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  1. Bought a wood fired pizza oven/smoker for my back garden today - half price. Not the best one in the world but looking forward to having a few pizza and beer evenings whilst there's still some summer left.
  2. I'll do it.
  3. I also missed the 1975 because they're utter pish.
  4. No, they played to an empty tent.
  5. Took this photo after Explosions in the Sky on the Friday when a friend was in the loo. Like it so much I've ordered a canvas print of it.
  6. Fatigued, sore throat, groggy - was also worse for wear a couple of weeks after the Hibees won the Scottish Cup so it's been a few months of big celebrations then suffering for it afterwards!
  7. I missed Ezra Furman (forgot he was the Friday) and Band of Horses on the Sunday. Felt exhausted to the point of feeling faint so went for a couple of hours kip to ensure that I saw PJ Harvey and LCD Soundsystem that night.
  8. 09, 10, 11, 14, 16 Blur Radiohalf Flaming Lips Mercury Rev Mogwai
  9. They were ace, weren't they?
  10. The Beatles never covered My Heart Will Go On either.
  11. If people stuck to one side of each walkway it'd make movement much easier. Also if people didn't stand slap bang in the middle of them for a chat.
  12. Finding a woman by Bella's Bridge with a recorder up each nostril playing My Heart Will Go On. As musically amazing as if you'd been there to watch The Beatles play their rooftop gig, but only if they had recorders up each nostril.
  13. Loved it. A really interesting set. Especially the mid set poem.
  14. James - didn't mind the lack of certain songs from the setlist. 7/10 Explosions in the Sky - 7/10 Billy Bragg - Fired up. 9/10 Richard Hawley -9/10 Car Seat Headrest - 8/10 Squeeze - 7/10 Glen Matlock - 8/10 Mbongwana Star -8/10 Shibusashirazu Orchestra - 10/10 Mercury Rev - 10/10 New Order - 6/10 James Blake - 3/10 Mystery Jets - 7/10 Pj Harvey - 9/10 LCD Soundsystem - 9/10
  15. Annie Lennox please.