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  1. See Coach times up?

    I think you will be very lucky with 4 hours if it's a See coach as they leave from the o2 which is so stupid and means the first hour plus is traffic out of London then they stop for 40 minutes for no apparent reason. Anything under 5 and you have had a good journey. Why they don't leave from somewhere further west I don't know.
  2. Secret resales

    Just want to say I feel for you all, I was glued to this last year trying to sort out a friend who had had a shit time but still missed out. He volunteered in the end and had a great time. There is still hope and when this does happen it's gone on so long loads of people will have given up so you will all prevail
  3. Crowd surfing

    Now what you really don't see is stage diving anymore, when I started going to small gigs in 95 it was just the done thing to get up on stage (there were no barriers) and jump in the crowd. Still crowd surfing the last time I was a Reading (12) but never really seen at Glasto. It definitely happens as sub 2000 capacity rock gigs still tho
  4. Tickets Despatched!!!!! glast-GOOOOO!

    do coach tickets get emailed individually or to the lead booker?
  5. Weather 2017

    Am I the only person here who thinks last years weather wasn't that bad. Yes the mud and getting there was a nightmare but it didn't rain that much over the actual 5 days and I'd take mud over it raining whilst there anyway.
  6. Metronomy

    Nope can't get the media to upload no idea why I'm new to this site, it was their Williams Green set list from 2014 which we have framed
  7. Metronomy

    Also off to see them tomorrow but am really not sold on the last album. As we are doing set lists thought I'd add this in
  8. Trying to get excited about Foos

    Still new here but thought I'd join in. I was a massive nirvana fan circa 93-94 when I was 14-15 had tickets to the Manchester show that never was (on a coach and tickets package so never got the original ticket but that's another story) my first festival was Reading 95 still don't know how our patents agreed. Anyway I'll skip green day on the Friday into the Saturday which was Bjork headlining and Foos in the nme tent, went to see the whole of echobelly first just to get a spot. It was amazing. anyway times and tastes change but the next time I saw the Foos was Reading 11 or 12 by which time me and my mates just used to pick one day only (first Glastonbury was 13 my god why! and that's another story I haven't had time to tell yet) I had only a passing interest before but after a day of beers and a great crowd the 2 hour sing along that was their set was amazing and I'm so glad I saw them again. much more of a National fan these days but I think the Foos will be fantastic as a headliner and I'd urge even the sceptical to go because it will just be fun!
  9. The National

    Oh and hi all this post has had me excited since the Glasto announcement but I can't normally post whilst at work just to add to earlier conversation my order would be Alligator HV Boxer TWFM Sad Songs The National
  10. The National

    Hi all, I have just bought tickets despite it telling me it was sold out at 10.01 just kept refreshing the page, very excited

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