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  1. Not by the time I'm finished with them.
  2. Thought that was pretty fantastic tbh. Was nearer the front mind you.
  3. I had a right good poo in one earlier.
  4. You work hard enough 51 weeks of the year to not have a week to yourself to ignore your worries and stresses for a little. Soon you'll be in a place where nearly 200,000 people are happy and intent on having a good time with good weather, good entertainment, good food, good drink and most importantly good people. I know what's it's like - I work a hugely stressful and busy job and balance commitments outside of work too. Everyone deserves a little bit of "me" time so make the most of it
  5. Managed to get rid of most of my cold. Vitamin D, zinc, cold and flu capsules, lots of fruit juice, lots of water, lots of rest. Feeling about 80% now and a good nights rest will sort the rest
  6. Well somebody told me...
  7. Yep, it's a lazy, dog-dangling afternoon.
  8. Going to go for hiking boots and trainers. Don't think wellies will be required if I have the backup of boots.
  9. Soon as I've had a few beers and lost the bus the last few miles will be like this:
  10. My journey starts in Aberdeen although I'm staying with family near Dundee tonight. Tomorrow will be a long day!
  11. @Matt42 Any word on if we'll need to stay in our cars overnight or if it'll be queuing as normal?
  12. Gav is a dreamboat.
  13. I usually donate a tenner. Would easily pay that for the service that the volunteers there provide (and probably a little more) quite happily so feel it's fair. Goes to a good cause too.
  14. Same here. Zinc, vitamin D, bottles of fruit juice, cold and flu capsules, strepsils and loads of water and all will be fine!