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    MSE advice on how to get into Glasto for free

    Having volunteered at Glasto in 2017 it is a very good experience and worth while doing i got on site on the monday afternoon met some of the other oxfam volunteers and we headed into the site for a bar crawl was good laugh and getting to see the site before anyone else is amazing the shifts can be very hard work i did 2 shifts on gate B checking tickets and wristbands for 8 hours on the thursday and sunday i also did an over night shift on the worthy view gate that was the killer shift as i tried to get some rest on the sat but i wanted to see a few bands so was up after about 4 hours. I have since volunteered at Reading festival in 2017 which was a real eyeopener compared to Glasto the people who go are alot younger and have no limits which causes alot problems for the festival staff and this year i managed to get the wife volunteering and we did Download together were both on the same shift pattern and only 1 shift we were on different positions the only downside to Download is the oxfan campsite is right under the flight path of the near by airport and at times it felt like the planes were going to land on us if we hadnt got tickets for next year we would of volunteered again and will probably do so agin as its a good way to see other festivals and plus you get your deposit back