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  1. Rock Werchter 2018

    If that can allow RW to discover Frank Turner...! I don't understand how they never booked him in so many years (knowing that he was available a lot of times, and he gives 180 shows per year!)
  2. Rock Werchter 2018

    The 3-names wishlist on RW's page is open ! What's yours ? I can't really go next year, except if I win tickets (I know at last second if I can) x) I submitted my vote with hope that NOS Alive will take these names, so : 1. Pearl Jam 2. Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls 3. LCD Soundsystem
  3. Things that ur happy about

    Hi friends ! I'm happy about the new music video of band So I share it here ! If you like rock'n'roll and Peaky Blinders, then you could like it
  4. Rock Werchter 2018

    2017 was a golden year, but in 2018 we'll have again an insane number of headliners touring in Europe !
  5. Rock Werchter 2018

    You'll get at least two headliners in the next three months but don't expect all headliners to be announced in 2017. There's no rule but RW frequently announces a headliner in February. It depends on tickets sales and many other parameters.. So you can expect Arctic Monkeys later yes. Also, Pearl Jam really killed it last time they played at RW. Nearly 3h-show, all the band on fire, and the crowd too. Arctics didn't let that memories at the same edition. Concerning QOTSA they are not so big in Belgium yes, they are coheadline-sized. Maybe a QOTSA-LCD Soundsystem would be a good bet ! Ahah no anyway, it's way too soon to bet on any name.
  6. Lineup 2018

    I'm not an Imagine Dragons fan, I don't have them on my mp3 or whatever (my fav is Frank Turner), but I've seen several times Imagine Dragons, and especially at NOS Alive in July. And this show was huge. A lot of songs seemed to be 'anthemic (Time, Radioactive, Demons, Believer..)', and Depeche Mode played after them and didn't look way better. The band has become something, and in my opinion they deserve to be nearly headline-sized (I speak for big festivals in general, not only R&L). So 'big Imagine Dragons fan' doesn't seem perplexing from my point of view
  7. Rock Werchter 2018

    This one was easily one of my 5 best festival nights as well ! Damien Rice gave an incredible performance (the word is weak) between these two acts, my favourite act of the edition. No act in 2016-2017 equaled this one.
  8. Rock Werchter 2018

    I can't go to RW next year because of studies, but I hope that good headliners will be shared with NOS Alive, especially Pearl Jam. I'd like to see The Who as well. For smaller bands, I really hope that My Morning Jacket, Arkells, Reignwolf, The Cat Empire, Airbourne, Crystal Fighters (again), JET, Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls and The Smith Street Band will be around next year (lot of Aussies) ! And Kaleo after the last cancellation... They have amazing new rock'n'roll songs.
  9. NOS Alive 2018

    NOS Alive 2018 will take place in Lisbon (Alges) from 12th July til 14th July ! I can't wait to come back after the last fantastic edition. My dreamy (and not so unrealistic) line-up would be Pearl Jam - LCD Soundsystem - Mumford And Sons - The National - James - Airbourne - Damien Rice - Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls - JET - The Districts - Reignwolf - Crystal Fighters - Gogol Bordello - George Ezra - Nothing But Thieves - The Smith Street Band - Arkells - The Cat Empire What's yours ?
  10. NOS Alive! 2017

    I have been to many festivals before, this was my first time in Portugal... I think this is the best festival I've ever been to. Beautiful people, soulful, respectful, lovely, mellow... The place is amazing, not too crowded, the food is excellent and cheap, white sangria is a divine thing. All the staff is adorable.. The festival is perfectly organized, you have everything you need. The music is great and people adapt their soul to the kind of music. The campsite now... Incredible... Met so many amazing people from many countries, I have no words. You can party all day and all night, feel a kind of hippie atmosphere in the woods, sleep like a baby because it's not noisey, there's electricity, space, swimming pool, and even other surprises. Had a blast, see you next year !
  11. Rock Werchter 2017

    I want to add one thing : recycling is good for saving money, but not optimal for ecology. RW should change to ecocups, with a caution money of 1€; and keep recycling for cartons. It would make the field cleaner and prevent from the burning places tradition at the end of the festival.
  12. Rock Werchter 2017

    We're back home. It was a kick-ass edition. Satisfied by the weather, we had a great time, one of my favourite editions. The line-up was truly insane. We missed the beginning of the festival because our train Thalys had a problem, so it arrived 1h30min late and we arrived for Prophets of Rage. We were a group of 4 (all French) in The Hive (G12). We. All. Had. A. Blast. For the shows in the Barn and Klub C we had diverisified spots, and for main stage we were in general just behind the pit, cause it's always the best spot (people sing, dance, mosh etc). We had two favs : Foo Fighters and Pretenders. Pretenders gave a demonstration of the most elementary rock'n'roll, without any light show or something. The atmosphere only increased in craziness at each song. What a surprise! They were the most experienced band and we understood why. Our other highlights were : System Of A Down Linkin Park (huge surprise for me, I had bad echoes of friends at Download and Hellfest, but we all absolutely loved it. The crowd was insane. And the members of the band were very close to their fans, we enjoyed that. We're not fans of their music or anything but we had goosebumps during In The End) Dropkick Murphys as always Jain (she put the biggest jumping crowd) Prophets of Rage killed it. Thanks to @thetechi we choosed Rag'N'Bone Man instead of Lumineers... And... Thank you mate. We were nearly to cry during Skin. Skin was our most emotionnal and favourite moment. Absolutely fantastic. We also loved enormously Arcade Fire, (The) Seasick Steve (Box Revelation), Blues Pills (we have a link to this band, the guitarist was in high school with a member of my team), Nothing But Thieves, Imagine Dragons, we loved to say " I hate you and I wish you could die" to my jury of teachers contest with Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, Kodaline were great (but we think they can be even better), I'm too biased to judge Rateliff because I'm a fan (we went cra, proof at 3:19 on this video, we are the 3 guys jumping, one of us has the fox hat : http://vod.rockwerchter.be/?language=nl&mediaId=35133 ) Each time the music was not our tastes we managed to turn it to great moments. That was the case for exemple for Charlie XCX (she played her biggest tunes at the beginning, so we stayed and left for Kodaline, we loved it). We also jumped during Rae Sremmurd. Kings of Leon had bass problems during the first six songs so it didn't help, and people were a bit biased before the show with negative opinions. Luckily we found fans from Russia and had a great time. They have a rythm and songs which allow to have fun even if they are not very talkative and have sound troubles. It was a mistake to put Arcade Fire and Kings of Leon in that order. Both would have been better if they changed it. Also we were chilling in the grass and then dancing with alcohol during Alt-J, and we finally liked it (even if it was one of our least enjoyed performances). Oh and we also loved Tamino and lost it during Slowdive just by closing the eyes and shake our heads. Among all these bands we saw, we were only disappointed by one band, and left the show after 6 songs, I join @Gossard on it : Radiohead. Outside the pit the atmosphere was shitty (and the experimental Radiohead tracks turned the joy of people to silence, but not the silence like Editors put last year, not this transcendental silence, not even this silence when you just love the music and applause at the end. People didn't applause that much..), the setlist was too orientated for the fans, and even if I love the band (They are among the rare bands I shared videos on this page), the disappointment was crual. I prefered chicken burger to Radiohead. We went to the slope to listen to the rest of the show after the basslines of Charlotte De Witte, and even with that we didn't enjoy a lot. Kings of Leon were criticized because of being non-talkative, but what about Radiohead x) Anyway, the number of outstanding performances in that festival was very high this year. A regret was that we couldn't see Lorde and Soulwax cause it was too crowded. But this regret is so small compared to all the memories and great times we had, awesome people we met... By the way I can see some people who say some of Belgian were racists with French blablabla. In four editions, I have never found any disrespectful people and have always been welcome. Werchter people are awesome. We had a beautiful and adorable neighbourhood too. This time we were too lazy to recycle so we spent a lot of money. (SORRY I WRITE TOO MUCH) Last things I want to say : - we were in all the mosh pits/circle pits except during Foo Fighters cause the one we entered at the beginning seemed dangerous, there was a dangerous man pushing people who wanted to escape and I was about to fall because of him, and he made someone fall but fortunately he was immediately helped despite the night.. - the dancers in the final SOAD pit were stunning, what a WTF situation btw with the pink floyd saved. - MOST OF ALL : What a guitar edition. In that order, guitarists of Pretenders, Blues Pills, Prophets of Rage, The Night Sweats, System of a Down and Rag'N'Bone Man were fantastic. That was ROCK WERCHTER. Otherwise, I created a dance of wellies which had a good success in The Hive parties. Sorry but I broke the flush in one of the toilets letting a big poop behind me. -- I STOP HERE -- ---> AMAZING week-end. I think I'll be back next year again.
  13. Rock Werchter 2017

    Oh mate I'm so sorry! If you find someone to lend you a wheelchair and you finally decide to come, you can count on us to carry you !
  14. Rock Werchter 2017

    Mindblowing performance of Rag'n'Bone Man at Glastonbury... The clash Lumineers/Rag'n'Bone Man is complicated ! https://www.bbc.co.uk/events/ec584f/play/p056f6ty/p056xnf0