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  1. Just watching it on iPlayer, heart breaking I missed it this year - have to remind myself I have 2003, south park and a night at the roundhouse that are all equally as good under my belt :(.
  2. Quick, quick - let's get it to 900. Did anyone predict page 900+?
  3. Started in 2007, the year before
  4. The late tickets didn't have photos on them, a mate brought one on the Wednesday and collected from the ticket office on the Thursday morning
  5. Now tickets are being dispatched i think it's pretty unlikely - See seem to have issues getting them all out in time in a normal year, not sure if they are up to the task of getting a load of last minute stragglers into the run. Would be nice if there was an official statement though, surely these sales can't really be considered 'secret' anymore, especially after last year. A simple 'no more unnanounced sales' would put us out of our misery.
  6. Approaching peak time and only 70 browsers...
  7. Possibly, but still a change from previous years (2007 onwards at least, 03/04/05 you could still sell/buy from secondary sellers)
  8. Every year the festival has sold out
  9. Morning all, fingers crossed...
  10. So as we roll past the high alert period and into the just in case zone, quick question. How many people would try 'alternate' means of entry, and how far would you go? Personally, if i was offered a ticket with a strong resemblance for face value I would give it a go. Wouldn't be interested in more nefarious means.
  11. highly strung i think, no worries - you probably have a point about See being busy dealing with other refunds, though i think a lot of us started to question the possibility of a resale when we entered the third week - before the tragic events of monday.
  12. Will be interesting to find out what's gone on this year if, as it seems, there is no resale. Were there really so few tickets returned, is it due to the amount of hype the sales now have, did something go wrong with GFL and allocation - lot of possbilities, should make 2019 interesting
  13. Not a ping in sight, won't be today - not looking good now
  14. Will be interesting to see what the number are if we get a ping today. Fingers crossed they stay down (and there is still a resale!)
  15. On the upside, if there is a resale it should be easier for all of us who are still here!
  16. You say that but last year seemed to have crashed it, might be cause for a different take this year - or hiked fees and more profitability in selling them on the sly. Negativity mode on full
  17. On the positive side, they are doing something today! Will be on high alert till 5
  18. Feeling 50/50 about there being a resale at the moment, will still be on here/seetickets for the rest of the week though and will be giving it till the end of the month before i give up completely and spend the money on a weekend away - reckon by that point there will be no way for them to get the tickets printed on time, fairly sure it was around then they stopped doing photo tickets in 2008.
  19. Not only a down vote from their main account, but one from their alt too!
  20. If it's not happened by 4 I'm gonna start to doubt there will be one at all.
  21. While it's unlikely to be tonight, hopefully those pings arte a good omen for tomorrow. Would be nice if it was done and dusted by the weekend, not sure i can take much more!
  22. Morning all, will today be the day?
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