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  1. neil_d


    Someone may have already done this, but... I was just clearing up some old files and found the images I'd saved (once an hour using a script) from the cam before/during/after last year's festival. I've put together a quick video: https://youtu.be/BW9n2Qn_E8o Turn the quality up to 1080p to get the full resolution (it's not the right height, but is that width!).
  2. Was telling myself that this year was my last one - though there's plenty of time to change my mind - or at least I'd need to mix up the experience somehow. During the festival a mate asked if I was coming back next time - I said I'd be back as long as I'm booked to play.... So I've been working on my fledgling music career.
  3. Gav's looking smart
  4. I'm a little worried that this week and weekend look like very good festival weather, and we're going to be a week late for it.
  5. Oh, I better check that out. I normally find somewhere in the green fields for a breakfast.
  6. What about a royal visit? Would that be considered huge?
  7. Has anyone mentioned Kiss yet?!
  8. On the non-music theme... what if it's a new charity partnership?
  9. Thursday night on a large stage would surely cause all sorts of crowd issues (due not much else to keep people away, during or before)? Can't see it being that, for that reason plus licence issues. Edit: I now see a few people above have said the same. I agree with them
  10. ... Return of the flushing toilets! ... A second cider bus? ...
  11. neil_d


    I've loaded it a couple of times at night and it's been showing around sunset time - so it seems it does get turned off overnight.
  12. neil_d


    Is that the Other stage arriving, on the back of a lorry?
  13. neil_d


    This year's map shows the toilets, correctly, in Hitchin Hill. (Previous years have erroneously put them at the top of Spring Ground.)
  14. I plan to be along this year. Definitely.
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