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  1. Same boat here. Got my coach tickets immediately after booking in 2019, and filled out the submission request form in March to have my tickets saved for 2021. I haven't heard a peep from NE since then. I picked an early coach (1AM) so i'd have a shorter line at the gate and dibs on camping spots. I was worried the coach tickets would be offered to existing customers first if I took a refund, leaving me with the dregs. I assume they aren't going ahead until Eavis releases an official statement that the festival is happening. This may be internal report though, so I'll let you know if I hear/see anything from NE.
  2. Whilst it is a disappointment, I'm very grateful that we were informed as early as January. It was already frustrating holding out on a flight ticket, despite prices being at rock bottom, yet knowing it was unlikely if I'd even be able to travel. I also think that even in the event of the festival taking place this year, it wouldn't have felt right in the midst of the current global situation. I have never been to Glastonbury, and have only experienced its magic in the videos online, and the people who sing its praises on here. I have hope that once this pandemic is sufficiently tackled, I'll be able to finally get to Worthy Farm, and share a cider with you all, rain or shine.
  3. Sorry, but you are making way too many generlizations about the US military vote. Many people join the armed forces to support their family, or because their education system failed them, and they have few options. Many enlisted troops from Georgia are people of colour. Many of them are not trigger happy Trump supporters. Many veterans I know are appalled by Trump's actions and want him gone.
  4. It kinda goes without saying that the vast majority of people on this forum would like Glasto to go ahead, but I think that GFL are just as unsure about the likelihood of it happening as we are at the moment. We don't know for sure when a vaccine will be rolled out, nor do we know the efficacy of that vaccine. We also don't know how the goverment will respond to this news, and the restrictions they will place on large outdoor gatherings throughout the year. At this point in time, it really is all up in the air.
  5. Uhhh.... Absolutely not! (eyes darting shiftily from side to side)
  6. I think the festival's chances of going ahead hinge on a vaccine being available for the most vulnerable before the April resale. I'm feeling pretty optimistic about that. We should be expecting a headliner or legends slot announcement any day now, which would put me more at ease also.
  7. Biffy Clyro's new album is fantastic. The highlight for me is The Champ; a wonderful criticism of the forces that are preventing real progressive change throughout the globe. Pyramid headliner? maybe. Other Stage headliner? a shoo-in.
  8. Thanks for the tip! After reading through the thread I see many efesters did a little modding of their posters for the frame. Im going with this frame, which closely resembles the size of the color poster in inches, and will let you all know how it looks :).
  9. Hi all, I've had my 'hope shines brightest' colour poster for a little while now, but I can't find a frame for it! I live in the US, so most frames are only available in inches, but I really don't want to have to pay a premium for it to be custom framed. If anyone knows how I can get ahold of the right sized frame, I would be eternally grateful :).
  10. With 2020 being an enforced fallow year, I think it would make sense for Emily and Michael to begin planning their rumored Variety Bazaar to help recover from the financial blow of COVID-19 whilst still giving Worthy Farm a break in 2023/24. If it were to go ahead, should it be similar in scope to Glastonbury, or a different sort of thing altogether?
  11. Proper disapointed I won't get to see Another Sky this year 😭. They're a cracking band with heaps of musical talent and poignant lyrics that I'm sure the Eavii would take notice of. I managed to catch up with them after a small gig they did shortly after this tiny desk; all super lovely and really keen to play Glasto, no confirmations of course. Hopefully they'll be down at Worthy Farm next year...
  12. Any idea what National Express will do for coach ticket holders now that the festival is cancelled? I’m hoping they will just give us a refund.
  13. If this is true it’s a real kick in the teeth. Between flights, train and coach tickets I’ve already invested almost a thousand dollars into this festival before paying the balance. If tickets don’t roll over to next year then it would just add insult to injury. I know its not GFL’s fault, but how they handle this cancellation will make or break them.
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