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  1. Is it a good idea to use my VPN to get on, or will it just end up slowing me down?
  2. think I'll skip the resale and save up for a posh ticket for the 50th anniversary next year instead. shame I'll miss Wu-Tang but apart from that there's nothing I wanna spend £500 on
  3. yeah, that was class. the one the other year on Arcadia when about 20,000 people turned up was pretty good too
  4. I have one to add to this, https://www.unbeatablehire.com/ . They have the same sort of reviews, I was quoted £459 for a week but they apparently add on lots of hidden extras and charge your card for them without permission. Also seems that the campervans are not in good condition. I used https://easicampervanhire.com/glastonbury-festival-camper-van-hire/ last year, they were great. Campervan was pretty much brand new, water butt included and filled before we picked it up along with all the mod cons. Only £1100 for the week, which we split between 4.
  5. haha no worries, good point! i will post there instead
  6. he's a favourite of Nick Grimshaw. If the socks and sandals don't do for you, surely that's the icing on the cake. music for estate agents.
  7. I can't imagine why anyone would sit around watching this dirge. go out and do it yourself you melts, and do it much better than these cosseted morons!
  8. why do they keep laughing, they didn't say anything funny?
  9. StePotts

    2019 Headliners

    Are they really too big to headline the Other?
  10. StePotts

    The Cure

    Replace 'Mount Splashmore' with Glastonbury
  11. StePotts

    Kanye west confirmed

    yeah, his scattergun approach to releases and minimal quality control (possibly down to his giant ego) mean people get tired of him quickly
  12. StePotts

    Kanye west confirmed

    is the hate not more down to the fact that the guy is a complete and utter skidmark?
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