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  1. I'm in block 9 if your still stuck, enough for yourself anyway
  2. I'm adding System 7 to my Sunday, another excellent recommendation from this thread!
  3. Sunday is definitely now the weakest post headline dance day, Dave Seaman b2b Steve Parry is probably where I'll be then slowly wander to Felix Dickinson. I'm hoping the Gas Tower secret set tickles my fancy.
  4. I'll be there, love Jon Hopkins anyway but as you say I want to get to the spider as well this year and nothing else draws me there.
  5. I could very well end up a Felix Dickinson but I just want to check out the gas tower and don't think I'll be there at any point prior.
  6. He's also on in the Rumshack on Wednesday at 20:45, I intend to catch him there.
  7. This is my current night plan, possibly will all go out the window. Thursday: Hunee > Call Super > Dave Seaman > Wheel of Four Tunes > Digweed Friday: Heidi/Hessle > Mylo > Shed > Dan Shake Saturday: Joe Goddard > Jon Hopkins > Job Jobse > Prosumer > Heidi > Cab Drivers > Steffi & Virginia Sunday: Justice > Dave Seaman b2b Steve Parry > Gas Tower secret set I really want to see prosumer, he's always been great when I've seen him before but I imagine getting in will be difficult. Sunday night isn't looking to great for me, hoping the gas tower secret set is up my street. Any suggestions for any gaps I have are greatly appreciated. See you all for a dance!
  8. Playing sonic at 3:15, they're excellent live videos don't do them justice
  9. The rum shack was good craic last year on the Wednesday, not dance music but it was in full swing.
  10. Very happy with that Lianne La Havas set!
  11. You could put up the crows nest lineup too, or is that not considered a secret set?
  12. I manage a restaurant and get good red from a rep of mine, 10l for €100. I'd highly recommend anyone to ask people they know in the restaurant trade to get some this way as it's much better than anything I've drank from the supermarkets and fairly cheap.
  13. NZCA lines were my Friday headliner last year in the crows nest, cracking gig!
  14. Bag with 2l of wine, 500ml water, sun cream, lip balm, poncho, warm jacket, toilet roll and hat and scarf weather dependant. Once I'm gone in the morning I don't want to have to go back to the tent.