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  1. The Vinyl Thread

    Nah, I know the boy reasonably well and it's a labour of love for him. Good bloke.
  2. The Vinyl Thread

    £100, but the boy who sold me it has taken it apart and fully refurbished the whole thing. That included a big bundle of records too. Other than a couple of marks on the outside it's in near immaculate condition.
  3. The Vinyl Thread

    Treated myself last week to this 1958 H.M.V. 2008 mono record player. Got a few 78s and LPs to go with it - Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, The Doors, Frank Sinatra, Nellie Lutcher, Malcolm Mitchell Trio. It's got a really gorgeous sound to it, really rich and the mechanisms in it are just joyful.
  4. Festival cancelled due to mud

    Dentalplan? Lisa needs braces...
  5. Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    Do they not recognise they're responsible to subcontract reliable people?
  6. Festival cancelled due to mud

    So not the first time they tried to blame the event manager. Horrible, grubby person.
  7. Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    They're also shirking all responsibility. Some tweeted to them that it was their fault and they responded "not our fault". I'm sure that appeases all the people who had tickets for the event.
  8. Festival cancelled due to mud

    They tweeted to Tim Booth of James "Sit down and go back to your yoga". I hope that the ticketholders receive full refunds and I truly hope that these individuals who proudly keep saying how things weren't their fault never hold another event again. So sad to see fellow festival goers be fleeced for their money and end up with a miserable time
  9. Festival cancelled due to mud

    You can't fuck up a big public event that people have paid good money for, cancel the second day, start trolling on your computer and expect anything other than OTT responses. They've given out the personal details of their chosen scapegoat (i..e name and e-mail address) - they're not exactly in a position of virtue. It doesn't make the personal abuse correct or just, but FFS they come across like they're actively seeking it now. Take responsibility.
  10. Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    The organisers have been putting up the production managers email address on social media. Horrible little people trying to pass the buck.
  11. Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    Sorry to hear everyone had such a bad time. The organisers sound like really awful people, if you can't take responsibility for an event going wrong then don't run one in the first place.
  12. V Festival banning stage times?

    It doesn't show how good we have it, it shows how horrendous V is. Getting to know when the bands are playing shouldn't be a privilege, it should be a given considering the money you spend on a ticket.
  13. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    We're seeing a class war from the Tories as it is. Our hospital workers are having to use food banks whilst the Tories look to run the NHS into the ground so the only option is to privatise. We do not deserve homes "fit for human habitation", our schools are having to get the begging bowl out to operate, those who want to further their education at Uni will have to burden a debt that lasts a lifetime. You don't deserve guaranteed work what with zero hours contracts and you don't deserve to be guaranteed to pay your bills if you take on full time work without a national living wage that actually is that. We see the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Amber Rudd, Theresa May and David Cameron tell us that it's "selfish" to reward those who work for the good of us all with a sensible pay rise. If people have been fooled into voting Tory then they're more than welcome in my mind and I'll happily, peacefully and respectfully show them why I choose to vote the way I do and the damage the Tories are doing to the country. If you choose to still vote for them after that then I'm sorry but I can only see you as opposition. You have a right to vote for them and believe in conservatism but our view points are not compatible. I'm lucky in that I've worked myself into a job where I've doubled my salary in the last five years but that's been through right place, right time. I've got friends - very talented friends - who deserve far far more from the work they put in and their skillset and they've been unable to progress or afford further qualifications to better their skillset. Six years ago I couldn't afford to fully pay my bills and stock the cupboard and it was miserable, I then was made redundant and lost the remainder of my life savings from it. The reality of Tory Britain is cruel to those most in need. With the level of assault on the working class in the UK under Theresa May anger and resentment is understandable. This is a woman who told an impoverished nurse that there's not a 'magic money tree' then spent £1.5bn of taxpayers money to save her own backside. I really can't see how anyone can say at all that allowing Corbyn to speak on the Pyramid is unreasonable or intrusive if you choose to vote Tory.
  14. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    The largest increase in the Labour vote since the war. Theresa May called the election because she expected a hugely increased majority. She lost her majority in eight weeks. Taken in context it was a great result and I have no doubts if there's another election this year we'll see a Labour majority.
  15. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    Back, and happy to share my thoughts. Can I start with a super-special, magical up yours to the shambles that is Happy Bus? Waiting at our pick up point for no bus. Tried phoning, using social media etc. multiple times over an hour to see what was happening. Eventually they gave in and picked up to tell me that the bus had been cancelled and I had supposedly been notified by e-mail. I might have missed it (had a quick search on my phone and didn't find anything but could still be proven wrong) but a phone call would have been nice. If something had been sent whilst I was on holiday it's likely to have been missed in amongst 150 work e-mails, spam and all the other stuff that comes in. If you're making drastic changes or cancelling, pick up the phone to people. They might be unhappy but to try and pass it off with a flippant e-mail that you just don't know if they've been able to read then that's drastically poor customer service. If you pick up the phone you know that they know and it causes a lot less issues. Left us stranded in Glasgow but thank you to the kind member of the festival community that put us up for the night when they did not need to. As for the festival: TRNSMT could really be called "You can't teach a Geoff Ellis new tricks", quite accurately. To start with the positives, Radiohead and Belle & Sebastian put in good performances. Less neds than TITP. To move to the negatives, god almighty they don't even hide how much they want to fleece you for things. Would guesstimate without hyperbole that 60-70% of the food stalls are greasy burger stalls (mostly all called 'Burger Shack', selling the lowest quality burger in the dryest, stalest bun man could find and charging £7 for the priviledge). £2.50 for a bottle of watter. £5.50 for a pint of cheap cider.£6 for a spirit. £25 for a t-shirt, and if you wanted a t-shirt with all the bands on the back then I could only see t-shirts with one day each on them. If you wanted the full line-up, you'll need three t-shirts so £75 for that please. Had an awful cocktail (supposedly a peach daquiri - basically a shot of vodka, lemonade and sickly sweet peach syrup with two ice cubes - £7 for that please) They don't even wait till you're through the gates to sell stuff to you. A big digital screen with speakers is outside blaring out music and advertising all of the gigs they have on the go outside Everywhere you look they're trying to sell you something - either gig tickets, over priced food, over priced drinks, over priced t-shirts (and I say over-priced even taking festival pricing into consideration). No creativity, no inspiration, just wall to wall commercialism and nothing to do other than watch a band or drink. No activities, no causes. The precise reason why TITP started going downhill - shove a lot of youngsters into a space with loads of drink available and not enough else to do = trouble. Belle & Sebastian were very good. Shame about the huge noise bleed from a local DJ bit remixing their quietest and most tender moments of the set throughout. Radiohead good, awful crowd. Lots of people barging and pushing people out of the way, the usual drinks throwers, people talking and making phone calls throughout (lots more so than I've been used to at the festivals I've been attending for the last fourteen years). Saw not quite a fight break out during 'All I Need' next to us where some guy was grabbed by the scruff of his neck and repeatedly pushed into the crowd behind us. Crowd was summed up when people were pulled up on stage to dance to 'Boy with the Arab Strap' when Belle & Sebastian were on and the camera kept cutting to someone who seemed to be texting for at least the entire first half of the song on stage. Talk about missing the moment. I don't want to sound like I'm being over the top or this is hyperbole - I truly, truly hope you have a fantastic time if you go. Fill up on food and booze beforehand as it's extortionately priced. However if Geoff Ellis thinks this is what appeals to a more mature, over 30 festival crowd then he's utterly deluded in his thought. It's T in the Park with more blatant commercialism squeezed in and the campsite taken away. Radiohead and Belle & Seb aside, it's a TITP style line-up. Let's face it. I always hoped that T in the Park would turn it around as it was my first festival and I've got good memories of it. I actually actively hope that this fails because it's pretty insulting that Geoff Ellis would think this is is "fresh however you approach it" as he said in an interview. But as I say, I really,really hope that you have a better experience than me and have a great time EDIT: Checked my e-mail and there was a message in the junk folder - however they asked for a reply to confirm receipt of the e-mail. Obviously I hadn't had the chance to respond so surely the next step is to pick up the phone. Was on holiday at the time so didn't have access to e-mail which surely isn't unusual for June.