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  1. I can see one of them, my thinking is they’ll replace Posty with someone of a similar size, very mainstream and then QOTSA with a heavier band or maybe even an Indie band, dare I say them could put Courteeners in there
  2. Right, it’s all a bit doom and gloom on here (rightly so but still), so if, in a hypothetical world Reading and Leeds can go ahead, but without bands from other countries: a) who would you like to see replace Post Malone and QOTSA b) who dyou think would be bought in to replace them (if anyone) if I said got to choose I’d love to see Dave or Dua Lipa, and AM come in Realistically I can see them added no one or bumping Capaldi up and Biffy for Queens just a bit of fun
  3. Oh fair play mate, fair fucking play Headlining the Alternative tent by any chance?
  4. In other news, there was a Kings of Leon release on Friday, can’t wait for them to save 2021 with a new album
  5. Get everyone who wants to attend a festival to self isolate for 14 day beforehand, then get them all down to the site on a giant minibus THINK BIG, WORK SMART
  6. I mean I think this year is better than any other for both of them, imagine the uproar if we got them last year. At least this year we’re all desperate to see music and so it doesn’t matter who If they are back by 22 I think them or MCR will definitely be there
  7. Yh, I honestly think it’s a no go again this year unless all of a sudden we get a huge influx of vaccines
  8. Having thought about it, surely somewhere like R&L is more likely to cancel, because they have the financial capability to survive another missed year, where a smaller festival will need the income to stand any chance
  9. In that case Tame Impala Courteneers the Weeknd Dua Lipa Royal Blood Slipknot why fucking not
  10. I do think it’s only for this year tho, if all stages are outside it’s more likely to go ahead MCR Tame Impala/The Weeknd Billie Eilish
  11. At this moment in time I don’t want to get my hopes up, the government is a shambles and the vaccine roll out is taking much longer than anticipated. However, as many people have mentioned we have until late August, by which time many of the highest risk people will have been jabbed. if we start to get more of the vaccine in I’m confident we’ll see a festival. If it stay the same it’s a 50/50 imo. I do think there’s going to be immense pressure on the government to let them go ahead though, because they seem very reluctant to fund the live music scene
  12. Don’t jinx it mate, honestly wouldn’t it put it past R&L
  13. In my opinion, if they can still send me to school and make me do exams, they can allow me to go to a festival 2 months later
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