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  1. So with the The Sherlocks basically confirmed as a secret set, guessing for the FR Stage, fist of all what size crowd do people think they are going to get, and how are they going to go down with the crowd? Secondly other than that are the other most popular guesses for secret sets, IDLES for the pit, and Kasabian to possibly open the Radio 1 stage?
  2. Seen on some other forums people going crazy over Kasabians latest tweet, saying they could be the secret set as it looks like they are bringing a new album out. What do people think are the chances of this? Personally I don't think it will be (as much as I would want it to be), my guesses are: Catfish Liam Gallgher Biffy Clyro Idles Gerry Cinnamon Kaiser Chiefs Will any clues be given for the secret sets before the festival?
  3. Listening to a Reading 2019 playlist on Spotify, and for some reason Liam Gllagher's "Bold" is on there, obviously he isn't on the lineup, but made me think what is the chance he does a secret set, as he has also got an album coming out in September that he will want to promote?
  4. Looking at the clashfinder, I know its not accurate atm, but is there any chance that The Wombats and Pale Waves wont clash? As well as Royal Blood and Circa Waves? Like if another act was to be added that day? Just asking as I have never been Reading before and just trying to get an idea...thanks
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