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  1. Well for me I scored a ticket and am celebrating the 50th anniversary since I went to Woodstock. I’m psyched as this has been on my bucket list for some time. I registered 4 years ago. For me Glastonbury represents the nearest one can come to the spirit and vibe of Woodstock albeit more organized and not 500’000 strong. I guess the stars were aligned as I scored my ticket solo 5 min. after they went on sale! Cheers! Can’t wait!
  2. Yes Alan I also think of Alice’s Restaurant in relationship to my experience! I actually did go to Strawberry Fields, I think it was called, in Watkins Glen, NY but was turned off by the vibe my first night there and just left. I know Glastonbury will not disappoint. Cheers!
  3. Greeting! I am also coming from the US. Considered Worthy View but as I come with the coach I want to stay in Darble and will purchase my gear here. https://www.cosycamper.co.uk/?post_type=festival&p=23 They are located in Silver Hayes which is also close to Darble so I won’t have to carry stuff too far. You can order the gear for pickup as close as 3 days before the festival starts. It’s much less expensive than glamping and those sites near to the coach station are, from what info I’ve gathered from folks, less crowded and quieter. Cheers! John
  4. Thanks for all the info! I’m going to use Cosy Camper for my gear so Darble, Pylon, etc are convenient for me as I come with the coach. I was originally thinking Worthy View but it’s quite a hike from the coach station and much more expensive! Thanks again! Cheers!

  5. Everybody has a story! I’m sure yours is interesting in and of itself!
  6. No problem! Just a quirk of mine! ?
  7. HH rating says 3000 which from my research is good. They have a stand. Not the best photo but I spoke with them on the phone. They’re at Silver Hayes so not to bad a hike from the coach stop and I’m thinking of camping in Darnley or Pylon so not to far back. Seems to be a lockup in Darrel according to the map. Thanks for the info!
  8. Please more details on the Efestivals meet? Where is it?

  9. Here’s a link to some of my photographic work. I feel it gives as sense of me as a person and how I see things. Really looking forward to capturing some images at Glastonbury! Didn’t have a camera at Woodstock which was probably just as well I most likely would have lost it!?. If you care to check them out, enjoy! https://photos.app.goo.gl/iTPdoQ736nbfcaW68 The geode belonged to Hunter by the way! Lakshmi, the women holding the poster lived in Aspen and her family wwas friends with him. Took the photo in Bocas Del Toro Panama a couple of years ago where my son lives in the winter. Ch
  10. Thanks so much for the positive comments! I will just say I hate being called “sir”! I think it comes from my brief stint in the Air Force during the VietNam era. In 70, as you might know, it was a lottery as to who would be drafted and my number was 120 something so I would have been. I considered Canada but as as 19 year old I found it hard to accept the thought of leaving friends and family behind not knowing if I could ever return. So instead, in Cheyanne Wyoming, I enlisted in the Air Force thinking it would be more educational and I wouldn’t be on the ground. That lasted 9 months. After
  11. Just wanted to add this to the mix.
  12. I will be attending solo for the first time as a Woodstock 69 alumni when I was 18! Been planning this and scored a ticket 5 min into when they went on sale. Booked my coach to arrive Wed afternoon so now just looking at all the camping possibilities. Was thinking about Worth View but someone referred me to https://www.cosycamper.co.uk/?post_type=festival&p=23 which seems to be a great alternative and much less expensive. Any feedback or suggestions from Glasto veterans always appreciated! Cheers!
  13. Where did you work in Maine?

  14. I’ve only met les than half a dozen people in my lifetime so far that we’re at Woodstock. When we do meet, at a bar or wherever, it’s like talking war stories! I also feel my age when telling younger people I was there as anyone that’s into festivals and music and art kinda see it as the mothership! Having survived cancer two years ago, and as I understand it, Michael Eavis lost his wife to cancer, this journey to Glastonbury means a lot to me!
  15. I understand these camping sites close to the coach terminal are rather quiet and make it easy to arrive and depart. Also if I’m arriving Wed. afternoon one should have no problem finding a good spot as most people head in closer to the central area. Any feedback on this?
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