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  1. Hi, I can't make it this year now, so have just put up my 2019 early bird ticket on Twickets. It's "awaiting moderation" currently, but should be available to buy soon. I bought it for £160. Richie.
  2. Hi Hawthorns. Yes, they're still available. I haven't of course received them from EOTR yet, and they will arrive as etickets, but 4 separate etickets I assume. That'd be great, so it would be £255 for all 3. Let me know then if you definitely want them. Cheers.
  3. Hope nobody minds, but I'm now going to eotr without my family 😞, so I thought I'd see if anyone is interested in taking their tickets. I have 1 adult and 2 child (6-12 years) tickets to sell. All at early bird face-value prices, so £155 and £50 each respectively. I'd prefer to sell them all in one transaction, if possible. Cheers,
  4. Caroline Spence Snail Mail The Weather Station Hookworms Protomartyr Destroyer Red River Dialect YLT Jeff Tweedy Ezra Furman
  5. I see Caroline Spence is on the line-up, I just listened to her album over past coupe of weeks, it's lovely stuff. I also really enjoyed the Weather Station album from last year and missed her in Dublin recently, so very happy with that too. That's a really decent 1st announcement. Very happy.
  6. Agreed re Green Man, a little dull at the top, though some interesting lower tier acts that I'd be very happy to see at EOTR. Looking forward to the start of things next week!
  7. I don't recall which, but one year there was a great selection of electronic acts to enjoy. I loved it and was hoping they would persist with that booking policy, but it didn't really happen. Seemed to be just a one off unfortunately :(.
  8. Agreed. Some late night electronica at EOTR would be most welcome!
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