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  1. Surprises

    The xx and Craig David where my highlights. There wasn't much in the way to interest me when i first saw the lineup so just followed my Girlfriend around and ended up having a great time. Wish I had made it into the field for The Killers though.... Tried sneaking through the hedgerow but was rumbled by security.
  2. Distance walked

    96.3 miles for me. We did arrive at 2.30am Wednesday and probably clocked 4 miles just getting to the back of the line at gate A!
  3. New security measures in place

    I think that pretty reasonable tbh...
  4. Campsite Flags...watcha got this year folks?

    Keep it simple and representing my new home
  5. Pre festival Nerves

    We leave tomorrow morning at 4am. On top of a 2.5 hour drive to the airport though the mountains, my muffler decided it was done last week and it's about to fall off. That's the extent of my current nerves. will of course get the butterflies as my pals pick us up from my parents to head down too!
  6. Sound systems?

    don't listen to him. bring your speakers, play your music at a sociable level and just be aware when others are trying to sleep especially in historically quieter camping fields.
  7. Campfire??

    There are usually piles of pre cut, dry firewood dotted around on Wednesday. Also usually a stall selling it next to the other stage
  8. Weather 2017

    Nice little comparison of the different models up until Monday eve from the windy.ty app
  9. Glasto chat

  10. Glasto chat

    Some of them should not be allowed internet access
  11. Glasto chat

    That place is bloody mental. It makes the Weater thread look like a paper salesmens annual conference.
  12. When Does Your Glasto Begin?

    As with most people, 3 stages. 1) Finishing work this Friday and heading home to pack the car. Haven't been home to the UK in over 18 months so excited to see family and friends as well as Glasto! 2) The first beer of the trip on our stopover in Calgary. 5am in Vancouver seems a bit early. 3) Once my friend picks my girlfriend and I up from my parents at midnight on Tuesday and we head West. First time I haven't been the driver so will celebrate with one in the car!
  13. 4 days of Landscaping then one day of Mountain Bike Coaching on the Friday. Hop on the plane first thing Saturday morning to arrive in the UK Sunday. Getting ever so close now!
  14. The 2017 what tent are you taking thread

    I found a 3 man tent under my bed when I last visited my parents so I will be taking that. Cant remember what it is or where it came from, nor if it's ever been put up. Might not even try it before we go. What can I say, I'm a risk taker
  15. Shisha...?

    Someone already posted my exact reply pretty much