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  1. Emporers fields

    Hi all long shot but I’m looking for 3 emperors tickets let me know if anyone has any they can no longer use??
  2. Y Not Festival 2017

    Does anyone know if there is a VIP entrance into the arena? Or do you just walk through the other camping areas?
  3. Y Not Festival 2017

    Does anyone know what the toilets and showers are like in the VIP camping? Big queues?
  4. Y Not Festival 2017

    Does anyone know if they released a site map last year? If so could someone post a pic of it?
  5. Y Not Festival 2017

    They are not very good at answering queries on twitter I've also emailed a few times with not even 1 reply.
  6. Y Not Festival 2017

    When do tickets get sent out?
  7. Y Not Festival 2017

    When do they usually release a site map?
  8. Y Not Festival 2017

    I would like to see maybe coasts, amber run or seafret added to the line up.
  9. Y Not Festival 2017

    Wish I was going to Kendal calling now they seem to have most of ynot lineup and more.
  10. Y Not Festival 2017

    What's it like trying to get alcohol into arenafrom the VIP field? I've been to Kendal calling a few times never struggled there, went to t in the park last year and searches were more thorough?
  11. Y Not Festival 2017

    Didn't realise frank turner was on quarry thought he would of been on main stage?
  12. Y Not Festival 2017

    Any speculation as to who the 3rd headliner will be on the quarry stage?
  13. Y Not Festival 2017

    Thanks for the info. Do you know if they will release a site map?
  14. Y Not Festival 2017

    Does anyone know if there will be an extra outdoor stage and if some of the tents will be increased in size?
  15. Y Not Festival 2017

    Anyone know who will headline the quarry stage? Also if there will be any new stages or increase in size to the current stages?