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  1. Coolio, should I go for top song on Spotify as its most of the time the most well known one??
  2. Fuck knows if there even will be another one
  3. Rage Against the Machine (25) The 1975 (20) +5Foo Fighters (35) Muse (35) +5Foals (45)Biffy Clyro (25)Arctic Monkeys (35) Queens of the Stone Age (45) The Cure (35) -5The Strokes (30) Arcade Fire (30) -5
  4. This be a bit dull but could we do something where we take all these artists and take one song from them and see which one wins in a bracket tournament? I’d be happy to do it could be number 1 song on Spotify
  5. YOU GUYS KILLED MCRRR!!! Disgusting, I’m crying now
  6. I doubt they would, can’t move it to the Monday because most people go back to work Tuesday Thursday could work if you get rid of early bird tickets
  7. One band I would love to see, but not even like a DJ set or summin?
  8. 😂😂🤣 Could you imagine if bands did
  9. Does mean 2021 is shaping up to be an absolutely massive summer
  10. Sorry if this is slightly insensitive but are the Prodigy still playing without Keith
  11. Rage Against The Machine (35) The 1975 (25) +5Foo Fighters (30) Muse (20) Foals (45)Biffy Clyro (35)Arctic Monkeys (30) Queens of the Stone Age (40) The Cure (30) -5My Chemical Romance (15) +5The Strokes (25)Arcade Fire (50)-5
  12. It’s fine idve prolly asked to add it anyways cheers
  13. Rage Against The Machine (35) The 1975 (20) Foo Fighters (35) Panic! at the Disco (5)Muse (30) Foals (50)Biffy Clyro (30)Arctic Monkeys (35)Queens of the Stone Age (40) Green Day (10)The Cure (30) -5My Chemical Romance (20)The Strokes (30) Pulp (5) -5Arcade Fire (40) -5 Am I allowed to only take 15 points off, if not take 5 off QOTSA
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