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  1. Come back and seemed to of missed alot on this thread. What info do we have atm?
  2. Saw that as well which cast doubt into my mind. Hoping that they meant the last show for a while you can still buy tickets for. Also March - August seems like a big enough gap
  3. Are people still confident on Don Broco been there? They seem to be doing Festivals in June rather than August...
  4. ModBoy

    2023 Headliners

    What do we think the likely hood of The 1975 headlining next year are. I think all it takes is for this new album to be huge and they will get the call. Rumours they were in the pipeline for last year, their chances seem to of been hit hard due to covid, but I do think as soon as the album drops they will be as big as they were before, and if It is believed that they were meant to headline last year surely they would get the call over maybe even AM. I do think R&L will be after The 1975 again though with how well their headline set went down in 2019 so that may stop them doing Glasto next year, unless like I said there was an agreement for last year. Just think they are slept on alot on here, and that people think they have died off and won't get the chance again. I see comparisons to Foals but I still think The 1975 are bigger than Foals in popularity.
  5. But Dave, AM and RATM, are seen as incredible headliners compared to if you changed RATM with Halsey, yet you just argued that RATM aren't relevant and Halsey is...
  6. Even though it's not the headliners I wanted for my first Glastonbury, I am happy with the rest of the line up, plenty I want to see there. The argument could be made that I am already seen a lot of them at the likes of Reading Festival, but that doesn't bother me, if there is an artist I like I will watch them plenty of times. I am curious as to who will be headlining the other stage against Macca, as out of the headliners he is the one I may go see...
  7. Feel like it goes against the majority on these forums, but I would love this. If they are playing I can't see it been anything except subbing the pyramid or headlining the other...
  8. If The 1975 do perform a secret set, do we think they could be lined up to headline 2023? In a trio of say Taylor Swift/AM/The 1975?
  9. ModBoy

    2022 Headliners

    I'm in my 20's, and although I'm not too interested in any of the headliners, the one I am most likely to see if any is Macca, even if it's just The Beatles songs I know. It will be huge to see a Beatle...
  10. ModBoy

    2022 Headliners

    Unfortunately none of the headliners really interest me, Macca been the most likely I will go see if nothing else is on. Billie I saw in 2019, didn't think much of it, just watched out of curiosity. I've never been into hip hop, but gave Kenny's albums a lot of listens with how much he was been talked about here, found maybe 2 sounds that I thought were okay, and having watched his set from Reading in 2018 on YouTube, and what I heard from people who were there it wasn't good, now he will be performing to an audience who is generally less likely to know him than a young Reading audience, I just cant see how it is going to be as amazing as people are making out. Hope to be proven wrong and he nails it and everyone enjoys it, maybe it's just cause I can't get into his music...but that's what I think
  11. Is this a guess or do you know something?
  12. ModBoy

    2022 Headliners

    I think there is basically no chance of WA headlining, but out of all the headliners spoken about they would be the ones I would be looking forward to most. I think if they had done a small arena tour instead of academies that could of sold out as well. Feel like it is only a matter of time until they are headlining Reading Festival and Glastonbury.
  13. ModBoy

    2022 Headliners

    I'd personally love to see Wolf Alice headline Glastonbury, I can't see it myself though at all, we have gone from Harry Styles to one of his supports on his tour headlining? It does pose the question as to whether we think a small guitar based band will ever get a leg up to headline again...or any time soon
  14. It looks like on the initial lineup that Glass Animals are subbing, have they ever done that before where they knocked an artist down from a sub to fit someone else in?
  15. I know a lot of people think Don Broco will be there. On their website there last show is shown as middle of July, do we think they will still be around to play a festival in late August?
  16. I better get listening to Harry Styles then if it's looking more likely he will headline...see what all the fuss is about
  17. ModBoy

    2022 Headliners

    Now it had died down, and we are back to discussing, I am finding myself for some reason falling back on Macca/Kenny.
  18. Would love to see Sam Fender headline the other stage, I'd be at that!
  19. Oh yeah, I am fully on the forum whilst working, and then lunch, I go off for a bit and have a bite to eat. Should really be the other way round 😂
  20. Come back from lunch, and this place is still in a mess, Got to love it. Do we just go back to thinking Macca/Kenny again now?
  21. Going from Kenny/Macca/TS in 2020 which people saw as one of the best set of headliners but didn't do a fat lot for me to whatever we end up with here, can only make for a good read today. Still a part of me saying The 1975 and then watching this forum lose their minds
  22. I know but people are saying they would be surprised if it was the 3 I named. So either you're surprised its 3 young acts, or you're surprised no headliners from 2022 have been rolled over if Kenny is replaced by an older act
  23. If it is Harry over Macca, and then people are saying they would be surprised if its 3 younger acts in Billie/Harry/Kenny. Wouldn't people also be surprised if they don't roll over any of the headliners from 2020?
  24. The 1975 are also big on Radio 1, that's a guitar band for you...
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