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  1. I don’t think we’ll get MCR next year, I think they’ll take a year to write an album or something considering they’re touring a lot this year I’m more inclined to say Green Day or the Killers or maybe even Metallica Travis Scott-Billie/Tame Impala-Metallica would be solid
  2. Currents is brilliant as a live album all those songs no Ik but it’s opened them up to a wider audience the Cure will never be back I don’t think
  3. What’s this new 1975 thing about then
  4. Everyone only knows The Less I Know the Better because of TikTok But that whole album is a fucking masterpiece
  5. Hell yes Elbow, they’d be brilliant I like this one, just think Arctic Monkeys instead of Kasabian if Kasabian release nothing I think Tame Impala would co head, just for the dark
  6. Arctic Monkeys-Vampire Weekend-J Hus R1:Halsey Tame Impala/Dave-Elbow-Sam Fender R1:Blossoms BMTH-Biffy-Lizzo R1:Brockhampton
  7. Sports Team are playing fr, and please if this is right, that Easy Life-Yonaka clash will make me cry Huge shout to Mystery Jets, what a band Am i the only one who thinks they could do better than Slaves in that position, Id much rather see Wolf Alice or NBT
  8. Ik this wasnt the question, but id take Dave and Skepta over Migos any day, I really dont like grime as a genre, but Stormzy, Dave and Skepta seem to be 3 artists that i can stand from that genre.
  9. Tame Impala as well, gotta come back and healdine worthy now
  10. Album 2 is going to flop, he’s never ever gonna get anywhere near as good as DUTAHE
  11. could he not open the Main Stage at Reading, that seems to go to acts that don’t really fit elsewhere
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