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  1. 2017 festival

    was planning on doing same in morning but doubted doing so due to advertised opening time
  2. 2017 festival

    so arrive around then?
  3. 2017 festival

    When do Reading open the campsite for early entry, website says 6pm but I always thought they open earlier
  4. Benicassim 2017

    i suppose its a niche some will pay for, for a 'better' view of an act they like?
  5. Benicassim 2017

    Finally booked everything for Benicassim! So excited for this week, especially Foals <3
  6. Benicassim 2017

    do they I.D check names on tickets I assume not?
  7. Overheard funnies

  8. Benicassim 2017

    ah i see, so pre drink courtesy of lidl then?
  9. Benicassim 2017

    Are you allowed to bring drinks in or no?
  10. New security measures in place

    Would it not make more sense to check the bags of those before they get on coaches to avoid checks at the site?
  11. Benicassim 2017

    Hi, Got a questions about ticket selling, there are tickets on a third party site cheaper than the official Beni site, I'm asumming reselling tix is fine?
  12. Benicassim 2017

    Any chance of the XX at this years festival?
  13. 2017 festival

    Sorry couldn't remember the year but yeah think Andy C or Flume and Glass Animals will make my night
  14. 2017 festival

    Was eminem any good back in 2012?
  15. 2017 festival

    Well i look forward to whoever is there