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  1. rwoo

    How to keep my beers cold?

    Get a sack trolley or some sort of trolley to take your stuff in or you're going to get annoyed pretty quickly. You can buy them cheap on amazon. As for keeping your beers/ciders cold, good luck! That's something every festival goer would love.
  2. rwoo

    line up times?

    I don't know how accurate these are though - https:///m/creamfields2017/?user=0bgolb.t6
  3. rwoo

    Dissertation Questionnaire

    ^^^ Brutal!
  4. rwoo

    Mad Cool 2017

    I went with my girlfriend and we had an amazing time, we met so many awesome people from all over the world! The lineup was amazing and every band/artist we saw were incredible. I thought the sound was actually very good despite speaking to other people who thought otherwise, I work in the music industry and normally notice when the sound quality is dirt. I thought it was pretty easy to get from one stage to another, no worse than any other music festival. toilet queues were short at all times which was great as I have a tiny bladder, and also pretty tidy for a festival in a hot country (well very wet country apparently). What happened to Pedro was obviously horrific and I can't imagine what anyone was feeling who saw it happen, but I'm not sure that cancelling the festival after that wouldn't of been the right thing to do?! I guess ultimately it should have been down to the family affected. Green Day obviously must not have known what happened because there is absolutely no way they would've been able to put on that performance if they had known. Food layout was the only negative for me, no food in the main area and massive queues were pretty frustrating but saying that I did have some pretty epic burgers from the bus lookin' burger place! Ohh and maybe next time before thinking that going to a Spanish music festival is guaranteed sunshine I will take something to keep me dry. . Highlights for me: George Ez, Lumineers, Foos, Rancid, Green Day and KoL - Okay maybe all the music!
  5. rwoo

    Mad Cool 2017

    Taxis are pretty cheap in Madrid so I'd just grab one of those back to the centre, you might even find some people willing to share a taxi with you Did anyone get the shuttle last year, was it quite quick to get to the centre?