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  1. Last post on the 2017 thread, off in the morning. Tonight's Met Office forecast has 20% chance of rain early hours of Saturday morning, all other times it's 10 or <5, highs of low 20s lows of low teens.
  2. Met office have issued a weather warning for thunderstorms, currently the southern extent of the warning area is just north of Gloucester.
  3. Is 17 degrees considered hot in scotchland When I got off the train home from work today in south London the platform was literally melting.
  4. Event at 48 hours out (when the UKMO models are very good a predicting rain) that level of geography isn't really going to make much of a difference. You only need to be that precise when dealing with radar forecasts focusing on the next hour or so. The important thing to look for on met office forecasts is not just thier rain symbols but also the %age risk of rain.
  5. Mine came with pegs (I'm shire they All do) but I got the light wieght hiker version som my pegs are fancy alloy, I imagine the other versions will be steel or aluminium. I would open it and check you have everything before you go. One year I realised my tent was missing its poles, and I've lost count of the number of friends who've turned up without without pegs in the past
  6. Possibly of a few light showers on Sunday
  7. Meh overall pattern is of hp breaking down next week. South westerly flows binging rain over the uk, nothing to heavy in this run but I'd say this shows it could go either way if the worst of the weather tracks further south than predicted we're looking at potential 2004 type conditions however a little further in the other direction and everything would be very pleasant indeed.
  8. Thursday not looking to shabby IF that low stays north, 18z not up to Sunday yet on netweather
  9. This model (the us based gfs) runs 4 time a day 00z 06z 12z & 18z (z being UCT Whoch is also GMT) other models only run twice a day. In Theory the closer you get to the time period you're looking at the more accurate the forecast will become as the models look at what's happening now then predict what will happen in 6 (or 3) hours and then use that first prediction to as the bais for predicting what will happen next so any error in any prediction will be magnified the further away we look from z. This is where the ensembles come as they give us a measure of confidence in what a model run isn't predicting.
  10. General Regularly-distributed Information in Binary form
  11. LIght rain possible on Tuesday
  12. Well here's the netweather chart viewer, I'm presuming you don't want the api to the noaa grib files
  13. The run has only outputed up to z+ 51 hours, it's up to +66 (midday Monday) now
  14. Only at +51 so far, hurry up!
  15. Gfs 18z updating now
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