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  1. I don’t think we’ll see the Wombats headline I think 2 Door/ Bastille and Royal Blood are the next ones to jump I might be biased because Blossoms are basically my favourite band but I’d absolutely love then to get w headline slot
  2. Courteeners/KOL again/Eminem for me Actually lemme rephrase, anyone who has headlined in the last 3 years because it’s just a dull booking, and bands/artists that should be subs ie Gerry Cinnamon, Courteeners
  3. I will go absolutely nuts to Fit but you Know it
  4. I just had a look on the Live Nation website, only ones I'd be tempted by are the Snuts, Ash, Dizzee Rascal or Tom Grennan, but it looks like most close ones are a Friday or Saturday night But Dick & Dom on a Monday night in London however 😏
  5. ignore me I can’t read or Everything Everything (21st August) Glass Animals (idk when)
  6. Or the new Mike Shinoda album, which is all music apart from the opening song
  7. Where dyou find who’s doing drive though concerts, is it just on like certain bands pages or a set website
  8. At this point, I’m surprised the second wave hasn’t come yet. Pubs reopening, easing lockdown and ofc all the BLM protests. I don’t want to jinx it but I think it would’ve happened by now
  9. Sorry guys, didn’t mean to offend, I agree it’s disgusting and didn’t really think about the full picture. I’d take the comment away if I could but yh
  10. Some are definitely Tom songs, the verses in Fire and Underdog come to mind
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