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  1. A working class hero is something to be. Johnny Marr is a national treasure.
  2. I've been stuck at work and couldn't watch it, but fantastic stuff and I'll watch the match after work. After Russo's goal the other day it just felt like this was meant to be. Made up for the team.
  3. Spindles


    Is it as bizarre as the album track reveal video she did where she talked about which fragrances she was wearing for ages?
  4. Spindles


    My son and I were discussing the set last night, which was much, much better than I had expected following a tepid reception to the new album. Like she said, Sunday evening, warm summer sunshine and the music was the perfect mood so songs that hadn't really landed for me in context of the album sounded great in the set she played and looking back the new songs were amongst the highlights of the set. I'd been gutted to miss her in 2017 as that set was insane, but to be honest I had a great night at the big pointy stage that year so it was good to have this as a consolation. The crowd was surprisingly thin, which also allowed me to get nice and close for a great view surrounded by enthusiastic people. Definitely one of the highlight gigs for me, with Stoned at the nail salon being probably my glastonbury 'moment' for this year (although there were so many that it's hard to separate them).
  5. I came across this video today, if anyone wants any tips for getting in.
  6. I'd be happy with a thunderstorm, wrong type of rain or not.
  7. Ryzen and 3000 series here. Rendering lightmaps, 3 machines running 100% cpu for hours at a time, peak temps of 86c and the air in the room with the machines doing the work is politely described as 'punishing'. Thankfully I can see all this from the comfort of remoting into the room and gaming on a more modest i5 and 1070 in a room where the temp is in the mid teens (hooray for blackout blinds and airflow).
  8. Is it wrong that I still don't know what this stuff is? I keep seeing it referenced in Daily Mash relating to middle class people but have never actually encountered it.
  9. The hopeful optimism in the first video when they were being directed to Pink 49 thinking they were in a close carpark. Cut to them being absolutely fucked in the queue for a different gate than they were aiming for. Peak Glastonbury.
  10. It does bring to mind a sight I passed every day when leaving or returning the camp, was the saddest fresh and black at Glastonbury. Right on the corner of Darble, just above the lockup, was a rather sad looking inflatable fresh and black that was in various states of deflated disrepair throughout. The door was open and a suitcase and some crap was on the floor, but it looked like the owners never returned to it all weekend. I couldn't understand it, the tent looked brand new, just put up badly and then abandoned.
  11. I camp in a big group and we have a few international travellers who don't have a choice but to buy a tent that they can't take away, in my experience their tents get packed down and someone in the group will take it gladly. I didn't take any pics this year but I was one of the last to go and the field looked lovely, no trash or abandoned camping gear, the recycling point in Darble was barely half full compared to most years where it's piled up around the outside for several feet. The site was clean the whole festival, not quite 2019 clean but still cleaner than any other glastonbury I've attended. Bins were never overflowing anywhere I went and it was really only ever the pyramid and west holts that I saw dropped trash in any amount of note. This was definitely one of the things they got right this year.
  12. Things worked out well for me again this year. Put on last clean items of clothing Monday morning, drank the last of the booze waiting for the coach and my coach arrival time (Wed lunchtime) was ideal for both minimal queuing (20 mins) and there still being plenty of space. I used to do the overnight queue thing but I've reached the point where I'd rather have the extra rest the night before and more energy. If anything I'm thinking of arriving later on Wednesday next year and pitching up in the early evening instead as like others have said it's just more wandering time around the site. I got a blackout tent, not sure it had a huge amount of impact. Planning to add a mylar layer to the inner tent to improve this for next time as I woke up sweaty at 9am every day (improvement from 7am, but hardly a major one). My son had a f&b one and reported the same. I think with a few amendments it could be improved upon. I made a decision it was going to be all full sets this year, none of this nonsense where you see half of this and half of that and spend more time moving around than actually enjoying the music. This worked out well for me on the whole, although Sat and Sun were a little dry for me music wise compared to Friday, which was non-stop from opener to headliner. I blame a bit of a weak bill (for my taste) this year.
  13. I think I've seen more memorable Other headliners than I have pyramid subs. Qotsa, Portishead, Prodigy and PSB stand out in particular.
  14. A dude on reddit has been posting pics from the same spot since the early days of the site build, most recent pics from yesterday:
  15. Welcome to the club. My son introduced my to her music, I was lucky enough to get to see her with him at Glastonbury and she even did a shout out for dads in the audience. Perfect Glastonbury moment for me. I go there to collect happy memories and this is one I'm so glad to have.
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