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  1. Spindles


    I buggered up my back earlier in the week (spasms leaving me screaming with pain, never known the likes of it) and had to miss out on my Midnight showing tickets for Star wars, just got back from finally seeing it having hidden from the internet all week. Really surprised to read here that some hated it, I was grinning from ear to ear throughout. I'd just mention that I also loved TFA and still do. They've made the new trilogy into Ron and Hermione in space and I couldn't give 2 fucks, loving every minute. Obviously I can understand that not everyone is going to share my taste but it's like they are making these sequels for me personally because all the things that everyone complain about are things that frankly don't concern me at all. All the things that were suggested for how the plot was going to which could have been terrible ideas have thankfully not turned out to be even close and what we got looks fantastic for the finale (in my opinion, obviously). Going to watch the Kermode vid above now, see what he made of it, I almost always agree with his take on films, be interesting to hear if he hated it
  2. Spindles

    Things that ur happy about

    Was a really good colour here in the midlands, deep red sun and orangey pink clouds with a sort of surreal, unearthly feel about the lighting it cast.
  3. Spindles

    Things that ur happy about

    The eerie pink glow of a martian morning out there today makes me happy. I got up late to facebook posts of red suns and the view out front does not disappoint. It's my day off and I'd had a wake and bake breakfast of coffee and a reefer before opening the curtains to the view, lovely stuff.
  4. Spindles

    Murder at Bestival

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-41227732 It has been widely reported by a number of sources that the arrest was for suspicion of murder.
  5. Certainly vies for the best thing I've seen on the farm. An absolutely magical performance I felt privileged to see. I regularly play the iplayer footage still. That top 50 list posted earlier in the thread has some corkers in there, Red Snapper are a band well worth checking out.
  6. Spindles

    Game of Thrones discussion thread

    I suspect the reason for his disquiet has yet to be revealed. You have to wonder what was said, what was agreed which convinced Cersei to return to the talks. I think he has agreed something that this would upset such as a joining of houses through marriage after the war, which would be the kind of thing Tywin would have done and has also been foreshadowed frequently (conversation with Daario, conversation about the succession at Dragonstone). My money says he had agreed to marry her off to Jaime (with Cersei fulfilling her promise to Euron) or even himself. Even if she never intended to keep any agreement at the talks she would at least have given him reason to believe that she would.
  7. Spindles

    Game of Thrones discussion thread

    Will wait to discuss details, but having watched the finale all I can say is what a belter.
  8. Spindles

    KLF in Liverpool

    Hail Eris! I'm glad it's really happening, hope they make a few quid and fuck off again with no explanation. I've never been sure whether they are taking the piss or it is some sort of long form surrealist art piece, either way it works.
  9. Spindles

    Game of Thrones discussion thread

    I don't think it was the last giant (wuntun or something like that was his name) as they would have burned the bodies under Jon Snow's command, just a giant that has fallen in the skirmishes before, not to mention that he died at Winterfell and the army is coming from North of there. I do expect there to be a dead hodor in amongst the army of the dead though.
  10. Spindles

    Game of Thrones discussion thread

    I don't know what copy you watched but a perfect 1080p is available. My son and I were discussing it and we reckon that for the last 2 seasons once they ran out of book source they've just plundered reddit and built the scripts out of what everyone has said they want to happen. The episode itself doesn't waste a moment, as far as I'm concerned. Delivers a ton of fan service, loads of great visuals and effects without leaving out the quality dialogue that has always been one of the strengths. If you watch the leak (do so!) or wait til it airs you're going to love every minute, I reckon. It was my day off work and my son was able to finish early when he heard it leaked, was nice to be able to sit down together and enjoy it.
  11. Spindles

    Game of Thrones discussion thread

    Many seasons back, when Jaime turned up all stumpy and Cersei wouldn't take him abed she told him it was because he was "too late". It was my view then that this meant she had gone through the change and further children to extend the line were no longer an option and she'd taken old maggie's curse to have come true (the scene was preceded by Pycelle seeming to offer medical assistance for her troubles). I'm wondering the bun in the oven exists at all or if this is a ploy to keep Jaime loyal. For what it's worth I enjoyed the episode. There was fan service with the Gendry "I thought you might still be rowing" line, Jorah's return (the latest to get into the new all black look that is sweeping the fashion houses of westeros) and poor burned Dickon, the big lug.
  12. Spindles

    Game of Thrones discussion thread

    Definitely one of the best episodes for action, high hopes for the final 3 episodes.
  13. Spindles

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    I keep reading about ket thugs in this thread, but I thought it was a psychedelic sedative, so not likely to cause violent behaviour. I'd imagine that cocaine and it's cheaper analogues would be the more likely candidate. Not having any experience with either (but having encountered plenty of folk who use and abuse both) I could be wrong, of course.
  14. Spindles

    Game of Thrones discussion thread

    The pace is building nicely and surprises continue to unfold, which is nice. Some great lines this week; Euron's "What a twat!" and aside to Jaime had me laughing, we got a decent amount of good dialogue from some of my favourite characters including the ever dependable Tyrion. The only thing that is really getting my goat about this series is that Emelia Clarke seems to be channelling Natalie Portman from the Star wars prequels for her portrayal of being a queen.
  15. Spindles

    Mr C telling a few porkies ??

    I'm not sure what he can do to stop people making assumptions about things he never said really. I'm not sure he is the person at fault for those assumptions.