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  1. NOS Primavera Porto

    The set will be mainly the latest album and the previous Perpetual Motion People, with a couple of tracks from the Big Fugitive Life EP and the 2013 Day of the Dog album, so I'd start with those.
  2. NOS Primavera Porto

    I did like having a day when there could be no clashes between acts though. Still, better overall to have more choice I think.
  3. NOS Primavera Porto

    Thursday night is insanely great ... can't wait
  4. NOS Primavera Porto

    On the subject of day splits, do we know if the three headliners are in day order on the poster, or do we still need the full announcement to confirm that?
  5. NOS Primavera Porto

    Love both of those. I'd also recommend Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, and Starcrawler's live performance is not to be missed. I'm assuming everyone already knows that Ezra Furman is the greatest thing on the line-up, right? I'll have already seen him seven times this year before I get to Porto, but he'll still be No. 1 on my must-see list.
  6. NOS Primavera Porto

    And I'll be the old git doing the same
  7. NOS Primavera Porto

    I'd also recommend Matosinhos. There are great facilities there and it's only 20 mins into the city centre by Metro during the day. It's great to be able to walk back from the festival site in the small hours rather than battling for transport back into the city.
  8. NOS Primavera Porto

    Superb line-up .. as usual. Will be my third visit and really looking forward to it. Especially Ezra Furman as I'll have only seen him four times previously this year
  9. Bands for 2017

    Banned, and they'll only go elsewhere . Terminated with extreme prejudice is the only solution
  10. Green Man Festival 2017

    Tickets have only been sent out in the last couple of days, so anyone advertising earlier on Twickets is at best bending the rules as they are supposed to have tickets in hand before advertising. There should be plenty appearing over the next few weeks. Hold your nerve and you will get them
  11. Green Man Festival 2017

    As much as I love Pumarosa, seeing Kate Tempest live is an experience not to me missed. If the clash does materialise, Pumarosa will have to wait until the tour later this year.
  12. Green Man Festival 2017

    I've been listening to the Pumarosa album on repeat all weekend and the prospect of seeing them in the intimate WG setting is just too good to be true ... but there's a potential clash with my No.1 must see - Kate Tempest. It's too cruel.
  13. Depeche mode

    Didn't they turn it down in the past? Possibly burnt some bridges
  14. You get 10 bands and 10 bands only

    Pending further research: Fr John Misty Japandroids Bill Callahan Lucinda Williams Jesus & Mary Chain Ultimate Painting Perfume Genius Black Mass The Moonlandingz Lisa O’Neill
  15. 1st EOTR

    I've been once and this year's line-up has me very interested in going again. The only thing I'd add to what other have said is that it can get very cold at night. If the folks are staying in a tent make sure they have plenty of warm bedding.

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