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  1. Apparently Trump has declared Twitter a national security threat because of all the pisstaking, #DiaperDon is not pleasing him.
  2. Spindles

    great cover songs

    This thread wouldn't be complete without the wonderful Lauren Tate's Led Zep cover.
  3. Spindles

    great cover songs

    Fuck me, that Phoebe Bridgers cover was really something. This one recently came up for me and reminded me what an incredible song this is.
  4. It's interesting to me, as f*ggot is the slur that I get shouted at me by meatheads the most these days, but back in the late 80s when this song came out it wasn't a slur at all in this country, moreso in the US and like many of the worst things in the world it has spread outwards from there. Back then it was queer, poof and gayboy that I used to hear the most. I personally am not someone that most would realise from my manner or outward appearance was anything other than a straight white male and if I'm honest I do nothing to counter that impression, not because of any concern about how
  5. On some slightly positive news, for the first time in many weeks the number of people hospitalised by Covid has dropped a little in the last few days, fingers crossed this might be the start of a trend showing the effectiveness of the lockdown.
  6. This is also evident on Reddit, a huge swathe of the right wing userbase has exited for the Parler platform. It seems like the response of being presented with evidence of reality has been to exodus to somewhere they won't be equally troubled by people telling them the truth.
  7. I know a fair few people with a leftie/environmentalist political background who have bought into a lot of this nonsense sadly. The sad thing is that they tend to get cut out of the lives of people who just don't want to be badgered by some mad old bugger who hit the party medicines a bit heavy in the 90s and now believes in lizard people. When isolated like this I imagine they are only likely to sink further into the comfort of their beliefs.
  8. This article on the BBC made for grim reading. It feels to me like we've so far skated on the edges of how bad this could get and from the sound of El Paso there are some places that very soon are going to be experiencing situations that could be potentially destabilising. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-54966876
  9. Jessie J pulled a bigger crowd than that on one leg.
  10. Yeah, there have been a couple of decent articles as well I've read in recent months which drew the same conclusions. Fascinating subject.
  11. Indeed. Initially it was just one of a number of role play things that was going on, but it gained traction and then got hijacked by someone who thought they could use it to their advantage and basically engineered the situation to be able to take control of the Q posts. There are a number of interviews with the guy who ran 8chan that make it clear that Jim Watkins has been Q for quite a while.
  12. This story about the edited image in the lacklustre response message to Biden's election is just baffling. In what world would anyone just badly paint over the old message and type a new one in the same document rather than just creating a new one? I'm looking forward to the government response, no doubt delivered from a garden centre in Kettering.
  13. After 4 days the strain is starting to show..
  14. Possibly my favourite title for an article ever: JOE BIDEN LIKELY HAS THE VOTES TO WIN THE PRESIDENCY AND DON JR. IS SHITTING A BRICK
  15. I really feel like we are being rewarded for sticking at it through this mammoth election count for our patience.
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