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  1. New record just days away. Can't overstate my excitement for it. Certainly my favourite group of the last decade.
  2. I'm shocked to hear anyone is still using vista, that's insane. Yeah, still furloughed, officially til 31st May but waiting to hear if that's going to be extended. If not I might suggest just letting me stay off without pay a couple of months as the other job is paying extremely well and I've got into a nice rhythm working on that and staying home.
  3. Spindles

    2020 New Music

    I've really enjoyed the new stuff from Gorillaz, which has seen me revisit their 2018 material and realise that I'd slept on some of the best music of recent years. Hard to not feel like summer is on it's way with Mr Albarn on the speakers.
  4. Spindles

    Claim To Fame

    John Peel once sat right next to me on a nice summers day while we enjoyed Jah Wobble and ate some sandwiches. I think they were cheese and cucumber. Not much of a claim to fame but it was a lovely afternoon.
  5. Spindles

    Claim To Fame

    Fantastic tale, thanks for sharing
  6. Actually no, Disco (as the cool kids are calling it). The first series was ludicrous and the characters seemed like caricatures drawn by someone who'd been told that diversity was important but didn't understand why. As it got towards the end of the first series and tone took a turn for the dark and the more stable, interesting characters came more to the fore (as we were done with the 'introducing the cast' chunk of the season that always weighs down a multi-season series) it vastly improved. Season 2 hit the ground running with amping up the darker tone, focusing on the most interesting characters and relationships and most of all the action. I watched the Orville and remember almost nothing about it, it had almost no impact and if I'm honest I can't even remember who was in it.
  7. Hi mate, not sure what's going wrong, I'd replied to the message you sent, no idea where the reply is 😕
  8. I really enjoyed Discovery, come at me The first series it felt like it was going to be trash but improved towards the end, the second series is solid gold. I hope they do as good a job with series 3.
  9. I recently got a big ass telly and wanted to give it a bit of a test so downloaded the most recent star wars film in 4k. It looked and sounded amazing but it just reminded me how bad that film actually was. People hated on Last Jedi but the final film was an absolute shit-tip.
  10. Westworld season 3 is some of the best telly I've seen in a while, slick and classy with a great soundtrack and the ever lovable Aaron Paul. Script is almost Alex Garland quality sci-fi. Talking of which, Devs might not be to everyone's taste, but if you want a spiritual successor to the magnificent Ex Machina soundtrack you'll find it here. Reading all the gushing praise for BCS I'm tempted to give it another crack, I gave up on it early in season 2 on my first watch, similarly Mr Robot (which again has a reputation for top-flight writing and soundtrack). Honourable mention for Don't fuck with cats.
  11. This is me. I don't drive so only as much as I can carry in a couple of glastonbury yeo valley bags. Today I honestly thought the basket was going to break under the strain! I go once a week and am fine for everything, today I bought gin, tonic and ice cubes on top of the catfood, baccie and few basics which were the main things I was almost out of and couldn't live without. I went to asda at the bottom of my street, about 1/3 of the car park in a snaking queue, took about 40 minutes to get in. Everyone was respectfully observant of the measures. It took a half day of mental preparation and beta blockers to make the 200m walk to the shop, I'm sat with a pint of gin and tonic now finally able to relax.
  12. Yeah, I'd noticed this quite early on and considered that this is going to bring out the worst in some people who always need a figure of blame. Not going to lie, I've been doing just that.
  13. Made me smile I'm 49 and was always in the same boat (until I got the job I wanted to do when I grow up, I finally got the job, just never did the growing up despite what the mirror tries to convince me)
  14. If anyone has 15 minutes I'd really recommend watching this, covers a lot of ground at a pace but brilliantly composed I think.
  15. I've rewatched a few Glastonbury sets over the last few weeks and there is always that shot, of the Pyramid with the Tor off to the right in the background, a gradient of brilliant gold to darkening red as the day is giving way to the night, perfect summer skies. The camera will pull back from the view slowly to the crowd shot, with the site laid out lit behind it. Best view in the world, just the best and I look forward to the lump in my throat the next time I get to be stood amongst friends and smiling faces taking it in once again.
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