is an issue really. £50 might be nothing to some people, but many don't get to the end of the month with a spare £50 so that'll be them going without just to pay the deposit. Few have a spare few hundred quid, so for almost everyone that would certainly mean going without if it were upfront payment. Really the only people such an idea would benefit would be exactly the kind of people whose income level means they wouldn't give a shit about losing some money on a cancellation fee and in fact reward those who book on spec.
  14. Spindles

    Good Luck ALL !

    I'm cacking it. Good luck all.
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