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  1. ModBoy

    2020 New Music

    I know they're not everyone's cup of tea, but loving this new song! Thoughts?
  2. Same here! One of the best and likely replacements I could ask for! Saw them headline reading when I wasn't as a big of a fan and I can happily say that the performance made me a fan, they were incredible and would easily smash it on the pyramid
  3. I don't know who I would say out of the headliners is not likely not to be there next year if one of them isn't, but I do feel if one of them doesn't play next year then The 1975 seem to most likely to replace them in my opinion, alot of people were guessing they were going to be a secret set this year followed up by a headline slot next year, they have also said they are taking a break from touring after NOACF, due to constantly touring back to back albums, so if they don't then their ship could possibly of sailed for a few years...they are also constantly asked about Glasto have made it known they want to headline, and joked in an interview about been asked about headlining this year (as if they were the secret set), they are big enough to do it now and out on a great show so I got my fingers crossed!
  4. Wait have I missed something that has said it's at 7pm?
  5. Think I would cry if they didn't, with this been my first Glastonbury haha
  6. This year is my first Glastonbury so I wasn't there but there seems to be a lot of people making excuses for why they saw Sheeran...think we have a lot of Ed fans here who are in denial... With regards to this year, I'm not a massive fan of any of the headliners to be honest, but wan't to make sure I will see one which at the moment is most likely Macca if he is against Dua Lipa, as it will be a great sing a long
  7. ModBoy

    Pyramid Subs 2020

    I really want them to be there, and have mentioned them in the Other Stage headliners thread a couple of times, I don't think they are fully ruled out, they have a show in Dublin the week of Glastonbury which looked to be a warm up show originally, I can't remember the exact day but they are playing in Switzerland one of the days over the weekend, so they could do multiple days in a row, it's not out of the question at the moment, but they also aren't one of the favourites. They also did an interview where they said they really want to play Glastonbury so who knows. I just want them to be on the bill anywhere, incredible live
  8. ModBoy

    Other Stage 2020

    Seems realistic to me, can't see there been a crossover in fans between them and Kendrick
  9. ModBoy

    Other Stage 2020

    Never understood the dislike to them, especially on here? Suppose everyone has their own taste...but am I missing something?
  10. ModBoy

    Other Stage 2020

    I saw them headline Reading, and I did know a good amount of their songs before hand but had never seen them live, but they put on a great show, which I think would work great on The Other Stage, also I think I remember seen an interview with them where they said they would love to play Glastonbury
  11. ModBoy

    Other Stage 2020

    Feel like I may get some stick for bringing them up again but were 21P ever ruled out? They headline most festivals they play so can see why Emily would say they are pyramid level, and they have a date in Ireland the week of the festival which I know of
  12. ModBoy

    The 1975 2020

    Went and saw them in Birmingham on Tuesday night, and I thought they were great, some songs I wanted that didn't get played, by the inclusion of Be My Mistake, and telling everyone to put their phones away for it was amazing, felt all the new songs had their place in the setlist except maybe Frail State Of Mind, which I assume will be dropped down the line. The opening 2 songs and the whole of the encore were crazy and a lot more lively than I was expecting (That's not me complaining I loved it), only saw them once before at Reading last year when I didn't know as much, so it was good to enjoy all songs this time even though Reading was the better show
  13. ModBoy

    The 1975 2020

    I don't mind the cheesy songs at the moment, but don't know how long that will last or if these songs will start to wear away. People is great live saw it at Reading where they first played it Guys i haven't really listened to as much as IYTSLMK, so I will once again be waiting till I have heard it live on Tuesday Look forward to hearing your opinions...enjoy the show!
  14. ModBoy

    The 1975 2020

    Overall what are people thinking of the songs we have heard so far from NOACF? People Frail State Of Mind You And Me Together Song The Birthday Party If You're Too Shy Let Me Know Guys
  15. I'm not worried, it will be a small section with easy access, no way it will be that whole front section, I wouldn't worry
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