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  1. Tony's dream of retiring to the countrside with a binbag filled with free drugs is one I am sure we all share.
  2. Pretty sure I saw the same 2 in the same field. Moving quickly, half crouched and eyes darting around as they moved past us. There were half a dozen or so of us sat around the chairs at the time, so if they were thieves as I suspect, they moved past us pretty sharpish.
  3. I'd like it if it was just greenfields, t&c running Mon-Wed and main stages Thurs-Sun, but realistically the additional infrastructure needs and impact on the local community makes it a non-runner.
  4. The fond memories of this set will remain with me forever, alongside the shame of having spent the whole festival telling all and sundry that everyone I'd ever known who'd seen the cure had reported them as being the most dull live band in history. Sorry bob!
  5. Spindles

    The Cure

    That's what struck me, everyone I know who ever saw them told me that they were dull, a magical experience and amazing end to the festival
  6. I enjoyed it, not something I'd listen to at home but an entertaining and energetic gig. I believe that what goes on is that there are vocals low in the mix and she is singing on top of that. Certainly there were plenty of breaths and minor adlibs audible that demonstrated she was singing live.
  7. 2013 after PiL I was grabbing a couple of pints from the glade bar and almost walked into him. I was a complete simpering fanboy, he was lovely, he's a hugger.
  8. The co-op bags handed out at the gate were a welcome surprise after the demise of the yeo-valley bags, which I use for my grocery shopping still. Even harder wearing material, great slogan on the side, branding not obtrusive. Very happy. I got through the gate and a smiley fella handed me one saying "These are from Michael Eavis, have a great festival" which was a lovely way to be greeted.
  9. Spindles

    Lessons learned

    Can't speak for anyone else, but we arrived in the car parks about 9pm Tues, met with camp mates and had a few drinks and a chat then got in the Gate A queue around midnight. Once in the snaking queue we were able to get a bit of kip until 4am when they shuffled the queue down, then straight through in about 10 mins once the gates opened. Was set up by 7:30 and did second trip to the car about 10. It can get cold in the queue later on, so take something warm as an extra layer to throw on, shorts are not recommended. Don't take all your stuff into the queue, a chair and your tent is enough. Get in, pitch tent, go back for rest of your gear at leisure.
  10. Cheers fellas. Mind made up on getting a fresh and black, whether I go for poles or inflatable remains to be seen.
  11. I didn't purchase any but I am fairly sure I saw it there.
  12. How did people find the inflatable versions this year? Did they stay up and how did they feel in the wind earlier in the festival? My knackered old tent survived to live another day, but I'd consider a replacement rather than risking having it finally die on me next time round.
  13. I had "calling out typos" as the bonus ball, do I win a tenner?
  14. Spindles

    Lessons learned

    I can only assume that they fed in the Gate A car park queue in between clearing congestion from the coach station queue, I'd expect that a lot of coach arrivals at once would mean they'd prioritise reducing those numbers in expectation of what they knew would be arriving to add to it.
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