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  1. Can definitely see a scenario playing out where it will be better for Biden to lose.
  2. Trump has it in the bag, will retake the house in 2022 too. Question is Trump jr or Tucker Carlson for 2024?
  3. Bleak, Biden can still win but no blue wave - senate likely to remain republican and a reduced majority in the house. Looks like the GOP fear of high turnouts was unfounded - even if Trump loses they have had a better night than expected.
  4. If we want to tackle obesity, closing pubs, restaurants and takeaways will have an order of magnitude greater effect than keeping gyms open. Maybe combine the measures, only leisure activity open is the gym - add in some post brexit food rationing and we could really turn the nation's physical health around before the next pandemic.
  5. You mentioned hundreds of signatories so I assumed you were talking about the Barrington declaration - if you meant Karol Sikora's letter it only had 32. Sikora, Heneghan, Guptra, and probably others, are signatories on both. The contents of the letter weren't ignored, it called for more targeted measures to shield the vulnerable, while listing some concerns that most people (including SAGE) share.
  6. Top scientists including Harold Shipman and Johnny Fartpants? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/coronavirus-herd-immunity-great-barrington-declaration-scientists-signatures-fake-names-b912778.html
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