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  1. neil_d


    Someone may have already done this, but... I was just clearing up some old files and found the images I'd saved (once an hour using a script) from the cam before/during/after last year's festival. I've put together a quick video: https://youtu.be/BW9n2Qn_E8o Turn the quality up to 1080p to get the full resolution (it's not the right height, but is that width!).
  2. For later this summer, rather than next year, but I'm looking at Green Gathering. It looks to be basically the Green Futures field of Glastonbury? (There always seem to be adverts for it around that area.)
  3. Was telling myself that this year was my last one - though there's plenty of time to change my mind - or at least I'd need to mix up the experience somehow. During the festival a mate asked if I was coming back next time - I said I'd be back as long as I'm booked to play.... So I've been working on my fledgling music career.
  4. Got the 11am shuttle out of G town, got my wristband on by 11:53am.
  5. A penknife (in your tent) is implied by the safety advice from the Fire &Rescue service on the festival website: http://preview1.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Camping-safety-poster590.jpg
  6. I have made it to Street, Somerset.
  7. neil_d


    Watched that from up by the farm. Amazing view watching all three fires and sets of fireworks above the site.
  8. Booked to be travelling down to the area on trains and buses this afternoon... thinking I might leave it until later in the day to be a bit cooler, but the heat sticks around in the evening anyway. Hmmm.
  9. Write and record an album. Put it out under the band name "TBA". Point out you've got quite a few sets to play on the lineup...
  10. You've got one right by Lulu's cafe / entrance to the wood.
  11. One of those "little" things that help make Glastonbury as great as it is. Thanks to the volunteers and organisations that make it happen
  12. I'm thinking of taking in some flapjack.
  13. Gav's looking smart
  14. Bottom on the Avalon helter skelter?
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