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  1. Kendrick insane at Glasto, surely back soon and I think Bicep are big enough to headline
  2. Nah all my own words, I’m the pasta maker fella
  3. Yh that’s fine but in regards to the final part, surely Dua Lipa is off the same ilk, or Doja Cat or Megan Thee Stallion, whoever was similar to them in 2000 would’ve looked out of place too
  4. Where’s the confused reaction button
  5. I mean as someone who has amazing parents I couldn’t care if I’m like them in 20/30 years. And I couldn’t give a shit if Robbie Williams was playing I’d scream that shit. And you can say it’s “cringe” but if Rock DJ comes on in the club it gets a singalong and Angels is requested in a pub it’s an emotional tune with the lads. I think you’re underestimating what and it may be the minority of us younger people like. I’m entirely sure everyone I know would rather sit and listen through all of Robbie’s discography than any drill/grime or whatever the cool shit is nowadays. the point in trying to make, is Harry may not produce his albums, but he’s undeniably a brilliant artist and performer, and has songs that wouldn’t seem out of place at Reading when we’re predicting Dua Lipa every year. If people like Mabel, Anne - Marie and Years and Years can perform then why the hell can’t Harry Styles, especially when’s he got songs like Kiwi in his back pocket And in terms of the aunt or uncle I thing, at least I’ll be fucking cool, I will die on this Harry hill 👨🏻‍🦲 and forever stand by him coz I think his music is proper class. Unfortunately he doesn’t fit this so notorious “rock festival”. And if whoever I’m with spring cleans to Harry, then a ring may soon follow 🖕🏼
  6. Don’t get me wrong, I think 16/17 year olds would lap it up, but Someone You Love will be 4 years old by the time of the festival. He’s a great personality but hardly headliner worth
  7. Cant really tell who’ve they’ve added other than Dayglow on Saturday courting and the Skinner Brothers are new?
  8. If people are saying Capaldi can do it, Harry Styles is supremely clear, it’s not gonna be an hour and a half sob fest, it’ll be colourful and amazing and he’d absolutely smash it. i don’t know anyone out of all the people I know who doesn’t like or vibe to at least one of his songs, and they’re all 19-23
  9. Pendulum are active around the festival, surely no space anywhere but wouldn't that be unreal
  10. New 1975 soon, just announced Secret set?
  11. TBHC is a brilliant album, many said the same as we’re saying about Radiohead after Kid A, and even if more recent output hasn’t been amazing I personally see In Rainbows as the best Radiohead album. If they nail it, and create an album with a concept, lyrics to match and the new sounds of TBHC, along with some up tempo guitar songs then that will be a masterpiece. They’re not a band that releases songs like R U Mine? And When the Sun Goes Down anymore and that can be seen in then style of the band. They’ve matured from that youthful rock to more eloquent, boundary pushing (for them) albums and I am very excited
  12. Tame Impala could headline all 3 nights and sell it out
  13. Nothing But Thieves were in the tent sound was awful and so were they
  14. My mate went to see Denzel Curry in Manny on Monday told me it was insane better than the Snuts who we saw last week in the same gaff and I thought were good. However I then saw this on Tik Tok https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLnn5h1c/
  15. Die Antwoord 2016, decided to go and see Russel Howard instead in the Alternative tent who was joking about dildos so 13 year old me was very confused Libertines 2015, Yungblud last year, not for the band coz I love em but the set and NBT 2018 were poor And any secret set I’ve seen on the introducing coz you can’t actually hear it
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