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  1. Saw them in November in a place called Hangar 34, mosh pits from the get go, never sweated that much If you ever leave I think is the main one that and Everything I love went down very well
  2. Saw it in full last night in Liverpool was bloody insane, crowd was on fire even for the songs that had only been out for half hour in other news, walked home with the drummer from Shame who we bumped into after the gig, he confirmed they’re not playing and that the festival doesn’t really appeal to them anymore as they don’t think the crowd is there’s. I did reiterate that they’d get a decent crowd even if it was just me but yh they ain’t playing.
  3. Billie, MCR, Eminem Panic, Fender, Kasabian
  4. Happy Birthday good sir and welcome back everyone the lack of reaction to the announcement actually let me create my own opinions and I think it’s meh
  5. The hours surrounding the Rage announcement were insane too, @Tom Connollycome back home my son
  6. Shindie is the best night ever, every one a legend
  7. Tbf, Don’t Delete the Kisses came on in the club last night and everyone screamed it. It was the indie floor of the Shit Indie Disco but still, felt very good
  8. Do we reckon there’ll be a 7th?
  9. Wolf Alice could definitely sub, although their crowd felt absolutely tiny this year which I thought was odd
  10. Sorry, are more 4/5 day tickets expected to come on sale?
  11. Imagine the meltdown when the Dave, Rage, the Weeknd, AM, Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa We’ve been predicting eventually comes out as Kings of Leon, Olivia Rodrigo, Courteeners, Bastille, The Wombats and Post Malone
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