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  1. Ground was holding up fine we had a good bit sun yesterday, I’ve mostly been in trainers and flip flops.
  2. The site is relatively sheltered being in the bottom of a valley. Met office is currently saying gusts of up 20mph for right now but there’s next to no wind here.
  3. Shuttle bus drop off is over the bridge see the (BB ) symbol (grid ref G9) on this map https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-2KYf29XsiIaDNCcUF4SjlMMzA/view
  4. Last years event management plan that I posted somewhere up thread has a chapter on wind in case you’v interested
  5. Yes but it doesn’t seem to change too much from year to year
  6. https://powys.moderngov.co.uk/documents/s28334/Annex B cont Green Man Festival - Event Management Plan 2018.pdf ^^ go to page 38
  7. https://twitter.com/greenmanfest/status/1147188474577129474?s=21
  8. fur_q

    Other Stage Speakers

    Is it still the same as before (d&b j series)? these are still line arrays like the PS and WH but I’ve always assumed lack of delay towers was because the audience area is wide throw whereas PS and WH are long throw. I think the problem is that the OS field just sufferers much worse from crosswinds because of the topography of the site and that’s always going to cause problems for line array setups. Point source would possibly be a better option in that particular field but the noise restrictions in the license make LAs the only practical option.
  9. I seem to remember that although they considered there wasn’t quite enough camping space in 07 this was because people where bringing larger tents rather than more of them so I would assume that the the overall numbers haven changed too much
  10. Closes thing I could ever find for the number of tents in onsite public camping was 2007 license which states :- “The Licensee shall provide a minimum of; 145 hectares for public camping based on 430 tents per hectare “ So just over 62k expected that year and although more camping fields have been added the number of weekend tickets has stayed roughly the same
  11. Can’t say I feel sorry for him. This guys companies where dissolved last year with debts of close £1m meanwhile he still has tens of thousands to piss away on luxury camping.
  12. They’re for spotlight operators. There used to be a single 3 storey FOH production tower that had sound on the lower level, the. Lighting desk above and spot operators on the top but this created a massive area in the bowls with no view of the stage. In 2013 they switched to putting the FOH sound mixing in two separate single level structures, moved the lighting techs onto the side of the stage and put designed these towered to reduce the amount of space in the field where the stage could not be seen. https://www.stages.co.uk/site-structures/spot-pods
  13. There’s definitely benefits to going alone and when I’ve been with others I still spend a fair bit of time on my own. I just found the mornings/early afternoon a bit lonely as people are generally hanging out with their own groups and less receptive to random chats. The whole place is also full of really happy memories of people I care about but who’ve all moved on and don’t go anymore which can also be quite difficult to deal with emotionally when alone.
  14. Had to go though Waterloo this morning and saw loads of people heading down I didn’t think I’d miss it as much as I do, the problem for me is that none of my friends go anymore, went completely alone in 17 and had a good time but it was also hard being on my own at times, I really missed not sharing the special moments with people
  15. fur_q

    50p Tent

    Yes Usually in undle ground (field between croissant nerf and unfair ground) by the cut through to the craft field IIRC
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