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  1. Don’t often endeavour to go anywhere other than R&L thread but has to be posted sorry
  2. I’m hoping there’s a few left come next year. Depending on uni and stuff I’d either have to get a London or Glasgow ticket
  3. Makes me all the more pissed that R&L didn’t book them
  4. What a day for fucking music: new Nothing But Thieves album new Gorillaz album new Fever 333 EP new Wallows EP new Easy Life, Magic Gang, Nilufer Yanya and Bring Me singles and a Run DMC cover by Dinosaur Pile Up
  5. Oh fair enough mate, I agree, Bastille 2015 was my must see, now it’s a bland booking in my eyes.
  6. I put IDLES, Glass Animals, Everything Everything, Enter Shikari and While She Sleeps then Fontaine’s DC, Wolf Alice and Halsey
  7. Oh I see that’s alright then, holding out hope for MCR then
  8. Wait is this for all gigs in the near future? If so does June count as soon
  9. At least AJ Tracey got carried over, he doesn’t appear much
  10. Sorry if this has already been asked or answered, is there a chance for Tame Impala to be playing this next year?
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