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  1. Loved my time at my first Primavera - stayed out in the Horta district which meant it was an hour to get back on the 5am metro but still a nice place to stay. Thought the festival had waaaay too much advertising which annoyed me a little but the stalls selling prints of gigs posters were very cool. Going to rate the acts I saw (probably missed a few but so be it). Starcrawler - 6/10. Found them a bit try hard for my liking. Spiritualized - 9/10. Fantastic gig and loved the venue. Belle & Sebastian - 8.5/10. Hinds - 8/10 The Twilight Sad - 9/10. Difficult to watch in places, James Graham is clearly still struggling with the passing of his friend but it was a set with a lot of beauty in it too, in particular the Frightened Rabbit cover. The War on Drugs - 8.5/10 Bjork - 9.5/10. Thought she was absolutely brilliant, that version of 'Human Behaviour' is awesome. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - 8/10. Thought I'd enjoy it more but think I was a bit fatigued from Bjork's set which wasn't the easiest in the world to get into. Nils Frahm - 8/10 Waxahatchee - 7.5/10 The Breeders - 6.5/10. I love the Breeders but they're always a bit shambolic live somehow. Father John Misty - 9/10 Mogwai - 8.5/10 Ibeyi - 9/10. My real discovery of the festival, they were great. La Banda Trapera Del Rio - 8/10. A bit of a punk throwback but a lot of fun :-) Charlotte Gainsbourg - 7/10 Idles - 10/10. One of the very best things I've seen live with a raucous crowd. 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' was a laugh out loud moment. Ty Segall - 8/10 The Black Madonna - 8.5/10 Car Seat Headrest - 9/10 Ariel Pink - 3/10. Absolute bollocks of the highest order. Slowdive - 8/10 Lorde - 6/10. A bit flat Arctic Monkeys - 9.5/10. Once the people expecting the first album in full had left it was perfect, Alex Turner has become a brilliantly charismatic frontman and the new material is great. Public Service Broadcasting - 8/10.
  2. Thought Arctic Monkeys were excellent last night. Really impressed.
  3. At the airport waiting to fly out and a little more excited than I should be ? First time I've been abroad in thirteen years on a plane as I used to be afraid of flying but worked on it for a while. Someone get a pint of anything ready in Barcelona for me!
  4. Can anyone recommend any cool, unusual things to do before or after the festival in the city? We're doing a couple of the touristy things already - visiting Espanyol football club (Nou Camp tour seems wildly overpriced) and La Sagrada Familia - would be cool to have some unusual but less touristy things to see as well.
  5. Courtney Barnett? Netherlands on the Thursday, Glasgow on the Saturday - the Friday is surely possible?
  6. Fair enough, I bow to your superior knowledge! I don't know what to expect from their set TBH. I wasn't too enamoured with AM but willing to give it a try if they're the best option on at the time.
  7. Got on my list: Neon Waltz Idlewild Maybe King Creosote Matt Hollywood & The Bad Feelings Sleaford Mods Brian Jonestown Massacre
  8. Incidentally, we're within the four week window now ladies and gents!
  9. I've seen them twice - first time they were brilliant, much less so the second time. It'll depend on who else is playing at the same time.
  10. I truly don't know what I think of it. 'You're so Dark' feels a bit pointless seeing as how we've got the real, better Nick Cave on the bill already. It'll either be a really interesting set or massively boring. Don't want to put my money on which one untill the new album comes out tbh.
  11. Thanks for that. Some better recordings up now too.
  12. Could the second one be Baxter Dury? Wishful thinking, but Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Superchunk for the last one?
  13. OneLittleFish


    There's a good reason there's never been a 50 man royal rumble before and that's because it's an awful idea. Titus might just get something out of that tonight, even if it's Shockmaster comedy value.
  14. I've been listening to them for weeks and I can't decide if they're the most fun thing on the line-up or what happens when you don't warn future generations about the horrors of the Ting Tings.
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