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  1. A survey you might actually want to respond to...

    Shame on you
  2. A survey you might actually want to respond to...

    Actually have done. Took an overnight coach to Birmingham to get a bus from there only for the bus to be half full before the luggage compartments were filled. They hadn't enforced their luggage rules despite some people taking on ludicrous amounts of stuff. They took us to Coventry to abandon us and be told by the Coventry bus driver that our tickets were for Birmingham and weren't valid. Once it was all sorted out an hour later we got on but the big delay meant we caught all the traffic and missed most of the first day. I can't remember if I got a response, I have a feeling that it was a generic reply with no offer to make up for missing most of day one. Filled out the survey anyway.
  3. A survey you might actually want to respond to...

    Used them once and they were so wildly incompetent we missed most of the first day of 2010. I guess it's just personal perspective but would rather walk than use them again.
  4. Secret resales

    Hi iamgembo - it's quite possible that there will not be an announcement if more tickets go on sale, it may just be a case that you're able to buy tickets all of a sudden without any fanfare at all. Keep checking the ticket links as much as possible and make sure that you carry your registration details with you all the time.
  5. What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2016?

    Bought a rechargable power pack for my phone, new pair of hiking boots, travel towel (getting far too old to go a week without a shower) and completed the fancy dress outfit for our little Fancy Dress Friday. Getting a little excited now :-)
  6. Dandy Warhols

    Probably nothing but tweeted a friend asking if he thought there was a chance of the Dandy's playing Glasto as it's been a while since they played - they've liked the tweet. Free around the weekend of Glasto, brilliant new album out. Clutching at straws I fear but would love to see them early on the Other stage or even as Park headliners/sub-headliners...
  7. How to rescue TITP

    It's not a case of "keeping current" as the year on year increases to the 6Music audience shows that there is a market for alternative music. T has upped their ticket prices whilst taking away stages such as Pet Sounds which catered for this audience, alienating them whilst booking more EDM and pop acts. Now they're not coming close to selling out, it's clear it's not working. There's nothing wrong with booking EDM and pop acts but when it's to the detriment of variety then you're making yourself a bit more niche and IMO that's why T is struggling, the sort of person who listens to Jessie J, The Script, Avicci, David Guetta and all that aren't likely to be the die hard music fan who'll spend their money loyally but the casual music fan who are more fickle.
  8. Chaos.

    Having problems again in getting people away and the mood on the Facebook page appears quite angry tonight.
  9. How to rescue TITP

    This - I don't think it'll come close to selling out again. They've successfully chased away those who want more than Radio 1/chart acts and found themselves with a fickle crowd who'll grow out of the festival scen e quite quickly, and the odd St Vincent/War On Drugs on the bill won't draw back the more hardened festival goer. They've backed themselves into a corner I fear.
  10. Chaos.

    I saw that, suggesting the problem was down to people using a local business (and also how the local business didn't put a bus on - in my mind the local business has more right to be there than T so T should be putting on the buses to ensure minimal hassle to the local community) but then saying how they're putting on extra security/lighting/signs etc. etc. etc. Just take responsibility and don't point fingers, T.
  11. Kasabian

    I also hate how certain bands are booked in crap slots midway up King Tuts etc. and then don't play a Scottish date. I'm not going to pay £70 odd quid to see a Modest Mouse/Idlewild/St Vincent type band, much as I love them and your average T goer nowadays won't go to see them. The fans of the band miss out and the artist themselves miss out as they end up playing to a small crowd. TITP is really damaging alternative live music in the summertime IMO.
  12. Kasabian

    Sorry, but I just don't believe that anymore. TITP constantly tries to sell itself on a festival with the best crowd in the world, but the crowds looked absolutely dead for the vast majority of acts and there are videos heading around on YouTube of a guy being bottled in the campsite and stuff like that. T quite happily ignored the music fans (taking away Pet Sounds, booking the same acts very single year, Dappy etc) who did make it a great fest to chase the Radio 1/T4 on the Beach crowd who generally offer no loyalty to the fest and as a result they've now got a crap festival with a crap line-up, crap crowd and crap ticket sales. I was genuinely a huge devotee but the people who made T special in the past (i.e. great crowds) have largely gone elsewhere.
  13. How to rescue TITP

    Not posted in ages on here but was watching on the telly. Used to be a proper T devotee but haven't been in years and only watched because there was nothing else on the telly. Looked like a really dull and undersold crowd to my eyes, despite the smaller site. I was wondering posters thoughts on how you turn around TITP? I genuinely think that they might have gone past the point of no return; they've put all their eggs in the Radio 1 crowd basket and now that they're growing up they're unlikely to stick with you. It's the more seasoned festial goers that appreciate an Elbow or Sigur Ros or DJ Shadow or that who are more likely to return year in, year out IMO (a 6Music listener would be a good demographic IMO) and by taking away Pet Sounds and booking more pop acts T has done a good job to alienate them. I just don't know if those same people would be willing to return after all the years of repetitive, cheap crap line-ups. Kraftwerk playing to a two thirds empty King Tuts tent summed it up for me - that should be a once in a lifetime booking yet it was shoved away in King Tuts and the average T goer just wasn't interested, yet many of them might just grow out of the festival scene once a young family enters the scene or full time work etc. I think T might need to take advantage of the smaller site and reduce their capacity and integrate more of the idea of Connect into the line-up and general site - more stalls, more options for food and drink, local food and drink to make it a bit more boutique (like Geoff Ellis had suggested might be an idea) and even if they're having to put on less stages or make their money from other avenues actually create a buzz about the place again and give it a chance of selling out. Pare it back a little to build it up again. Don't know how viable that is business wise but really wouldn't be surprised if they've run out of ideas as it is.
  14. The Dirty Independence Question

    But voting Labour is the best chance of keeping the Tories out of government, no? The SNP helped Thatcher into power, you can't hide that. As much as you'd like to, even Salmond and Sturgeon's collective ego can't hide the fact. You vote SNP, you get the Tories. Again. So, are you happy with the Tories getting back in with the whole Sturgeon playing the rock star thing?
  15. The Dirty Independence Question

    Let's be fair - if the SNP mass vote does help the Tories back in, it won't be the first time that party has lead the Tories to power now, is it?