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    apologies if already posted narrative makes interesting reading: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/truth-berlin-christmas-market-terror-9500721?service=responsive The easiest thing to do when something awful happens is to do something awful yourself. So a man steals a Polish truck and ploughs through a crowd of Christmas market shoppers in Berlin, and it turns out he had claimed asylum, and a lot of people go "well it just goes to show you shouldn't let them in". I've lost count of the number of people who've said since: "This is the legacy of Angela Merkel's open door to refugees." Well, no it isn't. This is the legacy of people who believe that what they FEEL is the truth must BE the truth. And that's not how truth works. Here is the truth we know so far. In 2010 Anis Amri, the Berlin terror attack suspect, was accused of stealing a lorry in his homeland of Tunisia. His family say he drank, had girlfriends, and was not overtly religious. In February 2011 he was charged with armed robbery but fled the country. He was convicted in his absence and handed a five year sentence. He went to Italy, where he claimed asylum as a minor - he was probably about 17 at the time - but after a series of crimes including arson at a school he was given a four-year jail sentence. Upon his release in early 2015 he was taken to a detention centre to await deportation. His family say he had become religious. In July his expulsion order expired because Tunisia didn't sort out the paperwork. He was ordered to leave Italy anyway, and so crossed into Germany where he claimed asylum in July 2015. In August 2015, German president Angela Merkel responded to the growing migrant crisis by saying her country would take in 1million Syrians. She was heavily criticised by right-wing politicians, who said this was an open invitation to terrorists. In February 2016 Amri moved to Berlin and a month later came under investigation after a tip-off to police that he was preparing an act of terror. In June 2016 his claim for asylum was rejected. He was detained for a day but because he had no identity documents they could not establish he was the right man, so had to let him go. By this point he claimed six separate identities and three different nationalities. In August 2016 Amri was arrested for a minor offence, and Germany asked Tunisia to provide a passport so they could deport him. In September 2016 surveillance was called off. Amri was seen dealing drugs and fighting in a bar, but there was no sign of terrorism. Last month extremists linked to Amri were arrested and questioned. Security services exchanged information and police issued a warning that Amri is dangerous. On December 21, 2016, Amri is thought to have hijacked a lorry carrying 25 tonnes of steel just outside Berlin. Polish lorry driver Lukasz Urban was parked near a kebab shop. At 3pm he spoke to his wife. At 3.19pm and 3.44pm his employer's tracking computer registered failed attempts to start the engine. Urban is thought to have been stabbed and beaten, probably into unconsciousness, as this was a public place and stabbing is quiet. At 5pm and 5.34pm the lorry was driven short distances by someone who was 'choking' the engine. At 7.34pm it was in the square where the Christmas market was being held. Shortly after 8pm the lorry's lights were switched off and it lorry swerved right at speed, into the crowd. lt killed 12 people and injured another 48, 18 of them critically. What is odd is that the lorry swerved left again almost immediately, back onto the street and away from the shoppers, before coming to a halt. The hijacker got out and ran away. A passerby saw and gave chase, providing a running commentary to police on his mobile phone, but lost him in the crowds. Lukasz' body was found in the cab, along with a lot of blood and Amri's wallet. Lukasz' family say from the pictures they have seen and police reports, he appears to have fought with his attacker. Which means that a stabbed and heavily-bleeding man awoke from unconsciousness to realise his attacker was about to mow down pedestrians. He may have grabbed the wheel or punched the hijacker, but his actions caused the lorry to veer away from other shoppers and come to a halt. Lukasz was 6ft 2ins and weighed 18 stone, and despite his injuries he put up an heroic fight. The hijacker killed Lukasz with a gunshot. By this point, the noise no longer mattered. You see? No terrorist steers their truck AWAY from the crowds Lukasz is dead, along with a dozen others. Amri is on the run. The German security forces look like idiots and Angela Merkel is taking the blame for all of it. But the facts tell a different story to the one you're hearing from people with shouty voices and tiny minds. The massacre would have been many times worse were it not for the actions of a Polish lorry driver who depended upon the reviled border-free Schengen zone for his livelihood. Had Germany thrown up borders as so many want it to, there would still have been trucks for a terrorist to hijack. Lukasz would not have been among their drivers. Lukasz saved hundreds of lives yet is little more than a footnote in the furore. The German security forces had Amri in their sights, but no evidence. A civilised nation does not charge or jail anyone for a thing they MIGHT do. If we do it to terrorists, then we will do it to anyone. The simple and hard truth is that if a few thousand people want to kill you, one of them will probably manage it. They only have to get it right once. Germany did not 'let Amri in', and nor did Italy. He was denied asylum in two nations which picked him up on their radar in exactly the way they should have done. It was Tunisia who allowed a wanted criminal to roam free, and to leave its borders. It was Tunisia who refused to accept him back. It was Tunisia that took four months to issue a passport. And it's Tunisia that has a massive problem with terrorism, and an estimated 7,000 of its citizens who are members of Islamic State. And this is not Angela Merkel's legacy. She did not open the door to armed robbers, she did not offer asylum to Tunisians, and Amri got into Germany a month before she opened the door to anyone else. Her legacy is that she did a decent thing, despite the criticism. Thousands of Germans welcomed the migrants and opened their homes. However well or badly that went they were decent, they were kind, they were open. Amri was not a refugee. He was a wrong 'un before he was radicalised, a wrong 'un afterwards, and he'll be just as wrong when he's shot dead by the police on his trail and finds out there's no heaven for wrong 'uns. We are at war - with a few thousand people out there who want to kill us, and a few thousand in here who want to frighten us. Who bend the truth to suit their nightmares, to seize power, to get paid for spouting stupidity, and who simply don't care when they've got it wrong. They don't realise they're on the same side as the terrorists. They all want us to turn away, punish others and polarise. Being open doesn't terrorise anyone. Being decent doesn't get you killed. And the truth NEVER goes away.
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    I tweeted them pissed on the train back from my work's Xmas do last night. Didn't think that they'd actually respond. Nice.
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    You forgot about Public Service Broadcasting
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    Cant argue with this. ALL religion is absurd and it needs phasing out. The only way to do this is by education. And of course the religious leaders realise this, so restrict or manipulate the education people receive. Hopefully in the age of the internet etc enlightenment will come much much quicker than in the past.
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    Last night I dreamt I was at the festival, The Courteeners were headlining and every time I walked somewhere they could teleport to where I was and start playing. Little stages popped up with them everwhere. It was fucking shit. I have woken up coughing too.
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    can't you just bump him off instead?
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    More likely I would say. I'd be amazed if they weren't at BKS
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    As a rule, if I find myself beginning a thought process with these words ^^^ going for a long run, taking a cold shower then drinking 10 pints of strong beer helps recalibrate and clarify my mind.
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    Radiohead, Avalanches, Angel Olsen and The xx. Help.
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    I believe this is obligatory: 1) offspring listening to radiohead through headphones 2) offspring listening to radiohead through floor standing speakers 3) Pablo Honey
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    Several people asked for King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard... They were just announced for Mairfeld Derby on the same weekend as BKS (other acts playing there: Kate Tempest, Metronomy, Whitney, Mitski, Dear Reader, Ryley Walker, Cigarettes After Sex and Moderat).
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    Or before Erasure on the Saturday.....
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    The Avalanches and The XX already this morning MERRY XMAS FOLKS
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    Although there's many places on the Internet where a simple question of whether Angela Merkel is partly responsible for the atrocity that happened in Germany earlier this week can descend into an argument about race, I wouldn't have expected this to be one of them. Those who mentioned the skin colour of the refugees really ought to be ashamed of themselves and maybe question their own attitude to race and whether they are fit to post on any forum - let alone a Glastonbury forum. Surely, the question is valid regardless of the colour of a persons skin. It seems to me that the general consensus of this thread is that the undoubted need of the refugees outweighs the requirement of the Government to keep the existing population safe. Whilst I accept that only a tiny proportion pose a possible threat to the existing population, I still feel there may be a valid argument that Angela Merkel has failed in her responsibility (while also completely understanding the reasons why she made the decision she did). I read this evening (from unsubstantiated sources) that Germany is tracking over 5000 potential terrorists - many of whom have entered the country as refugees. If true, is this a price worth paying? If you think it is, would you be prepared to make that argument to the relatives of the people who were killed or injured in this weeks atrocity?
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    Personally I was going to go for "fnarr" but w/e
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    FBS has got to be one of the most over rated djs in history. His set in the stone bridge the other year sounded horrific and his big EDM sets at places like Ultra are the stuff of nightmares. Seems a nice chap mind and not trying to be negative but not really my cup of tea. Coining the name fat boy slim was a stroke of genius though
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    Frank Ocean is notably absent from the Porto Primavera lineup- hopefully that means he's playing Nos Alive!
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    I got bored of Eminem so went to alt j where I got bored and went to British Sea power and got bored
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    Time to get out and leave it to the ones who really want to be there going by your recent posts
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    Dj sets of the year list? In no particular order: Antal-De School, Amsterdam Tama Sumo b2b Lakuti-Radion, Amsterdam Floating Points-World Headquarters, Newcastle DJ Nobu-Bonobo, Tokyo Jackmaster-The Cut, Newcastle Ben UFO-Brixton all nighter Four Tet- Glastonbury (morning set) Palms Trax-Dekmantel Theo Parrish and Marcellus Pittman-Dekmantel Pender Street Steppers b2b Beautiful Swimmers- Dekmantel Kept it to 10 but saw so many good sets, especially at dekmantel (MCDE, Robert Hood, DJ Harvey, Moodymann, the black Madonna all could've easily been in there), and enjoyed bicep, John talabot and the flo po four tet b2b on the farm. Didnt see enough female djs! Only managed to catch about an hour of Lena Willikens the other day otherwise she'd probably be in there. Will try to more next year!
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    There's a confirmation on Angel Olsen here: http://halfwayfestival.com/news.html Sampler for the uninitiated:
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    easty's workmates: "Here comes easty. Don't say anything, he'll turn it into a conversation about Depeche Mode". ... ... ... ... @eastynh: "ENJOY THE SILENCE"
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    BEST ALBUM: 5 for Black Peaks - Statues 4 for Casey - Love Is Not Enough 3 for Weezer - Weezer 2 for Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition 1 for Moose Blood - Blush BEST SINGLE: 5 for Jamie T - Power Over Men 4 for Moose Blood - Honey 3 for Brand New - I Am A Nightmare 2 for You Me At Six - Give 1 for Danny Brown - Really Doe BEST ALBUM ART: 5 for Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition 4 for Black Peaks - Statues 3 for Basement - Promise Everything 2 for Metallica - Hardwired...To Self-Destruct 1 for Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool BEST LIVE ACT: 5 for Brand New (O2 Arena) 4 for letlive. (Brixton Academy) 3 for Casey (Butserfest) 2 for Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes (Kentish Town Forum) 1 for Black Peaks (Concorde 2) BEST R+L PERFORMANCE: 5 for Biffy Clyro 4 for Foals 3 for Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes 2 for Crossfaith 1 for Creeper
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    i'm sure them leaving out Heart Skipped A Beat was just an oversight and it will be rectified by the time Glastonbury comes along
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    It lead me to this stuff: http://www.folkways.si.edu/street-and-gangland-rhythms-beats-and-improvisations-by-six-boys-in-trouble/african-american-music/album/smithsonian
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    Prove every Muslim is a terrorist then! If you can't then kindly fuck off.
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    Fucking hell. I've not said anything remotely like what you're making out. I'll say it again, altho I'm not sure if it'll sink in this time, but I've not said all Muslims are the same. You could find me the evidence to support your claim that western and middle eastern societies have a comparable rape, gay hate crime, or apostasy death rate like you did earlier perhaps? Yes, things are not all rosy and lovely in the UK or Germany, but when two opposing cultures collide, you're seeing what happens. Thats another fallacy - that only people who have first hand experience of something are allowed to speak or know what it feels like. I don't need to be raped or be thrown off of a building just because of my sexuality, to know that it would be horrible. You're history books will tell you that slavery was also heavily dealt with by the middle east, but to say the Christian West invented all slavery is just incorrect. Which country used their power to stop the slave trade though? Also, all the things you mention happened in Africa and Asia as well, Japanese colonialism, African warlords, mass slaughters. To think only Europe has done those bad things is false. All the governments in the middle east have been put in place by Western nations? Huh? I suppose you think the US and France etc gets to choose all their laws and wrote the Hadith as well? And I don't know anything about your family and haven't mentioned them, so again, what!? But yes I do know Muslims, but they're British born and drink and have girlfriends out of marriage, something they realise they couldn't do in more orthodox countries.
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    I work with survivors of rape and sexual abuse, and domestic violence, children and adults (the vast majority of which goes unreported or unprosecuted). you'd quickly lose your delusions of things being just fine and dandy in this country if you did likewise
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    Still a small chance for Coldplay too I guess...
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    Hmmm...I don't recall it being especially busy, and while there may have been some people there thinking that Queen Bey would show up I'd be surprised it if it was more than a handful.
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    He's just announced a June date at Wembley Arena!
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    Not necessarily. I don't like Coldplay either but putting aside the repeat bookings arguement, they're an ideal closing headliner. Are the Foo Fighters really on that level? I don't think so.
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    I think + Stone Roses after the UK shows are sold out. Then for Thursday, maybe Justice? Or yeah someone smaller/cheaper
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    Could be Imagine Dragons on the Thursday, they're playing Portugal the week before...
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    The 1975 lads have been doing well in year end polls. I still don't really dig it, but they seem to have got over difficult second album syndrome in pretty short order.
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    Well have your breakdown somewhere else cos that would be the dream. Minus snow patrol who no one cares about.
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    Just to clear up, a Pendulum reunion would be massive for a lot of people and the last time they played Reading was 2010, they were huge the following year. They did break up which kind of put a spanner in the works, it's other like they continued and never got asked.
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    I've studied this topic deeply. You share the viewpoint of Anders Breivik. Have a little think about that.
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    It could happen but people are becoming to accept Catfish may well have a sub slot.
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    No haha, it would just be a booking, Pendulum below Muse would be a really strong booking. Seriously some of you get your heads out of your arse! Remember Muse are a European Exclusive because there is bugger all for them to play except for this fest 3 years in anyway.

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